$100 Subway Sandwich CHALLENGE!

Published on Jul 27, 2018
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I've wanted to do this food challenge for awhile. Try and make a $100 Subway Sandwich! it's alot harder than you think.
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  • What's your favorite sandwich?

  • Imagine him canceling the order

  • soy face thumbnail

  • You know they serve salads right?

  • You couldn't finish it? Weak!

  • My subways are cheap asses where I live and in even when I go to the mountains like damn I’ve never seen them give that much meat as in when it first started out 2 full breast and good scoops of meat

  • Aw! No! You ruined it with pickles

  • What a mad lad

  • corbuccieats should make the challenge

  • Awesome video

  • This video was uploaded on my birthday


  • Roast beef 😂 😂 😂

  • $89

  • Repent because the kingdom of God is at skate

  • Wait they charge you for toppings on your sub in america? Damn.

  • Should’ve gotten guacamole

  • If you can read this congrats

  • Wow 'you should have tipped that girl' why is any one responsible for peoples poor life choice, if u want a tip get a better job rather than working at subway. Also this is a shit challenge i wanna see this guy spend a grand on lobster and eat that shit not some low quality sub that was made from the lowest quality of meat known to man.

  • Hella ton of diseases( diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack etc) in that meatwich...

  • So no one is going to comment about his DRY sandwich??? Wheres the fucking sauce 😂😂

  • 80


  • I can do it. The sandwich i get is smaller and say more expensive.

  • My sandwich is much more and smaller than $20

  • I order some crazy stuff at subway.

  • HELL YEAH!!!!!

  • 69

  • you have a furious poop after this?

  • Meat salad with a roll

  • healthy but wearing gfuel shirt

  • I feel bad for the poor customers who come in after

  • Where are the meat balls man.

  • Now that is a scooby doo sandwich for sure

  • Just saying .. that isn't technically a sandwich anymore

  • In Australia they will say $137407 would you like a drink i say what yes and they say $10 thank you

  • He didn't even eat the fucking sandwich?! Pete you're becoming a pussy.

  • $29

  • 43 dollars.

  • The staff did not change gloves from touching meat to veg. Nice cross contamination. Also I'm sure the vegtrns/vegans would love a taste of meat with their veg sandwich

  • I was cheesing the whole video

  • I think this guy smoke a heavy marijuana before those videos

  • $100 subway challange. Doesnt even eat the whole thing. 4.8m subs for what

  • How much you wanna bet this guy got diabetes after this

  • picture walking the sandwich to the table....only to trip..

  • no way in hell thats chicken. and dont eat there too much itll turn ya into a pedo.

  • I think were going to have to back track...lulz

  • I am a Xbox youtuber and I play fortnite (I have 190 subscribers and I’m on a road to 200 subscribers)

  • Chicken tikka with lettuce and extra mayyonaise and the original bread

  • I got sick just looking at that thing. I bet it was tasty but.. :///

  • That thumbnail.

  • eat a footlong dick for ur next video

  • wait what happened to the flat bread ? lol u made her put it on and take it off 3 times

  • I am aslo getting hungry XD

  • guy is so cringey throughout the whole vid, or am i the only one noticing that? such a weirdo XD

  • Oh, I left my wallet in the car...✌️

  • Thank you Pete, very cool!


  • lmao she cross contaminated hella

  • Imagine ordering all that and then running out of the store and leaving her with that monstrosity on the counter.

    • Angel Santiago yeah I was thinking that the whole time too lol

  • Epic Pete! Love it

  • "its like a small baby" ---> "im practicing" ---> *continues to eat it from the bottom* ---> Hi im Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC

  • all that for 20 dollars mannnnnn

  • WAIT! You guys have Buffalo Chicken there?! 😡

  • What happened to US-tv boxing??

  • I bet he’s happy that he didn’t wear a white shirt

  • If you are so rich to waste a $100 worth food, give that to a homeless person who is in need of food.

  • geez

  • imagine him make her all that just at the end to dash out the store without buying it... oh lawrd have murcy

  • Imagine if that girl dropped everything on the floor lmao 😂😂

  • What an asshole

  • All I see on that is MEAT MEAT MEAT🍖🍗🥓🍗🍖🥓🍗🍖🥓🍗🍖🥓

  • 50

  • Why you overworking her

  • This is so hard to watch lmfao

  • Unsubscribe from Furious Pete he is a copycat by your boy ( airsoffatty )

  • she just cant handle all your meat

  • 29$

  • i hope you tipped that girl !!!!!!!!!

  • in israel

  • do the humongous challenge

  • wtf? Didn't spend $100. Didn't eat all of it in one go. :(

  • He would have easily reached $100 if he asked for some avocado.

  • ra yle xar

  • You should have bought chips

  • Love subway! Was very surprised that they had buffalo chicken.. the subways near me quit carrying that years ago...

  • 60 bucks

  • wow it cost $100 and he should play sport

  • Never seen so much food I'm my life

  • Do you want some meat with your bun/bread ??

  • dumb

  • Did you gave the woman tip for all the hard work

  • Hope this puerco Mother fucker eats it or gives it to the homeless! Better not throw it away. Starvation is very high!

  • You are my food hero

  • 89 dollat

  • Why did't you put another open baguette on the top to make it in to a sandwich?

  • I don't have subway #parentsforlife

  • Jeasus that's gonna give a R.I.P toilet

  • Where is her hat??

  • Finish it you pussy