125 Cupcake Challenge (12,083 Calories)

Published on May 1, 2018
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To be honest, I don't know why I decided on 125 Cupcakes. Sounded cool? I dunno. I just like the intro :p
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  • Bro why am I fatter than you?????

  • Here, 2:54 is where he starts

  • He looks pregnant 😂😂

  • He can eat 63 cupcakes in 3 minutes but it takes me 5 minutes just to eat 1

  • Hey Matt you should try Indian sweats like GULAB JAMUN, MILK CACK, BARFI I hope you would like

  • Read the title...Is it just me or does it say 125 tacos..? Edit: wth it's back to cupcake...

  • I don’t understand how the flavor after awhile doesn’t make you barff

  • who notices the fruity pebbles in the back

  • Too much sugar g

  • Your Almost fat

  • And I thought you aye the wrapper lol

  • Or 1 min because people lick but I don't lol

  • It took me 2 min to finish the cupcake when I ate 1

  • The bop is so satisfying

  • I know he was sick after this 🤭😰

  • Do you have fake teeth because I no that i cant keep my teeth that clean especially all the foods that you eat

  • How doesn't he gain weight after eating for each video.

  • and still thin.....

  • He's pregnant with cupcakes LOL

  • Too many cupcakes make me sick lol

  • I can only eat 3

  • I like when he saw sponsoring the total was $269.04

  • Matt oh my God you eat so fast

  • This challenge actually looks doable compared to the others

  • 5:05 lol he nearly vomited

  • 30 sec ....... diabetes

  • Ich finde deine Videos eigentlich ganz coll ,aber manche Leute haben nicht so viel essen und du stopfst dir einfach so viele Kupcakes rein ...

  • nice

  • you need a diet

  • Do you not get sick after this man? Kind of seems impossible that you don’t just vomit a ton after all your videos. There’s no way the body can process all this.

  • #upcake#dieabietesorjustfatness

  • Congratulations , you are pregnant

  • Ohhhhh miniature cupcakes

  • I can’t even eat a full cupcake without getting full

  • Esse cara no lugar da guela é um tubo de pvc

  • This was actually painful to watch

  • These cupcakes are more organized then my life.

  • 20 and 1/2 lbs of pumpkin pie? dayam.

  • You cant forget the rainbow sprinkles - Matt Stonie

  • I never ate a cupcake .

  • (87 Look at this sideways

  • Dentist: how are your teeth so sugary and rotten? Matt Stonie: oh ya one day I ate 125 cupcakes. Dentist: ok

  • que rico ijue perrra

  • 20lbs of pumpkin pie ........ 20 fucking pounds...... really bruh

  • Trop bon 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • Where is the dentist

  • Who wants cake Cost 1 like 🐌🎂

  • Do you ate them with PAPERS??? And didn’t you just have a hiccup 🤣

  • I swear if I ate more than two cupcakes I will puke! Just watching you eat that many cupcakes makes me feel like ima puke but I keep on watching because your awesome! Lol

  • Bro you just swallow

  • I mean it’s like eating 2 cakes 🎂

  • When your friend asks can they get a cupcake

  • {\_/} (•-•) / ~

  • Did he just get water from the sink 😂 4:53

  • How do you not have diabetes good sir?

  • اذا اكو عربي لايك

  • I had a sugar rush just watchig this.

  • You said holy shit

  • Did you really just throw all the crumbs on the floor....😐

  • Those are the mini cupcakes

  • Do Afghan food man it's heavy that would be a challenge

  • I hate cupcakes, so I couldnt ever do this challenge.

  • Baby cupcakes

  • I bet it smell like kevin durant in there

  • How long do you spend on the toilet

  • معقولة صار له 8 ساعات يأكل

  • OMG 😱😱

  • 100 cupcakes in under 6 mins !!!!

  • i'm a muffin and it's muffin time

  • Your belly is growing. 🐽🐷😅😂

  • 5:05 “throws up cupcake downs it with water”🤢

  • Maybe a sweet tart challenge? That sounds painful!

  • Он сьел их за 10 минут, а я чтоб не нажираться и получать удовольствие иногда растягиваю 1 кекс на минут 15 и ем максимально медленно... Чувак,я уверена что такими темпами ты потеряешь интерес к еде и испортишь здоровье.. если конечно ты это все не выблёывываешь после видео в унитаз..

  • I know kids in the third grade that would just shove a WHOLE FRICKEN cupcake in their mouth like it was fricken bite sized. While little me over her can hardly eat a cupcake without frosting getting everywhere on my nose🤣

  • I’m full at 6 cupcakes

  • Not inviting you to my birthday party 😒

  • Why only black??

  • I was eating a cupcake while watching this Now I want another cupcake

  • 5:48

  • 20 lb of jelly beans

  • Matt I suggest you wear sweatpants when you do these food challenge rather than jeans

  • Damn those cupcakes look good then a bitch

  • More like Kevin Durant challenge..

  • I'll bet he's a pie person after this. 😂

  • after that video.... of course i'm not gonna give you a cupcake you had to many for anyone to eat in a day!


  • R.I.P Stomach

  • Who wants a cupcake now

  • Diabetes

  • А потом блевал

  • His gestures here kinda reminds me of otis from the sex education on netflix lol

  • how the hell is he not dead yet from all that fucking sugar?!?

  • Less impressive once you realize they are minis.

  • Milksahje challange

  • 5:45 reminded me of my labor 😂😂

  • This is me at a oarty

  • Eat some of my friends cupcakes if you are in Houston. I just made the commercial for them. Tell me what yall think? us-tv.org/tv/video-BrmPBj9D02s.html

  • What’s the trick here? Does he just not chew and swallow each bite whole?

  • Me on my cheat day 2:56

  • Sponsor 😴😴😴