👗Painful Decluttering of My Dress Hoard..Over 25% Don't Fit?

Published on Nov 14, 2018
I have been hoarding an insane amount of dresses for years. I like them a lot and have been collecting and enjoying them for a long time. But it's time to delcutter some of the ones that no longer fit and are no longer my style. I used to be a fashion blogger and I would collect so many of these dresses as well as collect them to wear during performances. There is no reason however, to have so many dresses and it was time to declutter some. Since my body has changed a lot in 10 years, it was time to practice what I preach and dress for the person I am today. So, I tried on all of my dresses in my wardrobe in order to attempt to declutter some. This was painful...enjoy.
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  • This sucked the most.

    • The Organized Soprano I have been there!! I think you look fantastic, but what matters is that you feel comfortable in your own skin. ❤️

  • 🍃💕👍🏽👌🏽💋


  • This was such a fun video, I was twirling with you! Loved the dresses, great style you have.

  • You are a very brave woman. All of us must declutter our “younger” clothes every so often.

  • This was so fun to watch! You're so cute when you're sliding into the room with the dress and I just see the joy you have in some of the dresses you keep. Love it! Keep being you :)

  • You look great in everything.

  • Great video!!

  • I'm old enough to have gone through this process many times, and it's never easy giving up something you love and that has wonderful memories attached to it. However, it really does pay to de-clutter your wardrobe of items that no longer fit, are out of style, or just don't suit the life you're living right now. As a slender woman, I also know how tough it is to gain weight and have to get rid of items because they're now too small or tight. While I've been able to lose a lot of the weight I'd gained, my body in middle age is just not the same shape--gravity and three decades of desk work have taken their toll. But I dress for who I am now, not who I was 20 or 30 years ago. Funny thing is, I love my current wardrobe--it's comfortable, stylish, and it suits me. You're so beautiful, and your sense of fashion is terrific! I imagine your wardrobe will evolve right along with the rest of your life, and you will look fab no matter what phase you're in.

  • very inspiring and now I want to clean my closet

  • You had me cracking up with some of the misses! I just went through my closet recently and got rid of some to donate, had some that didn't fit, and a LOT of it I don't wear. I apparently wear the same 10 black shirts over and over D:

    • Truthfully, sometimes I feel like I wear the same graphic tees and jeans over and over LOL

  • Great dresses! Thanks for the inspiration to clean out my closet! 😁

  • I love that so many of them had pockets. Yay for pockets.

  • I’m a new fan of yours and I’m trying to catch up on your blogs but when you said that you were over 40 I nearly fainted you honestly look soooooo gorgeous and you have definitely taken care of yourself and your body!!!! New here but I love you already and Clover!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • It takes a lot of bravery to video yourself but it also makes it easier to be decisive when you see how clothes move. I can't be the only one who was thinking, "Yes! Keep it!' Sometimes. I noticed that many had a similar silhouette. ..if you hang them together by type you might be able to narrow down what you want to keep even more when you can clearly see the duplicates. I wish you could see that you still have a beautiful figure.

  • Amazing lady! Love your moves and choises

  • You have impeccable taste! Those clothes fit you so well,even the ones you thumbed down. Thanks for sharing. Love your videos, btw!

  • Trying on all those dresses looked like a workout 😅! I was rooting for your dresses like they were on AGT & when you gave a thumbs down I was like 😧☹️. Kay, I think you look great but if you see room for improvement that will make you happier and healthier, I wish you all the best & success. Maybe along the way you would consider showing us how you organize your workouts/schedule and gear to stay consistent. I hope you find new dresses that you will love even more 😊! 👍💕❤️

    • I think I could be more toned up. I no longer have youth on my side for keeping muscles tight and toned and I've noticed a few things looking a little "puffy". I am currently experimenting with a dance workout since I actually HATE exercising, but LOVE dancing

  • The nice thing about getting rid of clothing is that if you get rid of enough, then you can make room for some new things!

  • All of your dresses were so pretty!!

  • Wow! I'm really have to checkout Anthropology. Most of their dresses really suit you. Great fashion show! Great inspiration😊 Have a great day! 😀

  • looking fab!

  • Let’s be real. No one could tell you weren’t wearing makeup. Your skin is amazing!

  • Hi. Love your US-tv channel and so happy to see so many dresses with pockets!! Can you please tell me where you purchased the portable clothing rack? Thank you.

    • It's called Fol-D-Rak. You can buy it from Amazon but I purchased mine at the Container Store and I believe it's slightly cheaper there

  • Very cute dresses, and you kept a lot of great ones. I recently counted my dresses because I was considering switching to new hangers, and I have nearly 100 dresses! I need to go through this elimination process too!

    • Switching to the thin hangers has made a WORLD of difference. Worth the investment 100%

  • You live in Anthropologie. Lol

  • The teal Tracy Reese is beautiful on you. Girl you are still tiny but I do understand the feeling about weight. I am working on weight loss to feel healthier. This is a great video.

    • Thank you!!! Right!? Feeling healthier, I think will change the way I feel about being a little heavier.

  • I loved this video you are such a sweetheart and I loved your outfits so much personality sometimes you just have to let them go 😂😂😂 I wish you could see my daughters closet 😔sad that’s all I can say but I still love her 😁and you look beautiful just the way you are 😘

  • Your fashion show was fun to watch and you have an array of beautiful dresses. Although you gave away a lot, you still have plenty to keep you happy. Good job decluttering!

    • Thank you! I had fun for the first 30 minutes and then it got painful LOL

  • All those side zipper dresses were ones I gave away too. They just don't seem to fit right.

  • What a timely video. I tried on all my dresses last weekend and decluttered over 50% of them (doesn't fit, out of style, what was I thinking when I bought this?, etc.). Felt good to let them go to others who could wear them. Left with only the ones that fit and look fine with me. Took over a couple hours but felt good when I finished. Oh, and my cat watched the whole show too. :)

  • You have a fabulous collection of dresses! This must have been pretty rough for you! Thanks for all the trying on. I have been wanting to see you in some of your dresses since your closet declutter. You look great and you are still a small girl! ❤️

  • I can’t believe you have anything “extra” on your body. You look great, honestly. But I know what it’s like to not feel great about your body I have struggled with this my whole life. I look at where I am today (5 kids later) and think I was crazy back then. I’d give anything to look that way now. Walking 3-5 miles a day does seem like a lot of exercise all ready. Maybe try some strength training. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pretty dresses & good choices ..I'd lose the seafood looking dress & also the white lace one looks way too big. You did great !

  • You had a lot of pretty dresses and a couple I wondered why you ever bought. I loved the Eva Franco that you rejected.. You looked gorgeous and slim. Your body is great.

  • I'm about to be 30 and I def have clothes in my closet from my high school years and they DEFINITELY don't fit! I just did the switchover from spring/summer to fall/winter and have enough storage that some Maybes are sticking around until I move (and declutter forreal) next year. Loved seeing you try on all your dresses, even if they went in the Byebye Bin :)

  • Love your collection. Just beautiful. You did well with the cull. You look superb in the ones you chose. A lot of effort but I loved seeing them all. Thank you! 🌈PS : I haven’t worn a dress for years. Don’t own any. 😕

  • Girl, instead of eBay, you should sell on Shoperatic!!

  • Don't be hard on yourself, you look great! Thank you for the inspiration.

  • You look beautiful and amazing. I so enjoyed this video. In my opinion I did not care for any of the Bailey44 dresses and would sell them all. You could sell also sell them on Poshmark.com

    • Thank you! And I have actually decided to sell on Poshmark! Stay tuned!! ;-)

  • Hi Kay! You did a great job decluttering your dresses! I know it's hard to say goodbye to whatever you're decluttering, but it frees up so much room! Don't be too hard on yourself, you're so pretty with a great figure! ❤️🧡💛 Hi Clover! 🐶💙

  • That was the most energetic intro ever 😄 Great job with the eBay pile! I love the mindset to start today 💪 Very motivating. I would love my bod to look like your body right now 😩

  • I can't say much I have posted my age on here before!!!! I am 19 next birthday so I am not going to say much!!! All l will say is we are all going to go through this at some point in our life's!!!!! Thanks Kay!!!❤💛

  • It may have sucked for you to do but this was a great to watch! You’ve got some great dresses (cute style) one dress you picked up I swore was not cute then you walked out in it and I was like OMG so cute!! 😂 Don’t be so hard on yourself!! You may not be who you use to be but that can be worked on if that’s what you want!! Your beautiful either way sister!! Hi Clover!! 👋🏾👋🏾

  • Great video! You have a natural elegance and the retro silhouettes really suit you. Might I suggest that you go back through and take another look at some of the dresses that have a very similar style and pattern to see which of those could also be paired down, even though they may fit.

    • stayfly3000 I was thinking the same thing- maybe wait 6 months or so and try again to see what you are actually wearing - or really going to wear. Also over the next 6 months to year make a conscious effort to wear them all and then decide. I know I often just reach for the same few items over and over again. When I make the effort to wear something else I am either pleasantly surprised or disappointed. But I really want my closet to be full of clothes I not only love but that I wear. Kaye you are a brave woman to film this for us - thanks

  • I loved this video Kay. I go thru my entire closet every season and end up getting rid of stuff. It a great time to clear out what you can't wear to make room for new pieces. PS You look just fine so stop beating yourself up..

  • I love and adore you, thanks for being vulnerable with us all through this process. You're beautiful and have an amazing energy, I think clothes need to be able to match or hold up to our own unique energy. That's been my experience, I'm discovering my 40 year old style now based on who I am at this stage in life and it's both a fun and exciting journey. A bit scary too LOL.

  • Such a fun fashion show! You’re so adorable and have such a beautiful collection. I love dresses so much, but I’m 4 ft 9 and have such a hard time finding them to fit my figure. I’m not super skinny either. Sometimes stuff just can’t be hemmed and altered and still look right. And as a med lab tech I spend my life in scrub pants and black shirts anyways ha. It is nice to dress up though.

  • Kay you are gorgeous lady!! I would love to have your body instead of mine! Do not be hard on yourself sister!! You are beautiful in every way!!!!!!!

  • I feel your pain. Years ago I had 56 dresses. I did 2 major purges within 5 years and now I have 17 dresses. It can be tough, but the reward is worth it. Plus shopping for new clothes is so fun! This video was a favorite of mine. You reminded me why dresses are my favorite category or clothing.

  • Woah, you have some GORGEOUS dresses (and a GREAT body ) !

  • Thanks for sharing... I recently had to declutter as I was running out of space, it was not easy, letting go never is...

  • You look super cute in dresses!

  • LOL. You remind me of a sim with your expressions.

  • Hi Kay I loved all your dresses. I am so sorry some of them don't fit. Don't be to hard in yourself. Just think of it as a time to buy some new dresses.

    • You're right! I haven't purchased a dress in a long time because...how could I? I can at least get one new one in 2019 LOL

  • Yep, I get it and your right, it totally sucks. But... BUT the socks really set those dresses off! Rock those socks girl💃🏿

  • So sorry to see the chicken dress leave 😦 good for you Kay for being honest about your wardrobe.💗

  • So sorry to see the chicken dress leave 😦 good for you Kay for being honest about your wardrobe.💗

  • I loved the black Eva France!!!!

  • What happened with that orange Bailey 44 dress? Loved it on you! You look great in the figure fitting dresses! Wish I did lately. Ok, so you just said you didn't like it. Well, I did. :)

    • It's still in the go pile :( I used to really like the way it looked on me, but no longer.

  • (((hugs))) I know that parting with clothes can be hard. Luckily, I've never been one to get attached to an item of clothing. Which was an excellent thing last year as I had to get rid of and am slowly replacing my entire wardrobe. Everything but my shoes and socks had to go, due to having gone from a size 18 to a size 14. Granted my massive clothing declutter was due to the best of reason but it was a bit traumatic even though I don't get attached to clothing.

    • Right? There is something about something that's SO close to your body that makes it a little harder!

  • And I thought I loved pockets 😁

  • I have over 45 pairs of jeans and no way in hell will i part with any of them!

    • LOL!!! I literally have one good pair right now. What is my problem? I need to go shopping!

  • Brave woman you are! Ok but my weight fluctuates so I have my skinny clothes, my bloated clothes and oh my I fell off the program clothes...I am in the process of trying to lose weight, if I do I will clean out my closet.

  • The dresses have the same silhouette just different fabrics. Everyone's body changes as we age it's part of being human. Just think of the money that you will make from selling them on eBay. Maybe you could treat yourself to a spa day.

  • I just did this same exercise, but with EVERYTHING in my closet. I am fighting cancer and had a bilateral mastectomy so 95% of my closet doesn’t fit. It was painful to get rid of everything but eventually became freeing knowing I can start over and reinvent myself. Don’t be too tough on yourself Kay you are beautiful. It could always be worse, which I tell myself as well. I’m just thankful for clothes to wear at all. I love your style and channel 🥰

    • as a cancer patient I can empathize and support your resolve. I wish you well, my prayers are with you. remember, if you don't love it don't wear it. only accept gifts w the receipt attached. return all that do not represent you and exchange for something you adore. God bless child.

    • I can't imagine doing this with everything! My mom had the same surgery. Starting over can be totally cleansing especially when we are decorating ourselves. Cheers to you, girl! 😘

  • After eight kids I am now a size 7/8 but still holding on to size 5/6 clothing. Just sad!

  • This was my ALL-TIME favourite video. So many amazing dresses. All those dresses with pockets. YAS!!!

  • I think you were right to do a purge. The dresses are fun and memorable, but you still have quite a few!! As for your body, I really don’t see the problem. I’m 70 and as thin as I ever was, so I’m sure you can be too, but you look fantastic as you are, and MOST of your dresses fit you just fine. You really don’t need to live at the gym!

  • You look like you're having so much fun!!

  • Kay we have something in common we LOVE OUR POCKETS ......LOL!

  • That was a great one! Good job, even tho it sucked, lol. 😁

  • my mother said "if u can't get them to look at you they won't hear you" I was heard. figures were in inches then and mine was easily a winner till my waist went to 25" and I hit my forties. By then people had been hearing me for years and looks were an asset not an introduction. bodies settle and change and I didn't realize that men had been addressing me as an equal conversationally for at least 2 decades and secondly enjoyed my voice …. I was still attractive. somewhere along the way my self esteem and continued enjoyment of education in various fields came to the foreground as conversing, debating, as well as researching science, politics and social conditions were front runners while singing remained my passion …. it just didn't define me as it had from 13yo to 30yo. due to illness my voice is a memory heard only inside my head, everything my mind has absorbed works well with donuts and coffee lol. my favorite dresses are displayed on closet doors, bedroom walls even one as art in my living room. other dresses were restructured to blouses or skirts, and 5 decades later bed shams, rolls, pillow covers, vanity chair covers and purse linings. now, if my scattered circle of friends would just stop moving on I would be happier. after all, the donuts are good and the coffee is still fresh. God bless child. yoga is good or so I have heard.

  • Wow you have a lot of beautiful dresses! I wish I could describe the ones I like the most but it would be too hard to..... and also decluttering or watching decluttering for some reason I love to see that. And I love minimalism lol

  • Having recently done this, I felt kinship with you on this. You're completely right about 30 yr old me in clothes vs 40+. Tastes, lives and bodies change.

  • Loved the fashion show!!!!!! You have beautiful taste in dresses. I noticed a great love for pockets💞💞💞! You have grown into a beautiful woman not just gained weight!!!

  • I hate dresses so this is an easy category for me.. but you look so cute in dresses. I really liked the long one with the blue lace overlay.

  • First of all, young lady, stop being so hard on yourself. If you want to exercise for your health, fine. But not if you want to change your body. You have a nice figure. Be grateful. You wear Tracey Reese and Anthropologie well.. Belted and fitted waist dresses work well on you. And you should stick to those styles. It was fun watching you change and rate your outfits. And Goodwill [or eBay or whoever] will be glad to have your beautiful, but unwanted dresses. Thanks for sharing. 💖

    • Seriously, I was thinking exactly this! Also, thank you for showing the reality of purging...so many people think they "should" do this and then when it's actually harder than they imagined, they quit (putting stuff over your head, dealing with the sadness of things not fitting, it's real!) Thank you again for sharing!

    • Thank you! I am a super fan girl of Tracy Reese. I wish I could afford to buy ALL of her pieces!

  • I adore all your dress Please make videos of your workouts

  • Girl! You sure rock the 50s silhouette!

  • Thanks for showing us the dresses. It is hard to give up favorites, I still think about a few pieces that I no longer own.

    • I'm devastated about one. I am desperately searching online for a larger size!

  • Thanks you inspire me to continue decluttering I have many stuff to go through😢

    • Yay! It's a painful process, but I feel like I have some more freedom now! Good luck to you!

  • I think I requested this video-as in a more thorough glimpse of your dress collection. Not because I wanted you to suffer... but it was fun to see all your pretty prints and dance moves!

    • It was needed greatly! I fit a whole lot more in my equipment space now! Finally my studio lights have a place to live!

  • Hoping for a 27 dresses-esque try on montage! 😘😘😘😘🤞🤞.... Yesss!!! This is the best. Your taste in dresses is awesome to see, from quirky cute to outright stunning.

  • My mother told me 20years ago, you don't gain weight, you just thicken out!! So glad she told me that, as I've always been slim, and now, because of age, I have "thicken" out!! My family tells me, women half my age would want my shape. Thanks people, but I would like to be like I was. Can't, so I'm accepting the truth, or should say I'm trying, well, I'm mostly trying!!😉

  • Loved the fashion show! That was a lot of work. You are in great shape.

  • Hi Kay, I feel your pain. Just this morning I tried on about seven pairs of jeans, all of which are at least three years old. Only one pair was too tight, but a few pairs are just not that good anymore but I’ll still keep them. Be brave about getting rid of stuff that doesn’t fit anymore.

  • You are my favorite! K, Kay, Kaye...I full felt your pain and was swearing when I saw so many cute dresses go into Ebay pile. I feel like we should reward ourselves with a little retail therapy or a small cup of a sweet treat. I'm joining you in the workouts...today!!!

  • Hi Kay, from a woman who only has three dresses for weddings, no day dresses, you have beautiful dresses! And pockets in dresses are so cute! Even tho this was hard for you, you still have a good stash! Xx

  • you had A LOT of dresses! and you still do! be proud that you got rid of what doesn't work for you and you now have more breathing room and organization in your closet! it looks great! and you looked beautiful in the keepers! you didn't need all those others. now they will go to someone who will actually get use out of them and you can better enjoy what you have!

  • Super cute dresses. I really liked some of them. I think that those from Bailey 44 are so flattering for your figure. Great job darling. Ciao

  • Wow! You have some show stopping dresses. If they are bit too tight but you still love them, a talented seamstress can re-do them to accommodate changes in your body shape. Alternatively, take a picture of a dress that brings you great joy or jogs a great memory. Then let it go. That way someone else will enjoy it and you will always have the memory. It works! I cleaned out my vast handbag collection yesterday. It sucked bad so I feel your pain but I took pictures of bags I bought on vacation or that were gifts and I'll recover. Clover is the man and feels your pain, too. Remember that Fresh = a beautiful soul and a beautiful person!

  • Super cute pieces!! Love your sense of style

  • I felt your pain. Some of your “tosses” were adorable. I could not have given up as many as you did. I can’t believe how many of your dresses had pockets. That is so cool. You were inspiring. Thanks for setting the bar.

    • I'm super heartbroken about the Karen Walker dress. That guy has always been tight and it's way too tight now. I'm searching for a used one in a larger size!

  • Kay, what is your Ebay name?

    • I haven't listed them yet and I think I may actually put them on Poshmark since that's where everyone seems to be looking for these brands. I'll keep you updated!

    • Can you post a link to one of them (and then I can search for all). I can't seem to pull it up by your user name. Please?

    • It's equusariagal