$200 Mystery Survival Backpack

Published on Feb 11, 2018
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  • *1:05* *YW btw*

  • Literly everything is good to taras

  • They should have 24h mre inside of that

  • Mountain House spaghetti and meat sauce is the best..just sayin'

  • 5:08 - and...what's this is ? What a legend

  • Kool stuff

  • His hands are so incredibly shakey.

  • yes i wood

  • this one is actually much better than I expected

  • i like you tshirt bro

  • I like the cook stove. Where can I buy just the stove????

  • boom!

  • Hey Taras, you should definitely go on a camping trip for a couple days and record it!

  • Is it doraemon's pocket

  • "Actually it's pretty dirty after all that stuff that i use" 😂😂😂😂

  • This man always love whatever he got lol

  • You are so nice Taras!❤❤❤❤ I like all your videos!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • What is the brand name of the $200 survival backpack

  • Where do you buy this backpack


  • Your accent is funny and good

  • It would be a very useful survival back pack but it would be better if it had batteries.

  • You got better stuff in that than you did the $1000 pelican case.

  • Do you have free merch?

  • This man bro, he's a OG

  • You should start opening and testing all of the items while you open them 💯

  • Why do you need safety glasses to open a Bag.

  • *Boom* emergency drinking water

  • Way way better than the 1000$ package

  • "All ya parts, especially the sweaty parts"

  • Best Advertiser Ever😂😂

  • Wooow boom nice

  • hello whats the wrost mre that you ate

  • 50$ tops

  • 2:04 f*uk it :p

  • “what if we go on a survival excursion and we didn’t check..” lol I love going on excursions with the sole purpose of surviving, makes it so much fun! 😂

  • Nothing that we can fix -crazyrussainhacker

  • Very nice rewiew

  • Where can I find this

  • Should have put some fishing tackle

  • Just go to camping for 24 hours .

  • lath gaiy sary mael

  • Fleshlight lololololololol

  • I like the videos but I feel like he has limited survival skills and knowledge of the equipment

  • Try mobail legend

  • 7:44 what are butteries

  • This is almost better than the $1,000.00 box.

  • He loves everything... Such a positive man


  • Woooow boom

  • Bro, trying some Indian foods

  • He says thumbs up for me

  • Some of the water is Wet

  • 15:20

  • Taras is singlehandedly keeping Amazon in business.

  • *ooh it is thicc, super thicc* -Taras Kul

  • I support you though and though

  • Dude this is one of the better syrvuval packs ive ever seen xD i wanna buy it just for the rucksack its actually impressive! The first aid kit can be thrown to the dogs but other than that irs actually nice!!

  • ヾ(*・▽・)ツ wish to see you use this product in the wild nature someday.

  • Where to buy the survival bag tho?

  • Kallapsablle pAt 5:39

  • Delicious water 🤣

  • The legend say this guy survive just eating survival kit

  • Better than the 1000$ one

  • What's up erbadi welcum bak to ma labalabatoeri🤣🤣😂ur soo funny guy man but I enjoy ur show.keep up the good work

  • It was u pretty good one if you ask me

  • Excellent review!! Also love the honesty on the products.

  • I thought those dogs were longhaired horses

  • better than the 1000$ survival box

  • I love it when he said 'whoooo'

  • Where is the emergency condoms in it.

  • When are you coming to American television

  • You should do an unboxing and testing it in actual situations all in one video

  • From where can I have one??

  • CrazyRussianAdvertisements

  • Am I the only who is now realizing that his tooth is chipped?

  • Youre russian? Nice English!!!!

  • Better than the thousand dollar one

  • 1:39 its a splayaork (knife spoon fork)

  • Sir can i ask where did you buy thatsurvival bag of yours? Is it available herr in the philippines?

  • Hol up,wher did you get that?

  • Hi

  • Ohhh New camping part my old ones are really old haha that’s my excuse

  • Lol he said life straw but it is Sawyer it's competitor

  • 11:40 man this guy had a bath with that blanket😂

  • Bace jas tebe nete razbiram

  • do the survival challenge with russian mre


  • 2:35 we call that a whores bath lol

  • "Look how much spice I have with this para cord"😂😂

  • i got a lantern for almost 5 dollars and it works with a standart plug and sun energy and it also has a light in the bottom. The one included in this backpack dissapointed me

  • I like survivl. kit a

  • 12:40 the dog is wondering what he is upto😂

  • 11:18 Oh are rhose BAAATTT wipes? 😂

  • Its a fork

  • Aw it’s to old now I need a new one that is like me saying my dog is to old

  • the survival kit is kind of silly, im here just to see Taras playing around with new toys

  • great for 100 $ but 200 $ seems a tad pricey

  • Kit is a joke

  • neat little camping stove