142 Nonillion Degrees; What Would Happen Next?

Published on Jun 9, 2018
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  • Wait, so the fears of that Swiss experiment creating a black hole were actually valid????????

  • Awesome video. It’s good to learn so much in less than seven minutes. I’m so glad humans can’t survive on other planets in our solar system. Could you imagine having to deal with that type of cold and heat?

  • 5:28 lol kugelblitz are 2 german words kugel = ball and blitz = lightning🤣

  • The joint would finally stop burning down one side

  • 😱

  • Can I just say thank you for using Celsius measurements

  • So basically we exist in an environment that's about as close to the coldest temperature possible?

  • -> 255 non.℉ specifically is the limit Looks like the Universe is 8-bit, complete with buffer overflows.

  • -273°C or maybe, zero Kelvin

  • Kugelblitz!? Really? Of all the Words they choose the german Kugelblitz? Google shows me many translations but Kugel in Kugelblitz could mean, Bullet/Ball/Globe/Sphere, now add the Blitz = lightning and you could have basicly...Spherelightning, Balllightning, Globelightning Bulletlightning. etc.

  • Stop saying dark site of the moon! Both sites are the dark site depending on the position of the moon , earth and the sun !

  • Well this was the longest ad I've ever watched from start to finish.

  • Still colder than my ass

  • Woah! He said Uranus differently

  • *hello wasn't Jupiter a failed star*

  • the coldest place in the solar system: uranus not if you eat some taco bell it ain't

  • The hottest planet in our system was named Venus... :D

  • Hmm, a list of various temperatures video

  • He said “or it could destroy the earth”

  • What song is used in the outro

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  • My wife is even colder that at -500 degrees!! 😣

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  • So apparently you have never taken a bite from a just out of the oven pizza and had the cheese slide off and slap your chin and neck ♨️♨️♨️

  • I hate how cold the sun is. Like 3000-6000 degrees (depends, and I'm sure some say both). It seems pathetic, based on everything else.

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  • Name of the song in the background?

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  • How tf they know how hot the god damn core of the sun is lol

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  • Don’t waste your time. This is a 7m15s ad about Brilliant with a bunch of random temperature cases.

  • My balls is 142,000 degrees

  • In short? The universe would go oof.

  • What song did you use?

  • **Scientists are probably just pranking us with most of this stuff!** The scientists who work with equipment like the Large Hadron Collider, most likely sit around on their lunch breaks, figuring out ridiculous sounding new 'terms' to use to mess with us. When trying to decide how badly they were going to exaggerate the "highest temperature ever", one of them probably said, "I got it. We'll say that it's 150 guh-blillion degrees"! The other guys laughed and said, "no dude, they'll know that's B.S." Another scientist says, "we gotta come up with something that's just barely believable, like 100 nonillion degrees". The other guys say, "yeah right, then when they ask where such a ridiculously high temperature would exist, we'll tell them that WE made it happen right HERE"! The other guys are busting up laughing, slapping each other on their backs. Later, at the press conference, they draw straws to figure out which of them is going to release the prank information to the press. They all stand around, tongues-in-cheeks, as the one guy tries not to bust up laughing!

  • a lot of these temperatures are so hot/cold that we cannot even conceive just how hot/cold it is

  • i hate how i have to depend on the farenheight in paranthesis

  • i thought your anus would be warm

  • 255 nonillion degrees would be making that water vapor boil over

  • i had a 118 degree fever

  • Lol, i wonder what standing in the suns core for 0.1 seconds would be like?

  • So...more or less...we don't know what happens next. Sigh...and here I thought I would hear a crazy theory.

  • Nonillion? So THAT'S the one for nine!

  • 1ºC = 1,8ºF?

  • coldest planet is uranus

  • Man did not want to say ur anus so he said urines

  • How do we know the Earth’s core is 6,000c if the furthest we’ve ever been down is 8mi? 🤔🧐

    • Eric van Bezooijen Wow, that’s amazing. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate it my friend.

    • There are ways of calculating the density of the interior of the planet and it is the same density as iron, actually an iron/nickel combination. There are many other pieces of evidence such as the way Earth's magnetic field behaves (and that we have one at all), the gravitational pull of the Earth (Earth is the densest planet in the solar system) which allows us to infer density. We can also look at the composition of rocks as we dig down further and further.

    • Eric van Bezooijen Hmm.. Interesting. I’ll def look into that, thank you. Is it possible though that the core is made up of some other metal besides iron? I know recently they discovered a very large amount of water in Earth’s mantle. If they were wrong for so long about there being no water there, could they also be wrong about the composition of the core?

    • 宫思南 They have observed it by seeing how S and P waves behave. This is really easy to learn in a few minutes on google: An S wave is slower than a P wave and can only move through solid rock, not through any liquid medium. It is this property of S waves that led seismologists to conclude that the Earth's outer core is a liquid.

    • Eric van Bezooijen Yeah but how do they know the core is made of liquid and solid Iron if they’ve never observed it?

  • By now I think that most of the info in this vid is fake, Donald Trump's fault...he is the bad influence...yeah...sure...fine..

  • Hottest thing is the slide at the park

  • Best heat is a body heat from friction.. And.. quantum fluctuation does not mean a everyone in classroom get flu in one moment..

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  • 1:05 how he says Uranus

  • Me: Uranus 4th graders ur ANUS real life lore *URUNUS*

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  • SERN conspiracy

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  • Uranus is a cold ass planet.

  • Nah don’t worry we will be fine my Girlfriend showers at that temperature

    • I know it's a joke, but water couldn't run at that temp. The water's vapor would get the sweats

  • how about the big bang?

  • U R A N U S

  • What temperature would a black hole be I wonder?? Would it even have one?!?

  • 142 nonillion degrees=incomprehensibly hot 142 nonillion+1 degrees=the fire on my mixtape.

  • I know what's hotter than 142 nonillion degrees..... My loli collection

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  • I hate fahrenheit

  • Neutron star cores are the devil.

  • GAH! you did it too. NO, absolute zero is not the coldest you can get, its the point at which all motion stops, and thats impossible due to the uncertainty principle. But you CAN go past that point, and all hell breaks loose. read the paper (Negative Absolute Temperature for Motional Degrees of Freedom, Braun et al), they went past, but you cant get TO it. Oh, and you can get hotter than that nuke in everyday life...if you are a welder. A plasma cutter torch can hit between 15000 and 25000 degrees. It literally turns the iron you cut into a gas and blows it out of the way.

  • How is this scientific? Nobody has repeatedly tested, demonstrated and had peer review of anything on any planets including temperatures. This is what we call fill in the gaps theories pseudo-science just like many indoctrinations.

  • I guess 0°C is the freezing point for water not the melting point for ice...

  • Funny how they decided to modify the pronunciation of Uranus.

  • Uh a hole in space time

  • Your hands would burn

  • 666,000 degrees. Lol

  • Brilliant is legit fun for nerds like me lol. So many questions though. If temperature is increased by increasing the vibration, speed, and collisions of particles, wouldn't the hottest physically possible temperature occur when the average speed of the particles is near the speed of light and in an ideally sized "container" giving an average space between particles that allows for the greatest number of collisions? Would it be during a spontaneous endothermic reaction? If not, the hottest temperature would be limited by the energy put into the system, and not some extreme of quantum mechanics where math and physics begin to fail. I'm thinking of enthalpy, entropy, free energy, spontaneity, density, mass, volume, there's so many variables to account for. And they're related so changing one thing changes everything else. What role do electrons play? Are hydrogen atoms better than naked protons? Is it possible to "break" an electron, or fuse 2 together in such extreme conditions. Would all the electrons be spin down, or does that not apply to freely floating electrons? Would you be better off with large molecules or small atoms? It seems free electrons would be the best. They're light and don't take much energy to move, but then you get less friction out of each collision. They're small though, so you can fit more into a given volume to achieve the most collisions, but you're sacrificing the speed in which they collide. There must be a "magic" number of electrons you can fit in a given container so they're the right distance apart to allow a combination of speed and collisions that produces the most heat. Or maybe I have no fucking clue what I'm saying lol. It's been a while since I was in school and I gotta come up with 5 grand to go back. Could be a while, since the associates degree I've earned so far gets me no more money. Just more responsibilities cuz they trust i "won't fuck it up" lol. In the future I'll leave my application at dropped out, earned GED. Still true, but then no boss will expect anything😊

  • Hey I just wanted to ask a question: If the human race figured out how to inhabit every planet in our solar system, Will it be possible for someone from Pluto / Neptune to travel and live at Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Will radiation be a strong factor, or gravity?

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  • Black Hole

  • A normal body temperature is 36 c*

  • You would free in a nanillion nano second

  • Rveryone would die? Hold my redbull. Sadly my brother would die from this

  • Kugel-Cancer ... War Thunder Players will get it

  • What is the matter with you! Stop with this metric crap!

  • seems toasty

  • This video claims the hottest ever recorded temperature is 160 degree Fahrenheit in Iran. Nope, not even close it's actually some 30 degrees cooler. Don't speed up Global warming! According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the highest registered temperature on Earth was 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) in Furnace Creek Ranch, California, located in the Death Valley desert in the United States. Where he's getting the Iran temperature is using something called the "Heat index" which is how the humidity makes it feel. But that's not the real temperature. That day referred to in this video the ACTUAL temperature was 114 (but it supposedly felt like 160)

  • Misleading title. The only temperatures you actually explain are the lower ranges. You skipped over pretty much everything in the millions and up, and didn't actually explain much at all about the Planck Temperature.

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  • Did I really sit through this whole video for them to tell me, “actually the most advanced computers couldn’t figure it out but if u wanna give it a shot go to brilliant and take a calculus course”

  • At the Planck temperature, Chuck Norris would start to sweat

  • why is it called a "Kugleblitz" did those WW2 NAZIS Figure this shit out??

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