$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

Published on Oct 7, 2018
"Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."
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  • What do they say before eating???

  • アニー伊藤さんだ!ここの卵焼き美味しいんだよね。

  • 0:57 lol the woman in the background

  • "It's like eating Tide Pods" *smirks* "Steven no... NO" LOL

  • The only thing I can eat for one dollar in Missouri is a 10 piece chicken nugget from burger king

  • "Eggs, not just for babies and old people anymore." 3:51 "It's like eating tide pods." 17:41 "..." 11:31 :) :) :)

  • Kichi Kichi san can I call you dad

  • Why wouldn’t you put ketchup on eggs?

  • Oh I saw the Omurice chef on another channel when some guy wanted to learn the dish from him

  • Give the lady in the back some food 0:50

  • How does the tide pod mentioning not demonetizing this video?? Also, most people would call that yolk disgusting as it looked like snot...

  • what if they made the omurice with the 89$ eggs?!

  • 11:29 , the chef was waiting for" your happiness is my happiness." Didn't get it 🤣😂

  • 7:01 FYAAAA

  • I love eggs :(

  • Meals of a typical Malaysian: Breakfast - half boiled eggs, roti telur, nasi lemak, egg mayo sandwich, porridge with salted egg and century egg Brunch - Eggs Benedict, green eggs and ham, pastries, big breakfast, French toast Lunch - mixed rice with fried/steam/omelette egg, chilli pan mee with half boil egg, maggi/mee goreng with telur mata, hard boiled egg braised in sambal, Yong tau foo egg, char kuey teow, Cantonese fried noodle, small fry/big fry dishes, fried rice with more egg, egg drop soup, Snack - salted egg fried food Dinner - all the above and other cuisines that consumes lots of eggs (Japanese, Korean, Western) If broke - white rice with fried egg and soy sauce

  • Dollar condom vs expensive condom

  • I love the chef at Kichi Kichi, his aura is definitely bright and wise

  • why do people on BuzzFeed like to share saliva? I mean I like your channel I like you guys as one of my favorite US-tvrs, BUT STOP SHARING SPIT PEOPLE!

  • My mom and I visited Kyoto on our trip to Japan

  • I eat rice and eggs mixed with ketchup for breakfast

  • Kitchi Kitchi chef is so delightful. What a cool guy

  • Are we not mentioning how easily the dude just separated the yolk out of the whites WITH HIS FINGER??

  • Eggs

  • Soo Gohan means "rice"...? Hiehie


  • Andrew: Yeah, shut up and put the matcha in your mouth. Me: What "type" or "kind" of matcha?( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • these guys have a specific channel? this is one of the best buzzfeed videos.. need this team.

  • I love this Kichi-Kichi guy... his happiness is so infectious! The omelet-flip at 7:55 is just awesome shomanship... What an entertainer!

  • That guy from Kichi Kichi is the Yujiro of eggs

  • Now I miss eating Tamagoyaki! >_> Kyaa!

  • I hate eggs :( I wish I liked them though

  • this looks so good, too bad I'm allergic to eggs :( lol

  • Omg when Adam didn’t give kichi kichi a good reaction to his omelette

  • can someone please make a compilation video of all the times anybody on worth it has compared food to disney land

  • The closed captioning on this is hilarious. Borderline offensive.

  • 1:22 omg japanese stan lee

  • Is it me or are Japanese people REALLY enthusiastic?

  • Gude-bootay idek I just thought of it from what Andrew said

  • 15:02 THE YOLK LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL. Is that weird for me to say?

  • That white guy asks the most ridiculous questions

  • Wow...dont know my country is egg lover

  • adam is precious

  • Omg I actually have the Gudatama Badge holder

  • How does one get to do this for a job so lucky

  • Fun chicken fact! It’s not that they don’t have taste buds but they don’t have the pain receptors that we have in the back of our throats to “taste” the spice. Since spice is more of a pain sensation versus a taste.

  • Wtf my country eats alot of eggs?!!

  • Bwhahahhaha at 8:06 you just see everyone crammed up and taking photos😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • いただきます ee-ta-da-ki-moss

  • I had to go back and watch the Kichi Kichi part 3 or 4 times. I LOVE his energy! This level of love and passion in cooking is so beautiful to see. It's true, food taste better when you are happy while cooking it. I want to travel to Japan so badly.. and now I know where i'm going for food. Thank you!

  • 13:10 = greatest pun in all worth it seasons

  • 'Its like a soy honey glaze on chicken wings' isnt that just honey soy chicken chips but not chips

  • Malaysia WHAT!!!?? Malaysia rich country,people are hapiness.why you should scream WHAT when he guess youre from malaysia?

    • Because steven is from Malaysia and he even didn't realize the fact

  • Haven't we seen Kichi Kichi-san Before? I feel like you guys have eaten eggs in his restaurant before...

  • I miss Japan 😭❤️

  • Adam is so adorable 😂♥️

  • why he sounds like the asian stan lee lol.

  • You have already made the kichi kichi omelet before.... why were you asking him so many questions?

  • i thought that everyone adds ketchup in their eggs i was like whaaa they dont add ketchup in thier egg like when i was 8 and 9 i would soak my egg with ketchup but now not really... im allergic to tomatoes 😭

  • Wow he speaks in anime. 7:01 and he went anime too. Here too 7:51 here too 9:45

  • Huh why is ketchup with eggs weird? Damn it you guys have really bland taste buds!

  • Can someone edit these videos to be about 3 - 5 minutes without all the extra BS.

  • He looks like a piece of sushi

  • 1:11 If Stan Lee spoke Japanese...


  • 6:45 I swear this could have been in food wars. Oh man that was satisfying.

  • Kichi chef is lit. Seems like he would be amazing at pounding my ass😜

  • 6:45 Oh gosh this is just a porn GIF.

  • Tamago tamago tamago tamago tamago

  • adam is so cute and wholesome )): i love him


  • Rieeee❤️

  • I heard that there was a belief that if you eat a kuro-tamago, 7 years is added to your life... on a side note, it tastes very good! hahaha

  • Kichi kichi and Andrew be like Andrew:wud up dff Kichi Kichi:wud up

  • I always wanted to go to Japan but Kichi Kichi just makes me want to go more

  • “It’s like eating tide pods” lmao 💀

  • Appx. 40% Indians are vegans fyi

  • proud as a Malaysian😂

  • Adam should do a worth it video of the food he loves, who agrees ? :)

  • I love kichi kichi chef, so animated that guy!

  • That tide pod comment killed me

  • Umai!!!

  • 1 dollar food in japan... I'm moving to Japan now

  • Is- Is Steven’s shirt inside out-

  • Kichi kichi chef: if jhope was a chef

  • the Japanese chef at 2x speed is so trippy lmao

  • That first chef sounds like a japanese Stan Lee!

  • I just noticed that Andrew’s beard is slowly growing back in this episode

  • Ries The translater?

  • Kichi kichi❤

  • I remember Andrew Did The Kichi kichi Omelette

  • Im from Malaysia and the fact that we consumed tons of egg is true.Its because its was cheap and most common ingredient for cooking.

  • Watashi wa tamago

  • kuro-tamago looks like plums

  • *This isnt HowToBasic.*

  • 6:59 ready fire!

  • really malaysia is the first??

  • Mr. Mitsuo Ito looks like he's ready to jump through your TV and punch you if you don't play Sega Saturn

  • The omurice dude cracked me up, he's great