$399 Suit Vs. $7,900 Suit

Published on Oct 1, 2017
"I'd like a suit for my wedding..."
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In Worth It: Lifestyle, a spin off of BuzzFeed’s hit series Worth It, host Steven Lim and his buddies embark on a new adventure, setting out to try different experiences at three different price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury--from airplane seats to cars to videos games. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which experience is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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  • I thought you 2 were checking a "Hotel Suite" out.

  • Man if your not wearing the best and finest no point wearing anything less than finest. Am i right or am i wrong ?

  • I sold suits at a Men's store back in the 70's. There was so much to learn and our shop had some real pros. It is truly a skill. I was really amazed at the guy and his son who designed suits in NYC. Wow, what a trade, and there sure aren't many people left that know how to do this.

  • Still can't get used to the shortness of the pants. Ha it looks so strange to me. I understand you wear socks that work with the color of the suit etc. but it looks strange.


  • Here I am with my 70€ suit.

  • I work hard for it (*ate pizza before*)

  • I'm gonna use it on PewDiePies chair, It costs 399$

  • Bro i see someone cleaning his dog poop at 4:03 xD

  • They are so cute

  • The $7,900 suit better make me Harvey specter.

  • Hey Steve are u married

  • 6:55 He be looking like Mister Negative yaaaaaaaaaa

  • I have a €55 100% polyester 👌🏼

  • Anyone else get the the Hamilton “Mercer street” connection? No? Ok I’ll leave..

  • Wish that I had spare 8k

  • 7:00 looking like Mr Lee from spiderman 😅

  • is the cheap suit guy dutch? he sounds like one

  • and here I can't even afford 399$ suit

  • theyre really good at subliminal advertising. Basically hyping suit supply for money and exposure

  • Evan in suits somehow reminds me of Choi Siwon from Super Junior in Sorry Sorry video clip lol

  • Did anyone notice a man picking up his pet dog's feces in the background while Evan and Steven were eating pizza? at 4:03

  • Woah! That hug is very sneaky! hahahaa

  • I love your show.. would like to work with you guys

  • Evan in a suit is heaven for my eyes*-*

  • These videos should be called Poor V.S. Middle class V.S. Rich. Aww no one liked and its been 24 hr :(

  • Awesome content. You two guys have a great chemistry, I had fun watching you guys have fun shopping for suits. I appreciate your information and I look forward to watching more of your videos. Be well.

  • the last dude made me feel like i was watching planet earth

  • my only suit costs like $150...

  • Stevens the most awkward host I’ve ever seen, bet he can’t even afford that last suit lol

  • Those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen in my life.

  • can we copystrike Suitsupply

  • 399 $ i bought mine for less then 40 $ got lot of attention.

  • I love guys in suits!

  • You should try different prostitutes at different of price points.

  • Martin Li

  • That tailor had a very very bad suit

  • Steven looks really good in suits, but the other guy not so much.

  • when it comes to suit i always want john wick suit aka the boggyman

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-Sdc4DELxX8E.html

  • Can it stop a RPG lol

  • 3:52 dog poop on backgrounds..

  • Steve's suit make him looks like Jianhao Tan

  • All this talk about fancy suits and men talking in accents makes me feel so fancy owo

  • I feel like Alex is the one paying for all these transactions lol

  • It feels like iam watching a commercial

  • ha i can't even afford a $100 suit

  • I am even from heaven in 7-Eleven and I am 11

  • Stephen doesn't decide on his own.....he is like "someone please advice me".

  • Wow that pizza looks good should tell us where that was

  • you really don't need to spend that much to look that good

  • "maybe for my wedding" HOLY CRAP STEVEN YOU GOT MARRIED?! WTH GOOD FOR YOU :)

  • My tailer can make better suites for 10$😂

  • Soooooooo, did you propose to her?

  • bougies begone

  • Last one is in kingsman I swear

  • Honestly I'm not into Asian but e Evan looks soooo good . 🔥

  • i would turn gay for evan no doubt

  • I always worn suits for my work , when my position or salary went up, so did the quality and price of my suits. I can confirm that's there is a huuuuge different in suits. I only had one tailer made but it's clearly the best . Unfortunately it doesn't fit anymore because I got fat

  • Extremely Helpful : bit.ly/2S58dDa

  • Damn, Evan!

  • crazy rich asians

  • JKNEWS !

  • you always hear when someone is dutch of origin XD

  • I wish you great wedding

  • where do you get money from.

  • Made him go from chowmein to taiquopanese

  • You can immediatly hear that the guy at the Suitsupply store was dutch

  • But can that 399 suit do this?

  • Loved the hug approval

  • do the suits get shipped with steven and evan in them?

  • What's the piano song called for the $7,900 suit?

  • Make even get three tattoos at the drastically different prices

  • Damn Alex is the cringy person on earth

  • 3:23 *I SHIP IT*

  • is it weird that this reminds me of the movie Kingsman

  • Damn that 7900 is so nice

  • anyone noticed the dog pooping?

  • accessoriescare.com

  • Anybody know what shoes Evans wearing?

  • is it my of did he sad New York the capital of the united states😂

  • I really don't like the 7900 dollar suit .

  • cant be the only one who thinks Steven looks hot n Sexy in suits (or maybe im just that weird to think that)

  • Is it just me, or is Evan really attractive?

  • Won't lie, Evan looks FULL ON BALLER on any of these, god damn. I would trust him to manage my money if he was wearing a suit.

  • I thought the two guys were a couple. Congrats on him getting married!

  • Love that Leonard man.. he knows his craft real well.. could judge the other guy's measurements nuisance just by eyeballing it.

  • One doesn't have to spend a ton to get a good suit.the one i am wearing currently is a Kirkland....I'm saving up so I can upgrade to a kirkland signature...

  • Now I want a suit

  • #FavoriteBuzzFeeds

  • wait, does he get to keep the suit?

  • steven better not gain weight or buff up when he gets married for else he really really did lose money on this expensive suit lol

  • even if i were a billionaire, I won't buy a suit more than 400 $

  • the last guy the older one sounds Aussie/British , it sounds like hes from Sydney or the capital

  • You two look like typical Korean guys in movies and I like Evan's style (sowry)

  • 7900 is my yearly expense

  • The 7,900 suit really turn me on

  • Come on!

  • dude with the spiky white hair has the same exact voice as Blake from Workaholics lol

  • Only $399

    • Its not cheap but for a suit its not that much