1 Minute Quesadilla CHALLENGE!! (Ep. #22)

Published on Oct 5, 2017
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Sixty Second Series Episode #22, Quesadillas!!
This idea actually came from a comment on another video (July '17 Update). I thought the comment was cool, did get alot of likes, and I've never done Quesadillas for a video before!!
Leave your ideas for Episode #23 in the Comment Section below!!
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  • He shouldn’t stop the time until he swallows everything

  • Indian food challenge

  • i was looking for videos that i would like and i saw this and i was eating quesadillas

  • люблю блинчики

  • Hey Matt, it would be pretty cool to see how many pupusas you can eat in a minute! keep these awesome videos coming!

  • هادوا المطاوي واقيلا 🤔

  • F that haha you almost choked on everyone

  • Quesadillas are really really fattening

  • App kitne dino se nhi khathe hon bhai

  • 2.44 what a great episode episode

  • Do sushi rolls next plz?

  • Omg...whats the name of ur dog?. I 💜 husky!...

  • try moes

  • How many Hershey bars can you eat in 1 minute?

  • “Can you eat pussy like that”

  • Am I the only one rocking out to this music or what??

  • How much ass in a minutt

  • When you have 2 mins left at lunch

  • Not 1:01:02 u didnt throated the last quesadilla. Dislile

  • "Cheese quesadillas"

  • haha your dogs cute

  • How many Taco Bell burritos 🌯 in a minute

  • How many Taco Bell burritos 🌯 in a minute

  • How many dumplings 🥟 in a minute

  • How many pretzel sticks can you eat in a minute bruuhhhhh?!?

  • Anyone esle like theyre own comment to get it started?

  • It’s scary how much you can eat in a minute I love it 💙

  • ok it takes me like 5 just to eat 1 and I thought I eat fast ;-;

  • How is this guy not fat?

  • My mom loves you I was thinking a challenge of the hole bugerking menu how many like can I get

  • 2018

  • How many slices of apples can you finish in a minute

  • Damn

  • I eat Roti prata when I eat big bite need about 20 sec to 20

  • Quien es español aparecio un plato con la bandera de chile

  • Tomster my dog

  • You should actually stop the timer when you swallow your last bite. That should been at least a 1.10 time for 8

  • You the best

  • What amazed me the most, was how delicately the dog bit down on the quesadilla while having you as an owner...

  • Méxicoo

  • How many French Fries can you eat in a minute?

  • I love cheese quesadillas

  • Honestly me when I get tacobell

  • If I was u I would of been stuck in the bathroom for ages

  • All this food you eat but you still ain’t ft wth

  • Can u do a Chinese video

  • You should see how many milk duds you can eat in 60 seconds.

  • Try mars bars for the next episode

  • Pace yourself

  • 1 tepsi baklava ye

  • لن اتركك اذا لم تعرف بلدي و المدينة التي اسكن فيها

  • How many grilled cheese sandwiches can you eat in 60 seconds?

  • Me and my mum watch you she wants to see how much toast you can eat in 60 seconds WITH OUT WATER

  • Pringles challenge

  • Been a bit longer than a month...

  • Have you ever ate Mexican sushi? You should try to eat 50 in 1 minute and 40 seconds

  • Turkey +1


  • Qui est français est quand il regarde il a faim

  • Mcgriddles

  • please make a spicy noodle ramen chellenge . 1 noodle 10 sauce and wait for 5 mins and you will done.

  • Hi man im a big fans from indonesia

  • Omg this is totally awesome

  • *h0w*

  • That's making me hungry

  • When the break is over in one minute

  • Is his oesophagus twice as large as normal ones?! How the hell does he swallow such large amounts of food in such small time?

  • Omg lol forget about the quesadillas your dog is freaking awesome!!!!

  • How can you eat a lot but still be skinny

  • Anybody know what song he uses during the 1 minute that he was eating the quesadillas? :o I know it is Royalty Free Music, but I dunno the name of the song. 0:34 - 2:05

  • Do 10 tacobell crunch wraps in 5 minutes

  • How are u not fat lol

  • And people say I eat to fast lmao

  • Do a Wendy's 4 for $4 in 60 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Have you ever bitten your finger while shoving the food in your mouth because that hurts so baddddd

  • Hot as fuck!!!!!!!😬😘😍🔥👅

  • Your dog is soooooooo cute and smart and I love his eyes

  • Next do donuts

  • Do you eating 20 calzonie

  • Que asco

  • Any mexicans

  • هذا كيف يبلع انت؟؟؟انت ايش بطنه انت بطنه غسالة؟؟بسم الله ما شا الله فمك مكنسه....sorry i know u dont speak arabic but i was JK

  • Quesad

  • dillpickels

  • Hey, it's me your toilet. I wished you shat as fast as you ate. Also, I can't take your shit anymore. K'thanx. Bye.

  • Matt try indian food

  • 😨😨😨😨😧😧😮😮😮😲😲😲

  • 7.9 in a minute wow

  • How much Ice cream you can eat

  • Other than the video, i love your dog

  • Eat waffle and crepes fulled with nutella and white chocolate !!

  • You should do a giant fish and chips challenge. That would be awesome. For your British fans 😁

  • Man such a beautiful husky

  • How many biscuits can u eat in 60 seconds

  • WHY!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • How many peanut butter sandwich’s in 1 min !

  • Omg I eat one quesadilla in 20 minutes!!!!!!!!

  • Episode 23 is LONG overdue.

  • I got one can you make a largest smore ever and eating it I'm 10 minutes