$1 Street Food Around The World

Published on Sep 13, 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • Wait the first one sounds lik3 inquisitormaster

  • *Every time you pay* * looks at money *

  • Go to indoneisa

  • Can I get comment more than like

  • in england for £1 you can get black rotten looking carrots.

  • Rose are red Violets are blue I like my own comment Because no else will do

  • 100rs for a Pav Bhaji. Wtf restaurant is that. He didn't even wear gloves or had basic hygiene. There are places which sell pav bhaji for 60rs and still maintain more hygiene ugh. Don't go to that restaurant.

  • Aw I wanted to see Nasi Lemak

  • Can you visit Egypt There 1$=20 E.G.P

  • Dunno why but da last one looked weird..

  • Where is Malaysia??😢😢

  • No Philippines? I'm from the Philippines and 1 dollar is 50 pesos in the Philippines

  • In the Philippines a dollar is 50 pesos so..... U can buy a meal....

  • He speaks so many languages

  • You forgot vietnam

  • At Philipines theres so good street food but be careful....

  • Malaysia have a lot of street foods with the price only rm1

  • In America bottle of water cost most than a dollar

  • 3:31 is that a churro?


  • in indonesia is gorengan

  • I need this to be done in the Caribbean

  • Malaysian food?


  • Come to the 🇵🇭

  • Lebanon ! Mankush

  • thought yall would feature ph street food, you could eat tons under 1 usd

  • in my country (Mongolia) you can buy 5 big dumplings called "Buuz" Бууз in the normal way to write it and also get a fried rice with a omlet on top for 1 dollar

  • You should come to Malaysia.... we have "Pisang Goreng" and Keropok Lekor"👍👍👍

  • phillipines plese do it

  • In indonesia Candy Yup. Just candy

  • You should try 1dollar in Philippines 😏

  • oh i'm filipino kamusta means hi

  • In the Philippines u can get 2 hotdogs for a $1 😮

  • They should do this in Vietnam

  • Am I the only one who's disturbed about the Indian guy who used his bare hands(that may not be clean ) to touch the food and used the same hands to touch the money...

  • In indonesia we can buy fried rice for $1

  • Banh mi in Vietnam

  • In cambodia 1 Dollar you can get 40 gumballs 😂

  • Pav bhaji,❤️❤️❤️❤️😥

  • Spanish 1 euro food it's not called porro, it's porra :). Btw 1 euro is so much for just 1 porra, you can have that for 0.5 euro.

  • Kkkk ela quer uma porra bem quentinha e.e

  • Some street food from Brasil and France will be cool

  • Try Eritrean food 🇪🇷

  • In Vietnam, you can get phô for a dollar. (Yes, I’m Vietnamese)

  • Yummy Im Vietnam

  • in Brazil with 1 dollar you can buy a biscuit or chewing gum

  • in ohio you can get mcchickens any soft drink any size Sausage McMuffin

  • bro, couldn't he have gone to different locations of McDonald's all over the world? much easier

  • Davo Philippines would be cool to see.-.I know, Its weird that I'm not from Manila but that's fine with me

  • you left mother russia >:v

  • Vietnam and Korea please

  • 3:26 Jajajaja un "porro" igual soy yo pero eso desde siempre se ha llamado porra xD

  • OK but those Chinese pork buns look bomb

  • can you please do gol gappa aka pani puri from pakistan?it is a crispy layer with chick peas and spice fillings!

  • INDONESIA please! 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  • In my country 1 dollar can give you 5 chicken nuggets

  • The hot dog guy was ready

  • I WOULD NOT EAT THAT LAST ONE not saying the taste is bad or the hygiene was bad but because of the oil

  • That wasn't 12 pesos, but 15 pesos


  • South Korea

  • We don’t have anything like that in Denmark ;-;

  • In brazil the street foods i know is Fair Pastel

  • Turkey 🇹🇷 🇹🇷

  • First one is Halal

  • How about vietnamese food

  • that indie one i relly like to try it's look delicius😚😲😮

  • In indonesia for 1dollar you can get 1fried rice...


  • Poland

  • 0:09 did he say gay?

  • Pav bhaji would be 60 rupees mince 1 dollar

  • In Egypt u can buy one cigarette of weed for 1.50 dollar

  • where is TURKEY

  • Russia

  • my India so I choose pav bhaji


  • Well in Romania everything is expensive as hell :(

  • Italy

  • Vení a argentina papá te resivi mis con Panchitos

  • Simit, from Istanbul/Turkey!!!

  • india looks so good

  • street food at philipines plssss

  • Bro this is insiders video wtf

  • 1$ in Norway = half a package of chewing gum

  • А где рашка, вы чо расисты?

  • There’s really no $1 food where I am, everything is so expensive.

  • I like the fish one in Japan

  • 1$ in indonesia....you can eat porridge

  • do aus. good luck

  • 2:46 this is from Germany (1 euro)

  • l like hotdoh

  • in indonesia you can get one package lunch

  • Buns geez

  • I dont think those two bins are enough for the curry given

  • I absolutly Love Churros and Porras and so on😋😍

  • In italy,naples,you can buy a pizza. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 3:25 It’s just fried dough, nothing special about it.

  • Italy plz