$200 Mystery Survival Backpack

Published on Feb 11, 2018
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  • 11:18 Oh are rhose BAAATTT wipes? 😂

  • Its a fork

  • Aw it’s to old now I need a new one that is like me saying my dog is to old

  • the survival kit is kind of silly, im here just to see Taras playing around with new toys

  • great for 100 $ but 200 $ seems a tad pricey

  • Kit is a joke

  • neat little camping stove

  • whats that you're wearing , an old star trek uniform , lol

  • where did he get the backpack

  • No shelter and I like a deck of playing cards for a moral booster.

  • 5:41 "Love it" PWOP

  • Thumbs up for me! Boom!

  • That wet wipe must feel so good on his bare head

  • 11.16 the dog reaction when he wistle lol

  • the best survival bag ever seen

  • 12:12 what was that noise?

  • отличное видео

  • They should have added freeze dried coffee :) and a hustler magazine :)

  • It was great please make more survival videos

  • Where did you buy thid

  • 10:48 Little Husky : what heck is that guy doing 😂😂

  • Taras plays games???

  • A other VERY good survival backpack named “Seventy2” made by uncharted survival

  • What brand is that

  • THICC Knife

  • We all love your videos and we all love you

  • Thats is morakniv knife

  • Great video as usual, I think I'll get one of these soon and add extra food to it. I've seen that brand of food at Walmart and academy.

  • really explained how those wet wipes worked😂😂

  • Vo. Chob bo

  • I think he’s the kind of guy to actually try that game at the beginning

  • where did you buy that? i want one too

  • My old ones have got so old now 😂

  • Looks like a great value!

  • You are supposed to put the blanket in the other side so helicopters can see your blanket’s reflection

    • xXMediaTrix no in hot environments it deflects heat to keep you cool

  • i like mostly the backpack

  • Taras can you get a kit and go to the woods and camp there using nothing but like a machete and your kit

  • Yo he's the reason why I want a Russian friend

  • Crazy Russian Hacker Starter Kit : Boom Wow Mmm

  • "Oh man , gotta hide "

  • Do you have to use shampoo

  • I thought he said, "blood kit" when he said blanket. haha

  • Seems like its the one we use in pubg

  • 😁😁

  • boom now we can survive :D

  • It,s cool.

  • that is cool men and amazing

  • The knife is a mora

  • It’s actually a sawyer mini water filter

  • *BOOM extrathicc*

  • Love this guy he’s awesome

  • No compass?

  • Did anyone see his dog pop up when he used the whistle?

  • It's thick really thick- Taras

  • Im so jelaous!

  • everything in that backpack cost more that $200 all together. id buy it.

  • Or a tarp

  • We're did you by the bag

  • this is the best video on this chanel

  • We can use that for this hahahahaha what a God amongst people this guy is

  • CrazyRussianHacker add background music, it will be great

  • in case you want to make noise

  • where you buy it ?

  • Where I can buy the kit? Nice Video

  • But wait there’s more!!

  • They need to make ballons that you can use if your lost or stranded somewhere you can send a orange ballons up in the air with notes or stuff on them to get help. I think big orange ballons in the air the go for a few miles before deflating would save way more lifes then a flare gun.

  • I would love if they include a bigger knife for chopping bigger woods for building a bigger fire for warmt and for defense and hunting.

  • Does taris remind anyone else of colossus from Deadpool

  • 👍for me

  • Where did he get this from??

  • he said that the food is so so and 4 seconds later he said it is going to be delicious


  • BoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooM

  • I’m so addicted to this guy!

  • Imma cop it

  • maluburyturybury

  • "Continue... OW, it's hot!"

  • Flushlight XD

  • I love how Hugo is behind you while you were boiling the water

  • Zzzzz.... rough handling of equipment. Tsk tsk...

  • which one do you like better $1000 or #200 survival kit?

  • Hey nice i just want the backpack man send it to me plz

  • You weren't wearing ur glasses in the beggining

  • You call the police and they coming to help you 😂

  • I was eating the granola while I was watching you

  • Where to buy

  • Ur lucky my fried. I wish i could taste all that food

  • Did anyone hear police siren?

  • After everything is done that will be 100 per person

  • Best Ad plug ever.

  • Good value for this one ...... much better then the over priced 1000$ one !

  • At least you now have a Mora, great knife they are.

  • You're awesome

  • U just continue,ow! it's hot

  • Hey Russian guy, I agree with you about the batteries, they should have included them with the pack. Thanks

  • Alot of useful things in the backpack. Easily worth $200 if you bought desperately. Add a few extras and off you go Good for newcomers to camping/backpacking

  • Two of these plus one of those $1000 kits makes for a great setup. In the expandable backpacks, you can add clothing, personal (feminine) hygiene items, hand-held CB radios, survival manuals, and other personal items, such as scripture or a favorite Teddy bear or something. That would give you enough for an entire family for two days. For more days, you need more food.

  • Nice.

  • Loved it

  • Survival Step 1. Find batteries