$1000 Survival Kit in a Case

Published on May 13, 2018
$15 Survival Kit Unboxing - us-tv.org/tv/video-0BxvMdvRwzY.html
$200 Mystery Survival Backpack - us-tv.org/tv/video-LPRGaWy5a20.html
$25 Survival Kit Unboxing - us-tv.org/tv/video-zst7hm3JapM.html
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  • Cool video boy that spendee case like your videos you remind me of my best Russian friends Gregory and Andrea keep up the cool videos

  • Woah! Look at these tweezers! I almost plotzed. Love thus guy!

  • Is has all the essential, crayons and playing cards

  • Well if the zombie apocalyps started I'll go to taras (Crazy Russian Hacke) house

  • Is it just me or the case changed colors from orange to red

  • $1000 worth it. tools look trash.

  • Compass? Flare gun?

  • thumbs up for more videos

  • They should include a survival handbook, feel like that would be more useful than a lot of this stuff. Unless you were already an expert.

  • I want one could use it for my cache

  • you forgot to put in foil tape

  • That was a disappointing box

  • I like the box.

  • Russian survival kit: loaded Kalashnikov and small knife

  • Could take the case and spend 800$ and get way better stuff.

  • i like when he says BOOM hahaha

  • it's a board grabber on the fat Max.

  • I believe the utility bar is probably to tighten and hammer things.

  • dnt talk in halftone.

  • Ripoff return it!

  • Boom

  • I just need 5gms Heroine , 4 or 5 injections, water, cigarettes , lighter, a metal spoon, a tomahawk and some muffins !

  • Pre-packed travel suitcase for the rich and lazy.

  • You can buy most of these items at Wal-Mart for a fraction of the price

  • Were is the merchandise

  • Teach him english

    • Why? He talking good English.

  • Where is sanitary napkins?

  • A thousand dollars to survive for 4 days, who is it designed for ? the kardashians.

  • Vise grips

  • And pry bar

  • Wrench

  • I wood bye it for 90$

  • Can u imagine carrying that big box in a case of emergency..

  • Do more

  • Can I have the tool package for 200 💵

  • One box with a ton of chinese things

  • I think it is better if there is a pickaxe in there because it might be useful if you are trapped due to an earthquake

  • Boom boom pow, boom boom pow.... Boom

  • that Stanley tool is for twisting wall studs

  • Your hand shaking

  • in indonesia.. you can buy the brand new motorcicles with $1.000 😂😂

  • You could build a better survival kit for like $500.

  • Yeet

  • he seems to be serious but sometime crazy like booommm

  • B😂😂M?

  • Screw the guys who disliked this video

  • That whole kit is trash

  • One day i hope to get pinned.

  • Thats trash for a thousand dollars.

  • Who would win? *iPhone X* for 999$ Or *1 survival kit boi* for 1000$

  • "whoa! Look at these awesome scissors!" Holds up regular ol' scissors. Love the constant enthusiasm.

  • Thank GOD....that sleeping Bag will keep you Warm at ROOM temperature.

    • +skaodjapx 583921 :...The room I'm in right now is 16.9 Celcius….

    • 15 is too cold for room temperature

  • What camera do you use? Which model?

  • The claw on the Fatmax is for straightening twisted 2X4's

  • Amigo Parabéns este é um super kit de sobrevivência e notei que a mala é s prova d'água isso é bom. Abraço! Rio de Janeiro Brasil

  • It's for malhar n his wives

  • More like Dollar Tree survival kit

  • The case is the coolest

  • A triangular bandage is a sling mainly for an arm shoulder or elbow

  • Fat max tool place where you put your hand is so you can put it over a 2x4 and twist it works good when using warped lumber

  • I thought he said "cyka cyka organized"

  • Love Russia from Bangladesh. ♥

  • how are you supposed to carry this through the bush?

  • Should have steel wool for jump lead fire starting solar crank radio water still fish hooks capstan and lines

  • Ouch...

  • The FatMax functional utility bar Demolition Hammering Prying etc People use it after hurricane sometimes or other natural disasters. The review is quite high and seems reliable. Thumbs up.

  • Your background really looks like an escape room cool

  • Simples for transporting body parts comrade. Compartment for novichok and posters of putin. Plastic box on wheels can be made for $100. Now I endorse for TWO bottles of vodka.

  • OK bro but it is tooooooo big bro survival kit should be small and handey

  • this is 300-400$ emergency kit....

  • So it means that you’ll have to carry one huge additional suitcase?

  • A globalizaçao e tao linda. E impressionante como culturas diferentes podem trabalhar juntas tao bem, como agua e açucar.

  • Bo4 had this lololol

  • All I need when the Apocalypse is coming, is a Russian guy. Russians are the best fixers& problem solvers.

  • where did you buy this

  • I enjoy your videos Sir. It's hard to find such products tested and displayed. Thanks.

  • Hey everyone, the greatest results that ive ever had was with the Marla survive system (i found it on google) definately the no.1 preppers that I've tried.

  • case is okay but comes full of trash for 1000$

  • Bought a 1000$ emergency kit, likes the case the most

  • Boom 💥

  • It would have been better to have just a gun with 4 bullets one for every person. That kit is a joke lol

  • Where safety is numbun priority?

  • Non sa ne vaut pas 1000$ tu es mieux de faire ton propre survival kit...car toi seul sais se que tu as vraiment de besoin

  • Please give me one of this kit please

  • There is a backpack called the seventy2 for $349.99

  • As soon as he's start talking I was like "wait what?"

  • Even the Threadripper suitcase looks more badass than it lol

  • The case probably cost 500 dollar

    • Less than that, all the stuff is like dollar prices. The box could be made in china like the other stuff, box is like 20$. Or even less, it's just plastic.

  • Nope..nope....nope

  • They should have put in a wooden cross and some holy water just in case...

  • I couldve used one of these before hurricane michael wrecked my life

  • I need one of those when i go shopping with my GF.

  • It’s alright but it ain’t worth a grand tbh.

  • Awesome job bud!

  • 🤭 жесткий акцент 😂

  • LOL.. pass me 1000$ and you will get a lot more and real survival tools

  • the case is the best part to this kit

  • That match is the srongest match in world

  • lol 1000$

  • 4 people for 4 days for $1000!!?? Jesus CHRIST!