10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)

Published on May 15, 2018
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10,450 Calories of Wendy's Baconator Sandwiches!
That's 11 Burgers, over 6.5lbs of Bacon, Beef, Cheese, Mayo, and Bread...

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  • I'm hungry 😂

  • Who makes these challenges? 😮

  • I saw a mcdonalds add lmao

  • Почему он ещё худой?!

  • oh i thought it was one :/ i can only eat 3

  • How many toilets has this man sent to the afterlife


  • Thumbs up for my boy Matt. Haven't even watched more than a minute. Just a little buzzed and Matt deserves him some thumbs up

  • Him: finishes 11 baconadors in 12 minutes Me: takes a full 48 hours to finish

  • "i was expecting to do it faster" umm it takes me like 12 mins to eat one lmao

  • Wendy’s 4 life🔥🔥🔥

  • I'd puke everything out after 2 of those

  • Who else is eating one and watching the vid

  • you should record a video with the epic meal time crew.... or Muscles Glasses

  • I'm hungry

  • 😟😟😟

  • Super and cool

  • Yo dose this nigga even shyt right??

  • This is how you Wendy’s

  • Bro wtf am hungry now and am still watching the videos of him

  • Me:How to dont be fat? Matt Stonie:Drink only diet coke

  • If I tried eating as fast as him I would choke

  • That looks mad good

  • I wish I had some

  • Ate one is 25 secs great

  • “Can I get 11 baconators” legit thought she hung up

  • Dude.. I remember one day when I decided to eat two of those fucking baconators in one sitting.

  • Burgers with water is a big fat NO NO

  • It just comes with mayo and ketchup lol

  • How don’t u have cancer yer

  • 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤💯💯😡😡😡😡😡WE DONT HAVE A WENDYS IN OUR TOWN!?!?! I LOVE WENDYS!! HOW DARE YOU

  • شتهيت همبرجر 😭😭واني مسوية رجيم

  • Imagine he bites his tounge

  • Esse é monstro kkk

  • I was thinking bout getting a baconator

  • Ulan bu adam ne sıçıyordur amk

  • @Wendys cut the check !!!!

  • Вопрос, почему за 5 лет канала, он не весит кило 200-300???

  • everytime u make that orgasmic face because it's warm food. haha~ you deserve it man! keep up the great work!

  • Did you get a heart attack after this?

  • Probably gotta take a huge dump after all that

  • I have trouble even eating one. Those things are delicious though.

  • *diet coke*

  • He never gets fat hes like....idk i cant tell

  • diet coke XD?

  • Vegan/vegetarian people are pissed right now

  • You don’t eat to live , You live to eat

  • Im sooo jelous

  • I'm eating this food mentally.

  • I remember in 2012 you have a baconator but you was eating lot of bacon from 2012

  • I always order the Dave’s Double at Wendy’s, It is so good tbh

  • How do you not have diabetes

  • I can barely eat a Baconator Jr in under 5 min

  • rip his toliet

  • I would like to see a colab with Furious Pete

  • Ate two baconators in a minute, meanwhile it would take me 4 minutes to finish one. My tiny stomach can't handle all of *that* !!!

  • Yo my gout flaring just watching this

  • Que fome vei

  • Music 1:08 ?

  • How are you slim?

  • Id hate to be the one in a fallout shelter with this guy

  • His cholesterol must be through the roof

  • 11 baconators, extra cheese, extra bacon, and DIET coke

  • meat sweats anyone?

  • I want burgers but I'm broke till Thursday damnit

  • 4:05 didnt know you speak japanese xD

  • Have you ever got sick from this

  • Why do you eat your food and drink your water at the same time

  • Hes gonna gain 66 pounds if he completes this, plus the soda, which is like 10 pounds

  • Can u pls read this do u get full

  • Lo siento amigo pero creo que te vas a morir de coresterol xddd yo solo esoañol soy de mexico

  • هل انتم هنا أيها العرب؟!

  • why the fuck am i watching it at 5 am

  • How do you not get fat

  • Omg, I'm living in fucking Russia and have no money for 2 burgers. Fuck this live

  • Deberia venir a mexico a comer toda la grasa que se consume aquí.

  • Every buffets owner worst nightmare

  • This is why children in Africa are starving

  • Ironically there was a McDonald’s ad before this video

  • ho tf can he stay in shape?

  • Matt stonie vs diabetes, matt stonie eats it on a regular basis so hes fine

  • How don’t you gain weight??

  • How don't u ever get fat!!

  • You know, it's hard to watch your videos while working out....lol

  • One of these day's, homie is gonna eat his finger with how close he gets

  • This is going to be my special heaven when I die, burgers 24/7

  • Are you human?

  • Man you're like Squidward when he discovered that he loved Krabby Patties :D

  • It makes my tummy hurt watching you. I hope you had indigestion medicine.

  • Have you ever thought of trying the national hotdog eating competition. You might do well.

  • Alguém br

  • Is your body O.K ? I mean, you're not fat but..what about inside..? I hope you can see this comment

  • Matt stonie eats 11 burgers. In 12 mins and gains 1.2 pounds. I eat 1 burger gains. 20 pounds

  • Hey !an how are you eating this things dudw

  • Nasi kilo almiyon orospuuu piiiiç

  • Wendys never fails to give me the shits..

    • Second only to Taco Bell when it comes to shit giving.

  • 10,000 calories 11 burgers and gotta have your diet coke

  • :0 WFT

  • Can’t believe he still doing this for 5 years