142 Nonillion Degrees; What Would Happen Next?

Published on Jun 9, 2018
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  • Can I get 142 nonillion likes? (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

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  • can someone tell the music in the video

  • So what you’re saying is... we beat a universe record.

  • 4:01 why the fuck would you mention that number,,, Oh wait I guess that's how hot hell is

  • If we reached that temperature the earth would evaporate before are brain has time to process anything

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  • What candle do u use that burns hotter than lava 2:50

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  • Finally a video that uses celsius

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  • Lets give a water bear steroids and cocaine and make the ultimate spaceship

  • Didn’t Vsauce do this video about 5 years ago?

  • If you had a ruler that measured in Planck lengths then just go between 2 units and boom

  • Background music is pretty fire

  • Tardigrades are an organic manifestation of Switzerland.

  • It's pronounced your Anus

  • The coldest thing in the world: The seat of a toilet at 2 in the morning The Hottest thing in the world: A hot pocket straight out of the microwave

  • The voice used is sexist....why all the genius stuff is told in a male voice.. This will be the comment by a feminist now.. Note: I've been watching feminist cringe videos since 2 days.. So.

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  • what about 143 nonillion?

  • This makes me want to live in Alaska

  • This dude didn’t wanna say Uranus

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  • It's just me but I think matter would probably enter a new phase if you dumped that much energy into it. Something beyond solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. Hell, wouldn't surprise me if matter and energy were interchangeable at that temperature.

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  • urinis? u spelled it wrong its spelled UR ANIS >:C

  • what if we put some of the waterbears on planets that are earth likely

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  • But where or if this temperature found?

  • Absolute Zero is actually -459.67°F In fact, many of the temperatures in Fahrenheit are wrong.

  • Basically Vsauce video

  • Hotter than the Big Bang which reached temperatures of: 10 trillion trillion trillion degrees. Oh no 142 nonillion!? SOMEBODY GET MY POPCORN! 🍿

  • “Finally at 0 degrees is the melting point of ice....”

  • That’s just a normal day in Arizona

  • Make a video of the haviest op thing in the universe

  • I showed this video to my dad he has 4 phd’s in physics and he explained at that temperature the place where the heat originated would mealy followed by an explosion the same heat and destroy everything in a 50000 mile radius once this happened the rest of the universe would be effected by a huge heat wave that would be caused by hundreds of billions of micro explosions effecting everything in the galaxy eventually colliding with a planet causing so much heat it would explode the surface causing a black hole that swallows the planet and destroys earth and the sun causing the entire universe to spin out of orbit in the solar system and swallow the whole galaxy

  • NONI!!!???

  • 00:40 Typical of human hubris...claiming that the best that you can do is therefore the best in the entire Cosmos. I will agree with your claim only once you have proved that no one else anywhere in the whole Universe has done better. In short, wise guy, prove a negative.

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  • I still say things could be made colder with technology or some unfathomed event in space. IF degrees of heat can go multi billions of degress upwards, how does it make sense that cold temps can not go below a couple hundred?

    • YEt it makes sense that candles can burn hotter than fresh lava? >,;,< Taking back my thumbs up for this vid.

  • So the coldest temperature ever observed is -273° C but the hottest is 142 Nonillion° C? That means we live in an unbelievably cold environment when compared with the rest of the universe.

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  • You got some info wrong. Absolute zero is not the coldest POSSIBLE temperature because its literally IMPOSSIBLE. XD git rekt

  • Coldest thing in the universe : Me Hottest thing in the universe : Me wearing a vest , jumper and a coat while running at top speed

  • 4:35 - 4:42 The answer to the title

  • This dude fr made a video titled what would happen if something was this hot and basically said idk but it might make a black hole but it might not omfg waste of time

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  • How does a candle burn hotter than magma?

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  • Cheers for using metric ;)

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  • There's a new record for Antarctic.. Its - 93 degree centigrade

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  • Note that the supernova heat is only for a second

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  • If the moon was really 100 degrees how did the astronauts survive? Plus I just watched another video that said the moon is cold all over. What's next all these BS videos

  • From my understanding a black hole created this way shouldn't be large enough to really damage the earth because there wouldn't be many things that are even large enough to fit inside the event horizon, and the gravitational effect would be very minimal. That said, I suppose it might depend on exactly how much extra energy you are putting in beyond that fundamentally limit. I'm not a scientist, and I don't really understand the math for these things (yet), but this is the understanding I have of small black holes from listening to scientists so take it with a grain of salt.

  • We never know until we fully explore this universe and we have only explored 5% of our ocean keep in mind. in other words we will never fully explore this universe, unless you people can prove me wrong? that is very very unlikely because the return of Jesus is near and fully exploring this universe is just clearly impossible... it will take 9999999999999 999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years.. so basically it will not happen. i repeated myself enough times for you to understand what im trying to say. bye now.

    • @Patito 202 So you think stating “God isn’t real” is a fact and doesn’t involve with attacking someone else’s beliefs?

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  • Does no one else feel like black holes are the universes error messages

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  • In the Bible they mention about hell, you’re talking temperatures WAY above those taken from the center of the earth where hell is at, wow lol.

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