Published on May 11, 2018
Who's ready for another affordable VS. luxury makeup battle?? In today's video I test out the new $9.00 Makeup Revolution FAST BASE stick foundation VS. the $125 LA MER Luminous Lifting Cushion foundation! Both amazing brands but who has the superior formula?? I apply both and do a first impressions with half my face for each product.. then I give it a 10 hour wear test and show you which foundation lasted.. Who do you think won??? Watch to see which brand is Jeffree Star Approved! LOVE YOU STAR FAMILY XO
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  • I don’t even wear make up but watching Jeffree is HYPNOTIC. 👏🏽

  • I like lamer better but the price is absolutely ridiculous

  • You are honestly so hilarious

  • The drugstore is my normal fondation! 😂

  • God nate and you are GOALS! i want someone who looks at me like that 😭😭😭😭

  • My dad works at Estée Lauder and we get Mac Bobbi brown and la mer and most makeup product for really cheep (and no there not fake) my dad is the manager too xx

  • Im poor ...please consider sending me a purse you are going to throw away!!! As i will never be able to afford one ... You know any old LV Coach or Gucci lol

  • 12:44

  • Do we want aaahhh or uuuhhh

  • Jeffery- omg I have two pimples Me- wow it’s a good day I just have like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, pimples


  • 10:28 UnPoPulAr OpInIoN!!!1!1

  • 11:07 "be right back"

  • I swear jeffree needs to have can’t relate merch

  • I want MORE ASMR plzzzzz ❤️❤️❤️

  • I love the revolution conceal define concealer. It’s £4 in the UK

  • I love these comparison videos. They're so helpful. Now that Nordstrom USA carries this La Mer makeup, would you please do a comparison of La Mer cushion makeup and L'oreal cushion make up, which is a good drugstore brand? Thanks so much

  • starts at 7:11

  • PLZZZ asmr makeup tutorial YES cannot wait

  • Here because makeup revolution is on sale at Ulta for $5 😉

  • I would kill to see jefree doing a full face of korean makeup, and not only kaja beauty (because it is in Sephora) but more like VT etc, and doing more like a natural makeup

  • lol "do i need juvaderm??"

  • Jeffree will make me want to buy those luxury foundations but then I remember I don't have that much money and I barely wear makeup

  • I'm so in love with the button up top ! 😍😍


  • Men don't lie unless your tristan😂😂😂girllllll

  • I’m kind of obsessed with Makeup Revolution. So cheap!

  • I really love your videos .. FUCKING awesome so real💋

  • Loveeee you Jeffree ❤️you've made the intimidating part of make up much more understandable to me. I'm not a make up person but I wanna get into it. Thanks for all you're hard work and being so friendly and down to earth 🤗

  • i dont know if you already did this but you should do a video where you do your make up but you use the most expensive stuff you have like the most expensive primer the most expensive foundation yk? (sorry for the bad english lmao)

  • I actually cracked up out loud when you said "Bye bye pimple on the forehead , go to hell!" hahahahahahahhahaa

  • christ Jeffreestar is stunning .... not fair not fair at all ..... lol such a beautiful face my gosh


  • Liking the expensive one more, but not $110 more😂

  • "Same beauty blender because whyy not?"😂

  • Yes to the ASMR, girl!!! That shit works and your voice would be phenomenal!😍💋💋

  • Queen♥️🔥

  • 'men dont lie, o unless youre tristan' oof thats the tea sis

  • Jeffery got demonetized in less than a minute

  • The fact that it’s even comparable is a great thing for the cheap one

  • I LOVE how real Jeffree is

  • No girl i got hella oily skin i have matt everything!

  • Yes queen

  • Do a makeup roleplay ASMR! Please, you'd be so good at it

  • In the uk the stick foundation is priced at £5 thats cHeAp gurl

  • How can a person still look gorgeous without eyebrows?

  • Drugstore babe

  • Love the wig!!❤❤❤

  • 5:40 😆😆😆😆😆 I cannot!!! You're so fcking hilarious iloveyouuuu

  • I realy, REALY like Revolution Foundations and concealers!

  • I love how you can tell that he smoked in between the dinner date and checking back in for the final review. 💚

  • jeffree doe

  • yasssss

  • Awww you are so gorgeous and you two are soooooo cute!!!!!!!

  • Wearing gucci to get in-n-out, fucking goals.

  • Yeah no not a fan good bye

  • first time I've ever saw him " AND I LOVE IT "

  • I miss u when I don’t see u... ur the friend in my head! 😍🤗

  • The way Nate looks at u .. my heartttttt

  • Ew that $125 foundation is NOT all that.... never ever

  • What was that primer name

  • Beautiful!!!!!

  • Many kisses from Greece my dear.we love u Jeffree

  • what's the drugstore foundation called?

  • I like the way he talks and his voice is soo good but im sorry but he kinda scary

  • Love u bitch

  • Eating strawberry shortcake Oreos while watching your old vids bc u ain’t posted a new vid in a minute !!!

  • A little Tristan shade 😂

  • In and out is gourmet in Cali 😂

  • I would LOOOOVE an ASMR makeup video!!!

  • *"I might even have sex and see if it lasts"* 😂😂😂

  • shout out to Khloe, stay strong ! OMG I DIED LOL

  • Well if ur using dewy of course it's gunna flow with ur skin..... The other dewy it's gunna stay flat and now gunnA go any where

  • You should of put the luxry side on ur pimples that's not fair for the drug store lol it's drug store...

  • Actual application/review starts at 8:47 if anyone is wondering

  • love this hair

  • 0:31 lmfaooo

  • sister slay

  • This is the first time I’ve watched you and I’m 48 years old and you are fucking wonderful! Yum!!

  • I can’t see any blemishes!! You crazy!🤪

  • Sorry I missed spelled your name. But my brother in law is Jeffrey. And I love that name no matter how you spell it!!!😋

  • Hey Jeffrey!! I love your work. My daughter Alyssa Pope has started a beauty vlog. I hope you would look at her videos. We both love you so much! Keep up the amazing videos and we’ll keep watching!!😘

  • You looked like gwen stefani with the wig. Love you jeffrey!❤

  • What did they dou tu you!?You are acting sou bad.Serch your hart,Dont be a deamon.

  • Love him! ❤😄

  • This guy....I can’t stop laughing

  • I work for La Mer at Toronto can't wait to get them at my counter

  • I use the exact same shade and brand of concealer (the makeup revolution one) and it makes my heart happy

  • I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love you, Jeffree 🌟

  • F'ing gross man...

  • As a straight female, my physical attraction to JS is confusing as fuck. Lol

  • He's makeup is always slaying 😍

  • I like this review and appreciate all the time and effort you put in it

  • I Love the luxury side on you 💓

  • I love luxury but my bank acct says dewy lol the6 both look good !!

  • that lipstick..what is it? gorgeous

  • Korea and Japan have great cosmetics.

  • "Nine dollars BITCH that is a GOOD PRICE." 😂😂😂

  • You are so cute - sorry, but I had to say it. I just wanna put you in my pocket and take you home. Watch your videos non -stop xxx

  • Zits happen 😭 Leave it to JS to stay positive! Loveeeeeee! 🤯😊❤️💕