14 Clever DOLLAR STORE Makeup Organization Ideas!

Published on Sep 10, 2017
Makeup, beauty products and vanity area organization ideas using items found at the dollar store! Everything shown was found at the Dollar Tree. What other dollar store videos would you like to see me do? CLICK FOR LINKS AND INFO ☟ ☟ ☟

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⇒ ALL items shown were found at my local Dollar Tree - but you can find similar items at 99 cents only, Dollar General, the Dollar Spot or even Wal- mart!
⇒ My top 10 favorite items to buy from the dollar store us-tv.org/tv/video-f5JTuYBzSJ4.html
⇒ MORE Dollar store organization ideas! us-tv.org/tv/video-CuxkZWep0dQ.html

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  • Could you use those containers for your vitamins for each day?

  • Great video. U can use the small tubs for storing bobby pins or any kind of hair accessories

  • Thank you for the ideas omg

  • you can use the little metal containers for hair ties and bobby pins

  • 3:56 genius

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  • Watching in 2018 but for anyone you could use the silver containers for organizing plasters or small rings

  • you can use the little aluminum containers to mix your own eyeshadows

  • How much is the vanity and where did you get it... I want one

  • those small aluminium storage containers can be used for packing condiments for work or school lunches.

  • I hope you make more video like this!

  • You are very creative! Thank you for the good ideas! The empty silver containers can hold loose. Change, pills, lotion.i love the lipstck holder! Very clever!

  • The little tins could be a great storage for falsies, either singles or strip lashes. It would keep them sanitary and dry.

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  • Empty containers broken eyeshadow

  • I really wanted to find tips on this and I searched for it and this is the first video I clicked on and instantly loved the first idea. It’s funny bc I’m already subscribed to this channel. So duh I should’ve came here first for any home organization!! Love it!! Thank you!!

  • Hi l just now discovered your videos and l appreciate them...Thank you and good job ! Btw your son is simply adorable.


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  • A lot of good ideas but that perfume display was just a accident waiting to happen

  • OMG amazing 👍👍👍 Genius ♥️♥️♥️

  • Use them for safety pins, or in a sewing kit for needles. :)

  • This is genius! Thanks for the ideas!xoxoxo

  • So cool 😎 ideas

  • To protect vanities I think it's so much better a clear acrylic cover made to fit the exact size of the vanity. It doesn't dance around as much as those small plastic covers and it's super easy to clean. I have it on my vanity and any furniture that may need protection, like my shoe drawers which have several potted plants on top of it.

  • I like the small round containers for nails .Maybe eye lashes

  • Use tiny containers to depot lipstick into to save space :) or earnings, piercings, etc

  • Aluminum containers can be for earrings and/ or drill holes in them and you can use it as a little brush holder. (Of course you’ll need to put it in a vase but it makes it easier to find what brush you want)

  • I use those tins at the end to store my hair ties and the highlighters from my broken Anastasia sun dipped glow kit.

  • My dressing table has no draws this is u fortunalty not helpful 😭😭

  • To your question I use them for my lip balms cuz I make homemade products

  • I love these kind of videos from you!!!❣️🌸❣️❣️🌸🌸

  • same organization year after year copycats.

  • Oh i have that tray,

  • I absolutely love your channel just found it a few days ago

  • U can use the little containers for eyelashes Maybe?

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  • Good ideas ty

  • if your vanity gets beat up on top, you can always cover it with vinyl wall paper - it won't move around like the mat, and it can also be wiped down with baby wipes!

  • Like the lipstick idea 💡

  • You can use them for earrings, small objects or small makeup remover

  • Loving this video the dollar tree has saved me since we have been living in a small apartment

  • Very clever 👌🏾

  • the little containers can be used for loose powders!

  • You could use the tins for making diy lip scrubs?

  • Some good ideas

  • Love the little wire basket upside down for lipsticks... card holder for cell phone holder... butter dish... way to think out side the box!!

  • Love Carter at the end!!

  • Omggg this is great !!!!!!

  • loose face powder or setting powder in those little cans the empty containers and they may seal well enough to travel with

  • You can use the tins for eyelashes

  • I'd use the tiny aluminum containers for medications, condoms, earrings, small toothpicks, ear plugs, etc.

  • You can put lashes in the lil silver containers

  • Use the metal tins for eye lashes. Separate by sizes of used lashes.

  • BB Wipes

  • You could put single shadows with missing lids in the aluminum container

  • You could use the small containers for diy makeup products! Lip gloss in a popular one, and blush, but you could do like "travel" sizes of anything! Pressed powder, eyeshadow, nail & lip salves, etc. Great for makeup on the go!💄🚘

  • Great ideas!

  • I adore your videos I have redone my room after watching your videos

  • Those little metal storage containers you could use as a dry brush cleaner. Pop in a bun form that you can get at the dollar tree hair care section and there you have it. It isn't an organizational thing but still works in the makeup realm. :)

  • I only recently found your channel so I’m a little late chiming in here, but these are all great ideas! I can’t wait to try them. I will save this in my “best makeup videos” because I know I’ll want to watch it again and again. Plus, it was really fun to get a glimpse at the makeup items you have because you always look so pretty. Thank you for another great video. 😇👍🏻💋

  • Awesome Video. ALL very great Ideas !!!

  • U can use those containers to store your eyelashes

  • Love these ideas!!!

  • Earrings and rings for the tiny holders

  • Why am I watching this? Thank God I’m not poor and have to shop at the junk store!

  • His so cute❤️

  • I use the metal containers to store lotion. Like when the bottle is almost empty and it is hard to squeeze it. I empty it into those containers.

  • I love dollar store

  • The little tins you can put a hair bun maker in it or another same spongey material inside and use it as a diy swirl color switch brush thing. 👀

  • J

  • That was wonderful! 10 thumbs up! You are so inspiring!!! Thank you!

  • I use the the metal containers for my ardell magnetic eyelashes.

  • Great video! I was just thinking about how to organize my makeup better

  • Such a helpful video!

  • I know I am late viewing this but, maybe the empty tins at the end of video, you could make your own lip scrubs and store in those. 🌺💄👄🎨

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  • Your ideas are so creative, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hey! You could use the last little containers for earrings, small jewellery or maybe even just face creams/makeup to use when you are traveling!

  • Nice! Thanks for your ideas 💕.

  • For those little storage containers at the end, you can take a piece of foam packaging ( like the kind that comes in boxycharm) and cut it in a circle to fit the container. It can be used to quickly wipe your brush off when doing makeup

  • I have that little mirror. I use it as a candle coaster

  • You can use the tin containers for bobby pins, hair ties, hair clips or those little perfume samples or make up samples they give you at the mall

  • The tin round can things can be for the cotton round face wipes :)

  • Boxes can be used to store diy organic lip balms, lip sticks, etc. Also can be used to store Vaseline or such for keeping in purse or another place where you might need it.

  • Thanks so much super helpful

  • I would put glitter in them. :) Thank you for the light on a mirror idea! I really need better lighting.

  • Those little aluminum containers could store lashes or Bobby pins and hair ties 😊

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  • Use the magnetic thingies for eyelashes or fingernails

  • for the small containers you should make DIY lipgloss

  • Small tins can store: needles, push pins, safety pins for sewing.

  • Clever ideas! Especially love the lip gloss, and butter dish stoarge! The baby is soo cute, omg!!

  • Nice video! I would have used those aluminum containers for false eye lashes,, the padded refills that go e on an eye lash curler, or even loose Mac or nyx pigments earring backs... things like that. New subscriber.

  • For the small 2 inch storage containers you can put your earrings in them

  • You could use those for any kind of DIY eyeshadow or lipstick pods.

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