$100 Subway Sandwich CHALLENGE!

Published on Jul 27, 2018
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I've wanted to do this food challenge for awhile. Try and make a $100 Subway Sandwich! it's alot harder than you think.
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  • What's your favorite sandwich?

  • Gotta be healthy with the one tomato

  • Just imagine walking into your local subway and seeing this...

  • He spent 8 minutes making it

  • I Like...

  • Fail!!! Good challenge though🤣

  • I like the odd1’sout sandwich. Hint: He said his favorite sandwich at the end card of his 3rd Soooubway video.

  • Guess what Arby’s look who has the real meats

  • God Damn

  • After I watched this video I followed a subway employee page

  • 100

  • 96

  • You know you could have pre-ordered the 6ft special order sub then just added more toppings and saved that poor girl time xD

  • 200hundred dollars

  • disgusting

  • This nigga like it...

  • 6,567

  • 76.53

  • I love 'eating time'....!!! 😋👌😁

  • First person to eat a whole farm lolollillolll

  • every time the machines keeps beeping my parrot was copying it

  • 35.00 CAD

  • What kinda challenging shit back meal is that u didn't finish

  • OUTSTANDING! You go Pete! 😊 💕

  • Just because your eyes aren't red doesn't mean your not high

  • 60

  • That i want that soo monster sandwich

  • Spicy mustard? Yes spicy mustard. Ok Yes I like spicy mustard all over my beart for ne next week.

  • Actually.... *can I cancel that order*

  • 0:47 that bread, ew.

  • Imagine just fucking imagine if he ordered all that and said don't bother I ain't want it anymore and walks out without paying a single dime. Well ik it gets discarded but still 😂😂😂😂😂

  • my guess is 120 dollars

  • You can see all the preservatives in the food he eats, is finally affecting his skin and complexion. he looks pickled, and haggard.

  • welcome to diabetes

  • 65$

  • I feel bad for the bread, we need to stop bread abuse lol.

  • $50

  • Pete what was the final total on that sub?? I work for a subway owner gonna ask if I can beat your challenge. Lol

  • How annoying.

  • gaylord

  • The next person comes in Guy: can I get buffalo chicken Worker:all out Guy: how about some onion chicken? Worker: all out Guy: ok fine how about some cheese? Worker: what kind? Guy: provolone Worker: all out Guy: WELL WHAT DO YOU HAVE!?!?!?! Worker:...Tuna?

  • i went to my local subway and showed them a pic of yours and said i want that..they threw me out.

  • thrilling

  • 60

  • A masive meatball

  • I have done a 200 doller chalenge

  • This is a shit waiting to happen

  • 5:56 He wasnt talking about the sandwich...

  • subway meat is literally poison bro.. praying for you.. great vid tho

  • 80

  • The first guy that came in my mind after seeing subway is the odd1out XD

  • If you didn’t tip her 1000 dollars im gon be PISSED

  • This man seems like such a sweetheart! He is fun and has a humble attitude to worry about her just doing her job and a fun order! The store should be happy for the business and the video is like free advertising for them! This guy has charisma and charm and smiles a lot. I think he added to the workers day! She was proud of it and even wanted a picture of her work on it! That made her job more interesting. Good video and good job for Subway as well!

  • It’s like when I walk in subway I just get a meatball sandwich but when you walk in you get an 100 dollar sandwich lol

  • You should really tip her 😲

  • Pussy try again

  • "Oh shoot, I left my money at home. NVM"

  • I love how Pete gets a lady to make him an 85 dollar sandwich

  • $29 what bullshit why are u guys lying and the scoops she was putting on were like two scoops in one for anyone who knows subway foh she was in on this video and lying for them.

  • @Furious Pete the free ones

  • this is the reason kids are starving in africa

  • I feel bad if that girl is vegetarian:(( 😂

  • $72

  • you ''protein'' guys make me giggle

  • nice to see you looking healthy again bro

  • My favorite sandwich is the chicken teryaki

  • The only actual challenge is having enough time to waste 100 dollars on processed meat. Show me a real challenge Pete. I'm disappointed in you.

  • $49

  • she forgot the flat bread :/

  • Und ich finds schon teuer, wenn ich bei Subway 7€ bezahlen muss😂ich mein die Dinger machen für höchsten 10 min satt😂

  • 25

  • 117

  • I feel bad for this subway worker, (the most amount of workers in a subway is typically 3 and she did this by herself)

  • I woulda started with heaps of avocado spread, cheese and bacon on the base. Then build up from there. Anything flat, layer up to start. Looked delish tho!

  • Create 500$ subway sandwich

  • This got me so hungry

  • you got the munchies

  • Я один русский.

  • What? Pete's getting old. Too much food to eat in a short time, so you're taking it home? No way!

  • Funny

  • Corporate tool

  • When you run out of ways to be interesting world, you make videos like this. What a tool.

  • I think it's a lot of flipping money

  • Magically closes sandwich

  • Should have ordered like 10 subs of different variations,Would have been easier to eat...And can you eat a whole Jumbo size turkey with all the fixings to yourself you think???

  • 9:39 make it a take away please.

  • One way to torment homeless people or.people from third world.places is show them this video lol

  • I think that first go was more than $29 too - lol - didn't know how they were keeping track of it. Great video though. I also love that you have the awareness to let other clients go through because you know you're going to be a while. #goodhumanbeing

  • That girl didn't charge him the right price. Obviously retarded. That should have been like $180

  • omg AGAIN? always have an excuse to take the food home. this dude weak... you cant last as a food youtuber with girls like Trisha, Hyunee, and Steph out eating you... bye

  • If I didn't have the munchies before, I definitely do now. Please do a $100 cheese burger challenge if you haven't already .

  • i literally just ate rice for dinner...

  • Goes up to subway: I would like 100 dollars of both meat and cheese and a dash a death.

  • 42 dollars

  • u need a jug of mayo to.i love mayo.oh put sum bacon on it

  • u better be sharing dat shit with me

  • oh so this is how people kill them selfs... understood

  • #tumorboy

  • imagine if that fall...

  • Lmao he is practicing eating babies