Published on May 11, 2018
Who's ready for another affordable VS. luxury makeup battle?? In today's video I test out the new $9.00 Makeup Revolution FAST BASE stick foundation VS. the $125 LA MER Luminous Lifting Cushion foundation! Both amazing brands but who has the superior formula?? I apply both and do a first impressions with half my face for each product.. then I give it a 10 hour wear test and show you which foundation lasted.. Who do you think won??? Watch to see which brand is Jeffree Star Approved! LOVE YOU STAR FAMILY XO
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  • Lux side !

  • Thank God for this review! As broke as I am. I love revolution!!

  • For your information, I have the Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation, and was amazed by it, but it won't topple my Christian Dior one, the makeup revolution gives an "egale" finish, but the Christian Dior is above and beyond - luxurious!

  • Do you have any drugstore vs luxury of water based foundations? I use Estée Lauder water fresh and am curious if anything is similar to it.

  • i just bought makeup revolution stick foundation and girl its done more for me than any other expensive foundations on my skin lol i love it. I have very dry skin and the stick foundation does not dry me out at all which is nice.

  • Jaffree, you understand what it's like to be an outcast, Trish doesn't. She likes your money.

  • Loving u boo

  • I like the color of the luxury

  • If I want a review of anything I always look for your opinion! Thank you for your honesty 💙

  • you could because you have a satisfying voice

  • Are we feeling rich bitch or are we feeling broke bitch.

  • yes please asmr is amazing

  • F2 is to dark for me oml😂😂😂 am o that white

  • I literally bought the drugstore one today.

  • You are such an artist.

  • Please do a full face of essence brand! Especially all their different foundation formulas. I adore the mousse.

  • Bitch. I cracked open a redbull 13.5 seconds before he said sip a red bull 🤣

  • La mer is magic

  • I like Jeffree so much better than all those other annoying people that review makeup

  • Please do a makeup tutorial asmr!!!

  • Can you test beauty products like mouisturizers? La mer vs drugstore!

  • Which drugstore can you purchase it from??

  • How do you get rid of black heads?

  • 5:40 a mood

  • Jeffree i love you... Im living for your expression

  • $9 wow in the uk they’re £5

  • i got my cofffee \

  • love when he did the "huh" at the very beginning XD

  • I showed my friend jeffree star for the first time and he said jeffree looks like beautiful squidward

  • “Bye bye pimple in the forehead go to hell” 😂😂😂

  • I usually dont like ASMR but would love to hear an asmr make up tutorial

  • Thanks for showing an affordable alternative to this foundation!

  • What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand? Love you Jeffree❤️❤️❤️

  • 11:25 😂😂😂 Go to Hell

  • Jeffree should pair up with morphe /ulta for just 1 month

  • i think that a battle of drugstore makeup should be a thing instead of luxury, see what drug store makeup is the best

  • Idk how I end up watching all his long vidoes. But mahn, he knows how to entertain 😘

  • Does anybody else move your hand to his intro? No? Okay just me.

  • Anyone else try the revolution stick foundation? It made me break out :( The coverage is great though .


  • I swear to god jeffree needs to watch troom troom makeup hacks

  • I’m sitting on my boyfriends couch, in a shower cap, hair full of castor oil and a heating pad on my head attempting to grow my hair and I love watching Jeffree. Fucking love you Jeffree.

  • I rather spend the money on food

  • the Tristan part OMMGG I DIED

  • Watching this in 2019 like "wya asmr makeup tutorial"

  • 5:41 😂

  • You should make a video on you using all the non Jeffree star approved make up

  • I thought it was unfair that you used the cheap foundation on the side with a pimple.

  • This is the fourth time I’ve watched this.. I literally love you so much Ive been obsessed for years💗

  • i’m surprised nobody is talking about how cute nate was like he’s learned so much about makeup through jeffree

  • Us uk teens already know how amazing revolution makeup is 😍

  • "Unless it's Tristan" "Khloe, stay strong"

  • *lemme borrow 5$*

  • I'm shade f3 👌🏻

  • i died when he said "bye bye pimple on the forehead.. go to hell"

  • In & out PLUGGED! YEAH BUDDY!!

  • sis review the copycat danielle breggoli makeup pls

  • Jeffree + Nate = goals ❤❤

  • I love the fact that Jeffree's rich but yet he still reviews affordable products! I just love him!!

  • ok this is gonna sound weird but he should do his tattoos makeup

  • You two are so sweet together. ♡ Such sweet love between you and Nate

  • I Love Ky🔥🔥

  • What concealer brand was the 7$ one?

  • Darlin ur so gorggg

  • In need of a good foundation which isn’t going to make me skin go oily throughout the day, any recommendations?????

  • Foundation matrix who? We honestly have the same skin colour and undertones, all I have to do is look up the shade you use and I do not even have to swatch it in the store- it always matches somehow!

  • 😍😍 Your dogs are sooo adorable 😍😍

  • Finally got the Makeup Revolution one! Can’t wait to see it on.

  • i looooove my makeup revolution foundation 😍

  • I stick by Revolution. I've used their stuff for years and it's amazing.

  • 18:56 PARENTS!!!

  • I choked on my coffee laughing when he said "i might have sex" always catchin me jeffree😁

  • BATTLE OF THE BRANDS You get it.. like battle of the bands

  • Well Jeffree if u need me to translate uh I'm Korean

  • I have the exact same foundation the 9$ one and 1. I'm not a baby 2. I do not have kids 3. The profile picture is of my baby sister

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-Df9KOlPWWIM.html yo everyone check my best friend video out !! it’s so good pls watch ok

  • Lmao she’s using F14 as her contour and I use it as my my foundation. That’s so weird

  • How do you keep your brushes products to be clean? Please do a video❤️❤️❤️

  • Yaaaass!

  • Tristan joke hilarious 🤣Love Jeffrey

  • Honestly, the price doesn't bother me. I only use foundation a few times a month when my skin wants to act up. So $125 for something that will last me a looooooong time, probably right up to the exp date. Might need to check it out when It comes to the US.

  • I like the revolution one because it is very good for the price and in all fairness looks really pretty on u xx


  • He should try glossier makeup

  • 😍

  • Yes the Lamar one probably was better but for that much money price-wise the other $9 Foundation most likely was better

  • Greetings & salutations from Oklahoma Ms.Jeffree! The rose gold compact you are holding at the end of this video...is SoOo scrumptious! Where do I find that? It is probably something made just for you isn’t it darlin’? Let a bitch know!

  • "Bye-bye pimple on forehead ,go to Hell" Yeah, that's me all thru high school....

  • Revolution makeup is actually the best x love the palletes as well

  • The luxury one was my whole life

  • 1:46 *Tarte has left the chat*

  • The la mer kind of copied Dior with the packaging

  • Why do I always feel like you're addressing me personally when you say "I love you guys" 😍😍

  • Jeffree has so many tattoos but I’m living for them like if I had to go to get a tattoo or plastic surgery i would scream my ass off

  • ’Men don’t lie unless you’re Tristan’ Livingg bitch😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I like the AMSR that’s something different especially sense I watch all these with headphones

  • Does anyone know or Jeffree can you answer this, how do you match foundation?

    • Melissa C do a stripe on your face down to your neck and whatever matches best

  • I love lip syncing to his intro

  • When you use REVOLUTION

  • Please do asmrrrrrr ps love you xxxx