10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)

Published on May 15, 2018
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10,450 Calories of Wendy's Baconator Sandwiches!
That's 11 Burgers, over 6.5lbs of Bacon, Beef, Cheese, Mayo, and Bread...

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  • How is he still skinny boy eats a whole month worth of calories in one day

  • It makes me gag

  • Can I have one ?

  • how are you not dead yet

  • *Diet Coke*

  • When you work at Wendy’s lmao

  • So much calerys I would die if I eat 3 burgers 😃

  • ٩ا٩

  • That..was..awesome...those last three burgers kicked your butt!!! Hit the rack, see you on the next one.

  • Orders 11 baconators, and a diet coke since hes watching his calories

  • WTF!!! He CAN finish a burger only by 25 SECONDS!!!

  • me: *eats 1 burger* *gains 10 lbs* matt : *eats 11 burgers* *gains nothing*

  • Why he doesn’t become fat porco dio if I eat one of this burgers I take 2 kg

  • His toilet jumped off a suicide bridge 🌉 Edit: Poor Toilet seat 🚽😞😞😭😭😭😢😢😢 you will be missed

  • Try bacon kings

  • Zum glück nimmt er dazu ne Coke Zero sonst wäres es ungesund XD

  • And I thought I ate alot with two McDonald's double bacon cheeseburgers

  • Imagine how big his poop is?

  • What do you do to burn all that?

  • There was a McDonald’s ad before this

  • You should do 12 double chalupas from Taco Bell

  • Love Wendys Couldnt even do One Burger LOL so delicious though

  • What is the point of getting a diet coke if you're meal is 10000 FUCKING calories

  • This is epic!

  • You should do a McChicken challenge

  • -What do you want? -11 burgers and a DIET coke (What she was thinking) damn this guy is healthy

  • I eat son of baconator because I’m a healthy boi

  • Mmmmm Diabetes

  • How are u skinny? Teach ur ways.

  • I am hungry

  • I am surprised that you don't get acid reflux after eating than lying down and taking a nap.

  • I can eat 22 in 3 day😎😂😂

  • I can only eat 1 you can eat 11

  • I would eat 100 of them i love them alot(;

  • He eats alot but he never gets fat i guess he exercise as much as he eats

  • Why not 8 4for4$

  • You are pig

  • I swear to god he has a black hole in his stomach

  • I ate 200 i 1 second

  • So I was in my dads car and I had my head phones on and at the beginning I thought that my phone was contacted to the blue tooth

  • That’s my favorite meal I buy in Wendy’s

  • Hah lmao hi wendys

  • Me taking 5 bites is equal to him taking 2

  • I can do that phhhhhh Eat 4 and a half chicken nuggets im full thank you for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • A snack to me: A small bag of pretzels A snack to Matt: 56 hot dogs

  • The Baconator is my favorite burger at Wendy’s.

  • Adam kilo almiyo aq böyle adaleti sikim

  • I think he does Diet Coke because it has no sugar or carbohydrates so he does not get diabetes

  • Nigga do you starve yourself ?


  • thats not the matt which i like normally 22burgers 20000 calorie u fame is punping in your head

  • You still eating but your body is still same :)😀

  • Canım çeekkttii ( TÜRKLER BURDAMII 🇹🇷 )

  • Next time around do the big 12 Baconators

  • Matt you should've ate them the same way you do contests

  • In 3.55 -3.56 he is near to vomet

  • When he’s eating he looks like rowley from diary from a wimpy kid eating that cheese

  • If matt gets a hair dye he should dye it blonde and wear green T shirt brown pants with black shoes and be like "Im hungry" He is legit the next shaggy

  • No chic-fil-a challenges???? 😋😋

  • I could probably manage 3 and Matt eats 11 in 12.49?😳WTF?🤔😂😂

  • Do you eat pussy like that?

  • Buys 10,000 calories worth of burgers....”what drink do you want with that” “DiEt cOke”

  • Where's the beef ?

  • One and i can‘t any more

  • thats true love right there. his gf see his most disgusting side of him yet still didn't leave him yet

  • After watching your vids, I have learned to taste food without eating any 😂

  • Clown with Eric the electric

  • All I get from Wendy's is the Baconator

  • Who's on the pot right now taking a more massive shit than they usually do?

  • wendy's burger is so goooood

  • You were getting slow, you were.

  • You know you eat too much when you get excited about food that's supposed to be warm, actually being warm..

  • You know you eat too much when you get excited about food that's supposed to be warm, is actually warm..


  • ever u bites your finger . so close

  • Big shits i presume

  • Lol I ate 3 and then I died.

  • Good job

  • I use Burger King cups to fill up at Wendy’s.

  • What I if told you You read that wrong Come on someone that read wrong.

  • You are so crazy

  • How do still the same weigh wtf

  • My arteries were clogging just watching this!

  • you’re crazy man

  • Comment if u wonder how he eats all this

  • Make the same video without rapid camera. I think you are cheating making camera cuts in disguise with the speed.

  • Giant susage

  • Do these videos make anyone else hungry?

  • The way you eat so much your arteries will pump cheese and spices instead of blood

  • N

  • I literally can't do one full burger

  • I could eat all of that I been craving this but I can’t eat outside food because of my transplant and because of that it’s a risk for me because I can’t fight germs. But soon I will

  • Literally as he started eating I got immediate heartburn. ❤️🔥

  • I love Wendy's because they don't cut corners.

  • Sıç nasıl geğerdin öyle I am turkish

  • -it's ok guess he had a diet coke-

  • Why can I smell this video

  • U cant beat patrick he ate a total of 1000 krabby patties for idk an hour?

  • That burger weighs the same as a newborn baby!

  • I just wondering if how many kilos matt poop 😂😂😂