$399 Suit Vs. $7,900 Suit

Published on Oct 1, 2017
"I'd like a suit for my wedding..."
Special Thanks To: Leonard Logsdail www.leonardlogsdail.com/ Articles Of Style Dan Trepanier & Will Howe www.articlesofstyle.com/ SuitSupply Nish De Gruiter www.suitsupply.com/
In Worth It: Lifestyle, a spin off of BuzzFeed’s hit series Worth It, host Steven Lim and his buddies embark on a new adventure, setting out to try different experiences at three different price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury--from airplane seats to cars to videos games. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which experience is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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  • I would have spent my $7,900 on a Cifonelli or Huntsman...definitely not Leonard Logsdail.

  • In India, I usually buy suits for like 200$ tops. They start at 20-30$ if you search properly.

  • *Pizza time*

  • That Blue suit looked REALLY GOOD on Steve.

  • the last guy can make john wicks suit. How many buttons? Two. Trousers? Tapered. How about the lining? Tactical.

  • Spoiler Alert She Said No

  • *Pewdiepie is typing*

  • I would not spend $7900 on a suit in NYC. The quality is not high enough. I would spend $7900 and more in London, Paris, and Milan. At one time NYC had some good high end tailors but they all retired or went out of business. There are a lot of super expensive ready made suits in retail stores in NYC but they do not compare to bespoke suits in Europe. The finishing, for example, is nothing to write home about. Read the blog (or book) called The Parisian Gentleman for the best places in Europe to visit.

  • i got mine for 70 dollars

  • I thought the last suit would be a suit with caviar.......

  • "it should fit well" cuts to a poorly fitted suit*

  • Steven looks so good omg

  • Why buy suit when you can buy spinners?

  • Steven shouldnt try suits next to evan...

  • It's your looks and confidence and in how you carry your brain that makes your suit suited to your person.

  • Evan is hot

  • Wow! That $7900 suit is beautiful! I thought all the suits looked nice when they were fitted properly. Tailoring is everything.

  • Leonard Logsdail all the way hands down. That man knows what clothing should look like on a mans body, any mans body. I have only experienced one tailor like this in my lifetime and he had my pants ready within the same day. He only charged $100 for the tailoring of the pants. I never had so many compliments in all my living days. He worked in Dallas, Tx.

  • great video why do you spend so much money just for youtube #buzzfeedmultiplayer

  • Suits with sneakers make me sad

  • lvl 1 crook vs lvl 100 boss

  • 7:11 Shoulders look a bit off, especially the left shoulder. And for 1470 dollars.....

  • Suit Up!

  • Evan's suit from Articles of Style had no pizzazz. :(

  • Kingsman anyone?

  • To be honest I've never seen a asian with broad shoulders before.

  • Leonard is the man !!! Such a mob boss.

  • an indian guy with a dutch accent in new york? mind blown

    • emptyangel yes i wasn’t they only one noticing

  • The Guy from suitsupply has such a Dutch accent!

  • the last guy was like john wick suit kind of guy.

  • i whised steve would get a serious suit too lol

  • he is.,.,.,,Beautiful

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • Evan looks like Eugene and I don’t know if I like that

  • Evan be looking too good

  • I thought they meant suit as hotel room xd

  • It's so obvious that Nish is from the Netherlands, this accent and his pronunciation maaaan so Dutch

  • NYC stile

  • I want a hug from Evan

  • That 7900 suit does look amazing! You get what you pay for.

    • You're totally right but still, wearing 7900$ is too much, 7900$ can completely change a homeless life!

  • Well, have to admit that last suit made him look amazinggg

  • But can you do this?

  • Suitsupply is awesome


  • Jackie Chan's tuxedo?

  • 7:00 he looked like an asian mafia leader

  • He's Asian and his name is Evan. Is he vanossgaming?

  • The Logsdail was a masterpiece.

  • i thought it was a chair

  • I'm poor bro , still dare to watch this 😂

    • Even King Soloman in all his splendor was not as well dressed as a flower in the field 🌻 which is here today & gone tomorrow... Don't worry :) At church even the rich guy wears a t-shirt, & Everyone gets on their knees to pray because everyone knows what is at stake when their end comes. 👼♥️🌿💫

  • Why does Alex always look dead in the inside and out

  • 4:04 “see #2” *looks in right hand corner* someone picking up dog poop😂😂

  • Evan used to work out so hard that he gets 6 pack abs and a few inches wider in shoulder, so of course he has a more beautiful physique

  • Yes yes very nederlands

  • No suit goes out the door until I'm happy with it. At 7,900 per suit you better think like that

  • Boring asf

  • I swear there was a point where it would be a thing about the price of the suit, now no one cares it’s all about how expensive your poorly designed designer shirt is

  • Hug Approved!

  • 4:14 you see Alex munching on pizza

  • What are they gonna do? Cover a suit in caviar and gold?

  • When he was in Leonard,I thought of john wick suit up scene... 😅

  • 399! (like is you got the pewdiepie reference)

  • waiting for the 399 chair meme

  • are they gay?

  • Shawtii what wrong wih you? Nutheeenn

  • Shoes of evan what is it?

  • Why is Evan so attractive...

  • Barney Stinson approves

  • It says a cheap something V.S an expensive something, but in the video it does *three* somethings

  • nice vid. liked b4 watching b/c i knew it was goin to b good

  • Yeah Yeah

  • Iam pretty sure Agent 47 buys his suit from Leonard Logsdail 👔

  • Wtf are Evans shoes

  • $399 for the cheapest suit? Why get the suit when you can get PewDiePie's chair? CAN YOUR SUIT DO THIS?

  • dayuuuum. evan be looking good. no homo.... really....no homo.....i think

  • Anyone 2019?

  • $7,900 you can buy a car

  • That phrase isn't from your mom.. its from the bible lol. Good Gravy. Also for a $7,900 suit to have the lapels stop 2 inches above the button at 12:31 is horrific. You see that in a 199 special from Macys. It should fold/roll over right at the top of the button. See a Tom Ford suit or any Suit Supply suit.

  • I don’t know if I have a problem with my eyes idk how they feel but they look the same to me do I need glasses? ;(


  • DAMNN EVAN looks great in any suit

  • I would pay any amount to see Evan in a suit

  • Is that vanos?? Vanos real name is Evan wtf??

  • 4:02 hahaha😂

  • i think, mr. Logsdail is a Grand Master of suit making...

  • The new guy looks like Martin Li.

  • Lvl 100 boss

  • Ughhh.....any price is too much to pay for today's trendy (tomorrow's forgotten Nehru fashion) "skinny" suits....A.K.A the sartorial nightmare!! Stick to the classics boys....skinny suits miss the purpose, point, and stylish flare of a proper suit on almost every level.

  • I’ve been to that suit supply before

  • Равап

  • 1:21 you can get your own PewDiePie chair at $399

  • Man I would rather get pewdiepies chair for that amount of money

  • Evan looks like an android from Detroit: Become Human

  • It sucks when someone like me loves suits but doesn't have a good body for it

  • A perfect suit is what makes me would cheap despite of my personality and fabric quality and price, that's a suit, like an owner of several industry is out to meet his labour and that would make all labour feel like the owner to be is achievable ✌️

  • So like.... do they get to keep the stuff from worth it? Seems pretty unlikely these tailors will be able to resell the customized suits to someone with the exact same tastes and measurements

  • Alter ego "Steve Slim"

  • Did they buy the suits or anything?

  • That last suit look bomb

  • The NYC bespoke maker reminds me so much of my great friend Billy Bragman, of Billy Blue in San Francisco, who was a clothier for many people including Harvey Milk. I like the art of men's tailored clothing. I don't really agree with the consultations by the off-the-rack companies you presented. The NYC Bespoke guy knew what he was talking about, totally. Thanks for sharing.