$1 Street Food Around The World

Published on Sep 13, 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • Nepal please😊😊

  • Wow Indian food is so yummy I love it Indian street food is the best

  • Do some in the Philippines, I am part Filipino and like to see the delicious food from there

  • 1 $ dapet nasi uduk pake telor balado pake gorengan

  • Indians are disgusting. They're not even using gloves in cooking

  • In the Philippines, you can buy a burger or hotdog for $1 or below.

  • I want indonesia

  • Turkey

  • The closest we have to $1 street food in the UK is Greggs.

  • In Indonesia you can get a plate of food v: v:

  • Manila, Philippines: Angel's burger!! 😏

  • That's because you went to Madrid and that's expensive af, here in Murcia you get a whole bag (six or seven of them) with sugar and for the same price

  • In Dubai, with a dollar, you get a slap in the face

  • 2€ a simple hot dog in france for 1€ you only can have a tiny french fries box and i live in one of the cheapest city in all country forget it in paris even a small coffee cup is more than 2€

  • In korea you can buy a lifetime of hard labor in concentration camps for only 1 dollar

  • Try Mauritian food 😉

  • In philippines You can buy a lot of food in 1 dolla

  • Philipines

  • А мы в России пьем квасик!😀❤😀❤

  • Screw America I'm going back to Mexico in the us is like 3.50 for a tiny 1/4 full bag of Cheetos

  • Look out China I’m bringing 10 grand

  • Just To Alert You Porra The $1 Euro Food On Spain Means Damn In Portuguese

  • Dang just for a pretzel in Denver its like 5 bucks

  • How about Peruvian street food?!?! NOW THATS BOMB!

  • This is so awkward

  • People preparing the food with the same hands they receive the money 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • you get a *whole* meal in india

  • Wrong on the currency on the Shanghai fried pork buns 6 Yuan = 0.89 in American currency.


  • 0:49 that face

  • Im so hungry after watching this lol

  • Porra in portuguese means um the f word

  • philippines is a great place. They have the best street food

  • So. In Norway a hot dog will cost between $3.50 and $4.70 (sometimes more). If we’re lucky it’s on sale for $2.30.

  • Go to Africa

  • In the Philippines please🙏

  • *una porra* actually their original name is un churro

  • I’m from New York and for me the $1 pizza slice is more iconic

  • That Indian food looks delicious af

  • Do France.

  • Japanese red bean bread is healthier than the New York dollar hot dog.

  • Dislike porque los tamales no se comen con bolillo

  • Yoow gues what you'll get in Holland for a euro... A freaking one peace snicker.... Just a single snicker...

  • Aww que bonito Pero los hot dog en mexico son super mejor xd

  • "so buttery" lmao

  • India, here I come :-P

  • Do you know any romanian street foods? 'Cause I don't. If you do, than can you try one, please?

  • You guys missed Pastel in Brazil.

  • Que asco

  • 50 lek (~0.5$) for cooked corn

  • A $1 🌭 in Ny....lol yeah okay where she found tat

  • España españa xd

  • in lithuania you cant even buy hotgod for 2euros..

  • Come to Kolkata...u will have your tummy filled right on the streets with ₹100

  • I finally watched it utube

  • Flowers are pink Voilets are blue I like my own comments Cause no one wants to 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Try doing it in Dhaka.

  • If its customary to eat with ones hands in india, how do you proceed with your day after having a quick lunch on the street. Is there always a place to wash your hands nearby? does the store owner provide towels?

  • 0:09 *g a y*

  • in atlanta $1 gets you a single french fry

  • i would hate to eat pav bhaji

  • Philippines

  • what about the philippines

  • isent 1euro worth more than 1 dollar

  • In holland you can get a frikandel broodje for 1€

  • In Hungary for $1 you can get a donut or a sandwich or 2 energy drinks or a cola or and ice cream and even a Cheeseburger in Mcdonald’s.

  • En chile te dan un hod dog con aguacate y tomate a $1.40

  • Try indonesian street food

  • Philipines pls.😇

  • We will get pav bhaji for less than 50rs anywer in mumbai....dnt know why you couldnt find it...also better than restaurants or hotels try india's street food...super yummy pluss super cheapp..

  • dO nEpALi sTrEEt fOOD iTs tHe cOunTrY bEtWeEn iNdiA aNd cHiNa iNdiA sToLe nEpAL's tErRiToRY, diD yOu kNoW? nEpAL iS aLsO tHe cOunTrY oF mT. EvErEsT!!

  • In denmark you can get 3 lolipops for 1 dollar...

  • Ugandan street food is amazing!

  • Whear is Polend

  • Where's Viet Nam?

  • The pan-fried pork buns are one of the delicious one's here.

  • Can you do philippines please

  • Philipines


  • 1$ in my country is too much

  • nasi lemak from malaysia

  • hmmm so buttery

  • Philippines Can You Guys Do That

  • Try going in philippines,theres alot of street food you can pick eating

  • Philippines

  • Pav bhaji

  • Finland

  • Sweden

  • What the heck?! I'm Mexican and I've never heard of Guajolota! D:

    • It's just a tamale with bread. Every Mexican state has different variations of food. Guajolota is damn banging tho. It's a mexican construction worker's go to breakfast.

  • Indonesia..?

  • Try Malaysia next!

  • Indonesian food pls

  • I didn't know the legend of Zelda was hapening in India?

  • 2:30 I was thinking why do you need a stray I remembered they are chopsticks

  • More quiet than normal videos.

  • please do it in macidonia!

  • Finland

  • Philippines pleaseee

  • Why must I torture myself? I’m soooooo hungry

  • In pakistan?