$1000 Survival Kit in a Case

Published on May 13, 2018
$15 Survival Kit Unboxing - us-tv.org/tv/video-0BxvMdvRwzY.html
$200 Mystery Survival Backpack - us-tv.org/tv/video-LPRGaWy5a20.html
$25 Survival Kit Unboxing - us-tv.org/tv/video-zst7hm3JapM.html
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  • Is that a pubg drop lol

  • That FatMax tool is called a Fubar, and the claw device is designed for twisting 2x4's for construction / demolition. Also zombies.

  • Would be interesting if he had added what the cost of everything purchased separately would be. Biggest expense is being packed in a Pelican case.

  • Weght wieps

  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • 1k that is an investment but I can be safe for a couple of days so I am fine with an investment like that.

  • 1k $ heh lol xd

  • The fat max hammer is awesome you use the groove part as a wrench

  • More MRE videos

  • please tell were i can buy this whole set. i want one.

  • Go mother Russia🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🍻

  • 7:40 Thor and stormbreaker

  • Tribute to quiksilver

  • Was anyone else hoping he was gonna test the mres 😂

  • What yellow thing is.for

  • Better to buy military survival kit.

  • Actually a Crazy-Russian-Hacker xD

  • You should include that in your EDC

  • A least you get a nice pelican case

  • For $1,000 I could build you a way better kit and $300 of it wouldn't be on the case.

  • That looked like a pipe wrench on the Stanley hammer multitool

  • the empty box cost 400-500€ XD

  • 4:37 in ur SQUAD

  • Machis tia is indian😂😂😂😂

  • Good deal from my point of view

  • When it comes to water the case itself could hold a lot of gallons, if things went longer than 4 day. By that point you could find a bag or bags to hold the rest of the gear.

  • Boom baybay... I want to buy it...

  • 3:50 finger sling

  • I'm sure he's going to survive a zombie apocalypse😂

  • It's so good

  • every survival kit should have a flare gun

  • 1000$ 4 people, 4 days? Naaah... ☹️

  • huinya!

  • Taras kul the type of guy to spend 10000$ or more in survival kits but be the first one to get bit in a zombie apocalypse

  • Just go to the dollar store

  • Half that stuff is useless filler. The case is really good, along with the sleeping bags/tent, food items, and first aid kit...however I think you could do better for about $500

  • The box is nice, but you could make a better kit for a lot less.

  • Somebody can probably build that same kit for less than 300

  • 4:16 Flash life

  • 💰😜😮😵

  • The big Fat Max Wrench can be used to open a fire hydrant to get water

  • Looks like pubg orange crate

  • i admit its a nice Box

  • Health and Hygienic system a pack of playing Cards , lol

  • If a person uses the entire kit for himself this is a life saver

  • You forgot the aluminum tape, whistle and mirror on your left.

  • i could probably make a better kit for 500$ lol

  • New csgo case

  • I think it's a crazy good deal

  • Stalker Basic medkit

  • Id say 75 to 100$ worth of junk in that box

  • Why do I feel like the box its self costs $900

  • Wow

  • Boom🎁💣☠

  • Maybe this would be worth 1000$ if there's an actual apocalypse

  • why are you so shaky, mate? you clearly need to drink more vodka.

  • Wait no signaling kit whaaaaaaaatt!?!?!?!? ?!?!?!?!!!????!?!?!??!?!??!

  • Who said there is no filter???

  • Ooooh yeah there is a filter dudes

  • Hold up wait, 21, cry wearing a volcom hat, crazy 😯

  • Ooh nice............ tape! Hahafm!

  • He feels, His Broke For some point, All i knew is a happy RussianHacker Is alwys Smiling and saying BOOM!

  • *Taras You're Kul!* :)

  • For $1000 I expected a flare gun with a few handheld flares at least along with a VHF handheld radio (which can be found for under $100) and maybe even a defibrillator.

  • I expect a beautiful Russian likeness blow up dollovski, as I need a good woman to survive.

  • No thanks, I agree you can do better at the Dollar Store.

  • You got screwed for sure

  • In Soviet Russia, we use healing gagiks

  • ...

  • And you need MRE for 4 person

  • For a $1K I could put 16 MRE's, 5 ways to make fire, 400 Rds of 12guage ammo, 4 pump shotguns with slings, First aid kit with 4 tourniquets, 8 israeli bandages, booboo kits, quickclots, chapsticks, deodorants, 4 of those cheap folding knives, camp axe, camp saw, and 4 tyvek suits with the N95 masks, 4 sawyer minis, 4 pre-filled water bottles, 1 box of extra heavy mil thick contractor 55gallon garbage bags, 4 rolls of gorilla tape. If I go over budget, substitute those nasty boat rations (shortbread) for the MREs. Boom. Done.

  • Imagine somebody walking with that... Person: *walks with the survival case Me: why you carying that Person: because the unexpected can happend duh

  • It great men...

  • It is a good start for the new prepper.

  • Когда нибудь выпустят коробку в которую можно будет залезть и спрятаться от всех проблем))

  • no gun and ammo?? what about flare gun where can shoot up the air for Emercency... where is life jacket if near water.. mmmm

  • Чувак я очень Хренова знаю английски, но у тебя акцент это пипец, а вообще красавчик

  • He got ripped off

  • I could buy all of that for way less than 1000$....

    • The case is the best thing I saw, but I couldn't even tell if it was waterproof with a heavy duty seal. For a cool grand, you could easily have enough gear for people that would last a few months. It's only 16 days worth of food for one person. You could buy a couple months worth of food and medical supplies with tougher tools and sheets for less than a grand, had you bought it separately.

  • I just like watching survival stuff, nice video


  • Crayons can actually be used for emergency candles learned that from some old salt ROTC instructor I had years ago.

  • For $1,000 you Coulda done a lot better

  • 900 for case 100 for rest

  • I could get all of that under 200

  • Can you belive "WoW"

  • where can i buy this?

  • oh woooooooow..... tweezers !!

  • Ripoff.

  • Kinda underwhelming

  • BYAT

  • Case is the pricy item!

  • That case Aline’s like 500.00$

  • This guy just bullshits his way thru the video. I wish there was more structure and information. It literally just sems like he just wings it.

  • Good job man,:D

  • Yeah this case is junk all made in China crap. I hope you sent it back bro.

  • And wen you have survived, you can just through all the plastics in the sea. Go back to watching CSI. Easy. .

  • Where can I buy this one? I want this sitting on my house just in case of emergency.

  • Wow! $1,000?!? The case is the nicest thing but everything else looks like $150 worth of stuff.

  • 😅😅😅😅