10 Most Devastating Cyber Attacks in History

Published on May 13, 2018
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    • I have money (sorry lol) and am very satisfied with the service, too

    • Jonathon Woodgate That is not correct. NordVPN does not interfere with Spotify, I am a user of both.

    • MatthewSantoro I don’t use VPN’s because they interfere with Spotify subscriptions.

  • Nord vpn is best... i use in saudi Arabia

  • Their contractors etc. can do what they want.

  • Facebook hack?

  • Titan Rain. I love it.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)趾

  • stuxnet?

  • Calling DDOS hacking..... omg

  • Just wait till vpns get hacked

  • get"

  • you need say it advertising or you risk banned

  • Tragic.

  • This clown still makes videos?

  • Those hackers at number 10 are legends

  • What the heck? the face in your background along with those clothes are creepy AF.

  • If NSA uses the same encryption then whats the point of getting the vpn?

  • Stuxnet. 4 Zero days... The U.S. shadow govt. at its finest.

  • Spends ten minutes talking about people who hacked into the pentagon... proceeds to tell you to get a vpn that is pentagon level good

  • Vsauce?

  • Then I guess they...WANNACRY I’m sorry.

  • Wow that was very informative Thank you!

  • _US Government get hacked_ _NSA program gets leaked_ *Buy NordVPN, it uses US government and NSA level security* !!!! Genius.

  • you could tell he was crying again before he made this video

  • Your Iris's tho

  • This guy is scary and creepy and the same time

  • I stopped watching your videos because you have unrealistic thumbnails for your vids and now your just remaking videos. You made this video about a year or two ago. Ig you or your writers ran out of ideas?

  • I'd actually subscribe if you weren't so ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • Good video except your animated facial expressions made me uncomfortable and annoyed/angered. Your comments were so unnecessary as well, stop

  • I've had a yahoo mail account since 08. o.o hahahaha

  • #7 notice how its only an insult and not slander or liable...must be a true fact. :)

  • EternalBlue isnt a government program. It's an exploit. We call it CVE-2017-0144 or smb MS17-010

  • I came cause I thought Eugene was back lol

  • “Use a VPN and you’ll never get a virus!”. That’s a way to scam your subscribers.

  • Zero cool anyone?

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  • Yeah....this bs. People have finally had enough of this jittery krap. Gtfoh

  • Well, the people using that Ashley Madison site deserved what they got

  • "...rendering the country immobile" Hmmm, yes. Stopping them tectonic plates and the perpetual rotation of the Earth.

  • Where's your hacking balaclava?

  • BTW Matthew, how did you become so awesome? You are the greatest US-tvr ever as far as I'm concerned! (Which I mean from the bottom of my heart!!!)

  • STUXNET should be number 1

  • would you rather have no facial hair or no hair on top

  • I don’t want to use nord vpn if it uses us government encryption. Because it seems like they get hacked a lot

  • Stuxnet

  • The cringe OMG

  • I like the video! Lol What's up Matthew Santoro?

  • Your jokes made me dislike

  • Trending. ?

  • Congrats on trending

  • haahaha the meek shall inherit the earth hahahaha

  • 10 Most DEVASTATING Cyber Attacks in History

  • Its not saudi amaraco its saudi aramco

  • I just wanna point out: 12,000 out of 5.5 million cheaters were women, while the rest I suppose were donkeys cuz men consistently argue that women cheat more than they do. That is all.

  • Oh. No wonder Russia spammed our Facebook ads then. Guess now we are even.

  • Equifax Hack?

  • You need to make a top 10 computer viruses

  • you're just talking about cyber hacks and recommend this

  • Because you're so awesome, I've made it my goal to watch, like, comment, and share all of your videos at least once :) I love you Matt! You're a huge inspiration and source of entertainment that I hope will never stop making videos!!

  • Pyscho Vsauce

  • #1 in 2012 Roblox was attacked by hackers

  • I wish i knew how to hack. I would hack into my old myspace and habbo accounts

  • first

  • How do you keep your teeth so white?

  • “You’re lookin well today!” Me: “thanks” as I sit on the toilet thinking about life

  • What about Stuxnet?

  • The sony hack.... Which one??? :-p

  • i am in college , i can't type without seeing the keys on my laptop.....😂

  • Interesting synopsis. .."Yeshua / Jesus is the way "

  • Do you think you could make your eyes any wider when you emphasize words?

  • It's Saudi Aramco not Saudi Americo 😂