“Honor and Glory” Director’s Commentary | Overwatch

Published on Nov 14, 2017
Join cinematics project Ben Dai for a behind-the-scenes look at how our latest Overwatch animated short, "Honor and Glory," was brought to life!
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  • In my opinion, the Last bastion and this one were the best animated shorts

  • I thought it is his dad

  • I just saw this short, very well made. They even showed Reinhardt squad mates in the bar. They had the most bandages. SOMEONE wasn’t tanking. . . .

  • What you could have done for the exchange is have golden crusader I can’t spell his nam mount the coin on the shield and have rein give him the hammer either the one hammer he had or one of the 2 like your original idea

  • Best animated short so far!

  • one of them was bastion u foooka

  • Fck you

  • very interesting

  • what music is playing?

  • Oh so that’s what the coin means gotcha I thought it was just soemething like a little badge

  • Dude, i almost cried, thank you for this awesome short movie.

  • If this video was any realistic, those Bastions would've mowed down the whole crusade within 3 seconds with their broken damage and self healing lololol

  • I question the people who dislike these videos. It's imformational, not opinionated since he was the creator/writer.... I really do wonder why people do that

  • nice.

  • I hope this can turn into a full film because you guys are amazing at what you doing.

  • Incredible work Ben. You and the whole team did an amazing job, love the emotions in the slow motion segment.

  • Honor And Glory Got me to play Reinhardt ! Thank you for the trailers for the Hero's they give you a better understanding of the hero you might wanna play and i love that the trailers are well made and they even tug on the heart strings some are sad yeah but they all are beautifully made Thank you so much for giving all of us these amazing small backstories !

  • MY favorite part of the entire animated short is when the OR14 touches down and makes an intimidating almost growl.

  • Wtf blizzard even in the DIrectors comentary i have tears in my eyes

  • Can you make one with mccree

  • Would love to have more of these... even on past shorts... Dragons especially!

  • Excellent job of directing, Ben. I feel like all of the decisions that you and the team made where on point. You guys captured the brotherhood aspect with great grace and power. #4Honor&Glory!

  • Just wanted to leave a little message for anybody at Blizzard that may be reading: You make beautiful things because you are beautiful people. Directors, writters, artists, actors, developers, community managers... To all of you: Thank you.

  • Sure, pick the hungover pothead to do the voice over. Why not xD

  • Can you guys do D.V. story

  • I prefer to make documentaries at the studio where they were made instead of just playing your animation once again and simply adding voice to that... kinda lazy

  • “Can’t show blood or gore” and who’s fault is that?? Still did a great job

  • The body is still in there......on the throne....


  • I love the explanations of certain elements in the short film. In one or two sequences, I couldn’t tell what the actual significance was and what the symbols were and what they meant. But now I understand! And it was an overall cool video to get the animators’ thoughts on the story. More like this please :D

  • There should be a cartoon series just like star wars clone wars in it's prime before the star wars rebels

  • hey

  • One thing I wanna know is when you gonna add Orisa's duel machine guns and sword

  • superb

  • Even though he's talking over the cinematic, I can't help but get emotional about it like every time I see it.

  • Overwatch, I think you should watch 'force gaming', he does overwatch concept arts and some of them I want to see in the game and I'm not the only one who thinks this

  • If only he wore a helmet


  • Could you do these breakdowns for the previous shorts that didn't get the breakdown treatment? :D

  • Paid For Overwatch... Major Wate Of Money. FA Heroes, Loot Boxes Are All Cutesy Emotes, Sprays, & Voice Lines, FA Maps. If Overwatch Won 100 Game Of The Year Awards Then There Was No Point In Having Awards, Blizzard Probably Awarded Itself 100 Times.

  • And mei

  • Also #You suck and everyone hates you no reply K

  • This guy had a small German acient

  • D A M M I T R E I N H A R D T !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why blizzard doesn’t make a movie with these amazingly beautiful cinematics


  • ليه مافي ترجمه ☺

  • This may seem ignorant but I want a sequel to "dragons"

  • What about d.va Her story 🙁

  • T-Rated games aren't allowed to have blood? Since when?

  • I saw a comment somewhere about blood but I think he took thing too far by stayed and killed them all because some robot just ruined his jelly snack that he kept inside his armor...that... was a joke.

  • Best one yet, guys!

  • Next zen and genji!

  • Loved it. So much great stuff in there!

  • you need to sue fortnite its taking over

  • Can You add Thank You For A.I Bots

  • I wonder if this game will include a hussar-themed Polish character, a Catholic-themed Italian character, and a Dutch character.

  • give me money back

  • Doomfist really lacks a buff

  • Doomfist really lacks a buff

  • Hey someone stole my user and i don't know what to do please help me

  • i have a request,blizzard can you make a overwatch skin that the models getting from starcraft like jim raynor as mccree skin and sarah kirregan as widowmaker skin hope you can make that all happen it's will be great

  • Explain report system!

  • from 5:30 onward *the music* killed me.....

  • now the short made me cry...... literally ;-;

  • Fix Your Inactivity System

  • Can you please fix the glitch of how moira cannot attack torbjorn turrets

  • Can you fix Moira please she is insane I hate playing against her cause she is so op please nerf her

  • When are we getting a new legandary skin for hanzo

  • I'm telling you to fix comp I just lost 50 sr and a 10 minute ban because I was stuck in the loading screen on the map I wasn't lagging it was stupid😑