10 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test

Published on May 30, 2016
1 Watermelon Slicer Tongs - amzn.to/2kuaMSa
2 Lemon Squeezer - amzn.to/2kNVt35
3 Chip Clips - amzn.to/2kCi7KI
4 Cover Blubber - amzn.to/2llXaZ4
5 Herb Scissors - amzn.to/2lPpbsx
6 Silicone Lids - amzn.to/2lnP9lE
7 ziploc holder - amzn.to/2kBY9jk
8 chips sealer - amzn.to/2lPnStK
9 cut resistant gloves - amzn.to/2ku4Atu
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  • Welcome back to malabala toy everybody!! 0:05

  • Awesome gadjik. Boom!

  • "Herb Scissors" Cuts an Onion

  • Lol I love his accent

  • تسلم ايدك واتمنى الاشتراك فى قناتى قناة الشيف ماما قناة متخصصة فى تقديم اشهى الوصفات من مختلف انحاء العالم وبأسهل واسرع الطرق

  • تسلم ايدك واتمنى الاشتراك فى قناتى قناة الشيف ماما قناة متخصصة فى تقديم اشهى الوصفات من مختلف انحاء العالم وبأسهل واسرع الطرق

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  • For the glove The question is... Will it stand the 1000 degree hot glowing knife?

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  • Dirtying up the table

  • Every gadget must be a "thumbs up 4 me"............

  • The first ever episode of kitchen *GADJIKS*

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  • Wow,this was the first part of this series,now it’s at it’s 22nd episode

  • You know that with the pot theres a handle and the hole is to hold the thing you stiiring it with and you angle it above the pan

  • Where can we buy that products ?

  • but why did he put the glove on the hand he was holding the knife with

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  • this guy booms a lot

  • So there are people who actually need a chip sealer?

  • Who else cringed at the glove part

  • I love this blabber

  • Slice it up easily *struggles to cut the watermelon*

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  • Try rolling your lemons on the counter for more juice


  • Like the watermelon. Sprinkle a little salt and call it lunch.

  • The silicon lids are Cover Bluber

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  • I liked that battery powered sealer would come in handy for many things.

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  • You can use your purple plubber for your bowl of watermelon

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  • He put WAY too much trust into those gloves haha, even if they say knife proof there is NO WAY i would take a knife and start hacking at my hand with them on haha

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  • Could you maybe do like shopping life hacks? Tricks people could use while they are grocery shopping and such?

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  • Title should be how to be ready for any watermelon problem

  • I love your video sooo much!!! Help me alot to choose a correct gadgets. Hope you will continue doing this kind of videos. Wish the best for you!

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  • Great gadgets! Thanks for testing them!

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  • Whatsup erybody nd welcom to malabrotory wher safty is my numbr 1 prriority today we test kitchen gadjet, how ot work? Beats me.

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  • *goes to job interview* "what are your talents?" CrazyRussianHacker "I can cut watermelon into scubes and slices with a lot of practice"

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  • In India we have this lemon gadget from 20 years