$710 Potluck Dinner • Holiday Special Part 1

Published on Dec 2, 2018
Worth It hosts a potluck! A three part series celebrating holiday food traditions and friends. Part 1: The Appetizers. Featuring Google Assistant.
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Juliano Marques Calvo


  • Thanks for sharing.

  • AAAAAAA! You guys liked the Pao de Queijo 😍😍😍 finally a Brazilian fooood

  • *Gurl i love your rainbow bands but please remove it when you're cooking especially kneading next time.*

  • Feature an episode of lagsana at three diff price points for pewdiepie pls

  • KIano's voice is so seductive! she's so pretty too! 😍

  • supersayan hair

  • Watch dominion or earthlings before you watch this video

  • Amazing!!

  • Andrew's White moment of shame

  • That thing they are cooking the samosas is a Comal

  • Honestly I’m just amazed they’ve never has samosas... There’s a lot of Indian people around where I live so they’re pretty common

  • Chinese guy look like he was interested in that black girl more than the food :0 who agreed or it’s just me? Lol

  • Dang samosas are like empanadas were all the same from the Americas 😂 well except the US.

  • Is it just me or did I stop seeing Justin Y

  • Fun fact you can the cheese ball at Costco and there frozen

  • Lebron plays for LA Steven

  • God need more of you two lol season 6 pleassssse

  • I think the pan from Kenya is called a Chapati pan.

  • Kiano is a different type of gorgeous.

  • polvilho is called yuca wtf... try putting nutella inside the pao de queijo, you're not going to regret it.

  • How can Steven not know how to pronounce it? It is literally the same pronunciation in Malay - pau de keju. Seriously, don't forget your Malaysian root.

  • This is literally night in night out

  • Turns out Michelle Obama's a great chef

  • Home girl in the Brazilian shop looks like gianna Michaels, had to do a double take.

  • 👍👌


  • @peta

  • Brazilian food is amazing, thanks for that guys, i love it! ( I'm Brazilian, hahahaha)

  • Samosa is Indian not Kenyan right?

  • Whenever I go to a Brazilian restaurant, i go where's the paos? Lol

  • Thats definitely not how we make samosa in india

  • Episode is good as always, but music in the background is too loud, i can"t hear voices.

  • Worth it are the best part of BuzzFeed

  • Hope one day I can also taste that expensive appetizer

  • Potluck? More like buffet.

  • Pão de queijo it's truly everywhere here in Brazil and it's consistently good.

  • Andrew is looking really ill, no one noticed ?

  • I’m soo glad they did something form Kenya! They really need to do a “Worth It: Africa” they’re soo much great food from all over the continent, well not as much from Zim, but so few people know about it!

  • lolll the samosas are always the first thing gone at any kenyan party

  • Maira a straight baddie

  • Wow Kiano is so beautiful.

  • Why do I love this so much??

  • I really want to date Kiano! 😆😆😆💜🌻

  • Kiano is just so damn fine and that smile....😍😍😍

  • Pão de Queijo is traditionally from the state where I was born, Minas Gerais, in Brazil. It always feels like home eating Pão de Queijo. But there's a saying that says that there's nothing like eating Pão de Queijo IN Minas Gerais.


  • you guys have to come to portugal !! I can show you guys all the great portuguese food... You won´t believe how delicius food my little country can make ! ;) David

  • Kiano is flipping beautiful, fine, etc, etc!!!!

  • O-H....

  • Kiano’s voice is so soothing

  • As a Brazilian American, they pronounced pão de queso SOO wrong

  • How is it possible that they love everything they have ever tried on worth it? Something smells fishy 😑

  • the background music is too loud

  • How is that 710 dollar clickbait

  • *Pau de Quejo* hahahaha

  • kiano is so gorg omg

  • We speak portuguese not "brazilian". Obrigada, de nada.

  • so basically africa culturally appropriated samosas

  • Yaaayyyyyyy

  • I'm never fully convinced that something is good until they let the camera guy try it and he gives his nod of approval.

  • I didn't know Americans don't really eat samosas! They are common in South Africa!

  • The girl at the end made suobusa

  • Adam please take off that bracelet 🙏

  • Samosas is only Indian and Pakistani. Samosas aren't Middle Eastern or African authentic cusine. Samosa culture was probably adopted by the Kenyans when the British posted British Indian workers in British Kenya.Therefore Samosas is only South-Asian cuisine NOT KENYAN

  • 0:12 I slowly discovered today that Andrew does that thing some people do where he mouths the words of whatever someone else is saying.

  • Anyone notice the words: HOLIDAYS ROCK! backwards the back window only on 1:06

  • My name is also kenya!! ❤️

  • she is hot

  • Pão de queijo

  • i swear im the only person who hates peas in my samosa/sambusa

  • Samosas are potatoes and peas usually not beef

  • Im salivating watching all the foods in this video🙃

  • My heart is so warm seeing them eating pão de queijo

  • Pau de queijo Nice

  • That Kenyan American girl is lovely

  • Whoa! I didn't know that Shane Dawson worked for buzzFeed

  • I have a crush on Andrew

  • Brazilian? -keep that so world knows- like and thumbs up

  • 2 reasons im watchibg this type of episode : 1. Im hungry 2. Im very hungry

  • Do flan derssert worth it

  • Those Samosas are awesome!

  • Noi .,

  • You should you in ice cream wroth it

  • Pão de queijo is amazing!!

  • 0:40 Am I the only one who heard that sentence and right after seeing the kitchen again thought "Seriously? Right in front of my salad?!"

  • I'm high af

  • *Insert boring and generic comment begging for likes here*

  • Make a Kosher food video please


  • 1:04 Rear Windshield says "Holiday Book!" Nice editing

  • F** k yeeaaaaaaa Finally some Kenyan FOOODDDDDD, rep home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want to marry Kiano so bad!!

  • 1:07 anyone else see the thing on the back window?

  • A clementine the skin is more joined to the fruit A mandarin the skin is more loose to the fruit

  • you cannot forget the turducken

  • I don't get the thumbs down? Love you guys!!!!

  • Kenyan Beef Samosas must be Obama's favorite dish. (i'm kidding I love Obama)

  • I don't care what other youtubers can cook, stick to restaurants.

  • hay somosas are from pakistan and india

  • I think they missed the meaning of the word “potluck”