$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet

Published on May 13, 2018
“Who is Lennox and why is he so special?”
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  • In the thumbnail it looked like the alpaca was a dog

  • All pets were so cute. But Nikki cat is so adorable, chubby and fluffy😍

  • I LOVE LAMAS ❤️❤️

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-SByFRdn5N9k.html&t=1s

  • I literally went to the NKLA a few days ago. My mom wanted to get a dog named precious but she was really feisty so we decided not to.

  • i mean dogs are pretty tasty

  • dat cat sounds like a cat from minecraft lol

  • If i but a 100k dollar pet thats what I expect 1- does my homework 2-makes food for me and for itself 3-can talk to me 4- can revive himself after he gets roeadkilled 5-makes me money

  • You should do another one of the pets but for the middle pet do sugar gliders! Plzzzzzzzz

  • *and I thought my Dalmatian was expensive..*


  • Theese two would be such a cute couple..Ops? Xoxo

  • i have a dog that we pay 1500 kunas,1$=6.50 kn

  • ok ich bin da !!!!

  • They had a pignic 👌🏻

  • We will adopt a cat ... So why do they got a new guy in the car ? They adopted him ?

  • Wait is niki from tasty too??

  • good video , but all pets are equal , they all lovely , here you didn't Compare apartments to talk about money , I prefer K9 dogs , but it's not fair to compare pets by there price .

  • where are the tigers, lions, elephants, sharks?!?!?!

  • Jackfilms is god (If you know why this video relates to him)

  • Beauty gurus watch out because Lennox has better eyelashes than your fake ones

  • I want the cat in there named Mia

  • I payed £ 1.3k for ma cockapoo

  • I think adopting a pet should have the same measures as adopting a child.

  • I didn’t know nicki was lesbian

  • 10:34 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • All I see is bacon

  • That dog that costs 24$ should have been 100 billion $

  • That’s where I got my cats there NKLA TEAMMMMM

  • 4100 dead a day. Wth. Where did she get her statistic. Just hate people guessing as if it just a number nobody would focus on. Its same as saying a planet's mass for the sake of numbers and saying that it's accurate for scientific purpose. Smh

  • Andrew who? Keith who? I only know Nikki

  • Steven: I’ve never lived with a four legs creature in my life before (Or something like that) Me: You must have a sad life....

  • I have a 0$ pet...a croatian sheep dog that i got from a shelter because if youre a normal human being u aint gonna spend 150$ on a yellow pig with a black face

  • Somebody take me to that alpaca farm right now my favorite two animals are llamas and alpacas

  • in two weeks while im on vacation im going to an alpaca farm and this made me SOO excited!

  • I have a 100$ pet fish and i walk him in the park allday

  • Mia is my mom and we own a cat

  • 13:41 very graceful 😂


  • My sister held a baby pig and it pooped on her I LOVE pigs 😂😍

  • When I think of a pig I think wow protean yum

  • Ihave a dog and rabbit and the breed of my dog(dashund) hunts rabbits lol

  • The show is called worth it...they are obviously saying which pet is most worth it

  • 2:48 all righhhhhht!!!

  • I got a heat attack when I saw each animal they r all so cuts

  • Now i want a pig

  • "Haaa STEVEN YOU HAVE A GUARD PIG!" 🙏that was the cutest thing ever

  • Bring that refreshing

  • My dogs cost more than the pigs ;-;

  • My cat just got missing



  • I saw 17 dollars and I was like maybe a hord or some things then I realized it meant dogs or cats and I was like I'm living in la and getting 5 dogs and 5 cats

  • 3:32 her face

  • I literally screams 'MINY PIGGIES' when they showed it

  • The place I rescued my dog from had such a long application and my step mother who has worked at the humane society said that they weren't running the place correctly. She wasn't trained AT ALL so it was hard for us but we love her

  • I spent so much money so my dog could live

  • I wanna pig

  • Lol omg that littl piglet on its side getting rubbed 😍all animals are dope af

  • is the granny in the prize of 100.000 bugs included? POGGERS

  • What the heck is wrong you!

  • I think Nikki is my favorite person. Shes so adorable, genuine, and happy!

  • Animal Lovers! Urgent Help! Please spread! 🙏 www.gofundme.com/9p7zq6-rescue-animal-shelter&rcid=r01-153384622709-ee378604819d4f5c&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m

  • I like all 3 :D

  • Dude in the thumbnail Steven was into that! Lol

  • It's nice that people adopt, but puppiehood of a dog is a wonderful time, and it won't be repeated ever...

  • sheeps

  • I want one of the baby pigs and an alpaca

  • You know, In Saudi Arabia, there are camels worth 1-2 MILLION DOLLARS!! 🤑

  • A pet is a friend don't buy

  • Happen to be right next to my dog

  • Pets are not things

  • Lol the pig at 7:32 I think the pigs can be called lil pig or lil pimp maybe

  • I need all the dogs in that shelter

  • adam?

  • Mini pig

  • I have a pig

  • 25 dollars for a meal. Hell yeah.

  • What...does anyone think that this is mean because you should not put a price on a living thing...but no hate I love that you guys are helping the dogs 🐕 and cats 🐈 love you guys and this is my idea about this ...again no hate

  • The problem with me is that if I pet a dog or a cat I feel bad for leaving

  • I want a mini pig there so cute

  • I bought a goldfish at Walmart for 25 cents and now he’s my best friend

  • We’re I live the cheapest cat is worth 500$

  • What if their 3 legged

  • Hi

  • Nicki's gay?

  • Im fine with my turtle

  • Relating pets to money kinda made me upset tho

  • Shes on tasty

  • Cats are literally greedy socialist pigs 😂 they're so cute though 😍

  • Nikki is lelo from lelo and stitch

  • $ $$ $$$

  • What happened to andrew tho??

  • I want a tea cup pig like super bad they are just so cute

  • I think I want an alpaca now

  • I think buzzfeed is running out of ideas.


  • Lenix looked like a stuff animal.

  • 13:31 Bhaaaa ma chidwen

  • The alpacas part where Lenex sneezed made me laugh for like 15 min straight