$100 Subway Sandwich CHALLENGE!

Published on Jul 27, 2018
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I've wanted to do this food challenge for awhile. Try and make a $100 Subway Sandwich! it's alot harder than you think.
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  • What's your favorite sandwich?

  • Me eating ass @10:06

  • Looks like something How To Basic could have done, but this thing can be eaten! :D

  • If I took one bite out of that I might have died

  • He forgot the flat bread

  • she didnt even cook the bacon before putting it on there

  • There was no one at the subway

  • 200000000000000000000000000000000

  • How About A Video With You and Randy Santel Doing A Food Challenge Together!!!!!He Is A Fellow You Tuber Who Does Food Challenge s Around the World!!!!Plus He Majors In Food Diateticts He Is A Fellow Weight Lefter Also!!!!

  • 50$

  • My girl was sucking my peen so I wanted to know how a footlong taste like

  • I feel bad for the employee

  • No kidding if I were that girl I would have the guts to smake the food in his face hard , like no kidding

  • It’s not even sandwich

  • When you are looking for subwoofers for your car and US-tv pops this up you got to watch

  • Oh that poor girl

  • Me can i have a salad Worker: ok what kind of bread Me: no no no a sald Worker: right, what tyoe of bread Me: A SALAD XD like a comment pls i wanna know ifu heard this joke

  • if EA owned subway the title would be: ordering a sandwich at subway

  • Imagine if he didn’t want it anymore & walks out😂

  • 👎 👎 👎

  • Kiedy wpadasz do Polski??

  • Furious pete fans

  • Worker: what do you want Lady:a salad Worker: sure what kind of bread Lady: umm a salad Worker: WHAT KIND OF BREAD?!?! Lady: vegetables on bowl!! Worker: oh bread bowl?

  • did you do this at 7 eleven yet

    • take a 5 gallon bucket in there with you

  • 100$ SOOUBWAY, Get it right moron!.

  • Diabetes on a sandwich

  • Bet Jared couldnt eat a sub like that. Comment what yall think lmao

  • $90.45

  • Who else puts salt, pepper,oil and veniger on there sand witch

  • هههه مجنون

  • I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo hungrrrryyyyyyyyyyy my mouth is watering

  • Where is her hat?

  • Hope you tipped her.....

  • *saves sandwich* *eats it* *it tastes soo cold*

  • 55

  • That girl hates you lol

  • Home.girl dont know how to ring it up. Cause royston ga subway could of told u what to get ya 100. N the.problem is she way over scooped

  • 10:00 , there, saved your time :)

  • Im asking for a Meat witch tomorrow!!!

  • Dali znas pricati bosanski;srpski ili hrvatski jezik.

  • can i get 4 pickles

  • The face he makes just cracks me up 😂

  • Vegetarians left the chat

  • I guessed $29 on the money.

  • the only eating channel where i am NOT disgusted with the one infront of the camera. unlike those nasty muckbang videos, especially that one known crying fat kid. stay awsome Pete

  • Do chick fil a

  • You created hell of a delicious monster, sir. I should try it someday.

  • most american subway sandwich

  • Of all sub places..... SUBWAY??? Come on man...

  • 99 Yes


  • 62$

  • this nigga got soft the old fp would have downed it

  • Plzz go to Dubai and eat hole camel it's my challenge

  • Hypertension sakit nimo pete inig ka tiguwang nimo..

  • What if he just walked out

  • 10 woppers challenge....

  • part 2!!!

  • So I just watched a guy order a Subway sandwich...I think I should rethink my life

  • she should’ve offered you avocado not that they charge 2$ extra for it 😒

  • when its ur cheat day

  • Wow it must feel like giving birth when you take a shit, i feel deeply very sorry for you😂😂😂

  • don't think it was 100 dollars

  • You guys make this girl look like a hero...i mean she is getting paid to make sandwiches...its not easy but still there are harder stuff to do

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-V-xYW7oDHfE.html

  • If we do a ₹100 subway challenge it will be like 2 toppings

  • Do Subway offer a meal diet of the chosen sub + ur choice cold drink + cookies/chips (upon ur choice) in United States??

  • i hate subway

  • Immer kleckert er so eklig sein Gesicht, er frisst wie ein Schwein. Er geht mir auf die Nerven.

  • Buggelo chiken

  • 50

  • you probably got her fired, she isn’t wearing her hat🤭

  • Subway closed for 1 week🤣

  • **vegans have left the chat**

  • RIP WC

  • imagine if he just walked out and left the sandwich she would so be fired

  • 90$

  • Ugly face

  • And then you wonder why you got cancer. All that processed shit you've been shoving down your throat for years has to come at a price. Enjoy your meal.

  • That’s definitely what you call the furious Pete special

  • Toilet: *I-I can’t do it anymore....I’m going to commit suicide...* Me: (Cries) *It was only one crap...*

  • the cheese is free so...

  • You could have just ordered the catering sub

  • No longer a meat with.

  • Pabitin karin eh ulol gago fuck you

  • Wonder why you got cancer

  • I would’ve gone beastmode on that sandwich

  • Finally a subway sub thats not just a bread sandwich😂

  • Everyone try this for subway cause it’s SOOO good 6inch Italian herb and cheese Turkey Bacon Provolone (Toasted) With parmesan (when they ask is this good say that much more) And chick fil a sauce 🤤

  • My brothers sandwich costs more than $100 and he eats half and takes the other half home lol😂😊

  • That looks good

  • 30$

  • I’d demolish that

  • 9:57 :(

  • 89 dollers

  • Too much meat

  • If this girl could kill you ,she would have done it right away...you was so annoying😅little too much

  • This woman deserves a raise 😂😂😂


  • I think you probably would have had better odds spending $100 by ordering a 6-Foot Subway sub. !STAY FURIOUS