$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

Published on Oct 7, 2018
"Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."
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  • It’s like eating t i d e p o d s stEVEN NO

  • Next up $1 air vs $1,000,000 air

  • This is a great ep :)

  • Kichi kichi: heeeyaaaaah!! 😄😁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Malaysia ...

  • I love the color of that guys hair!! The cut outs were super fun too!

  • Gudetama is my spirit animal.

  • This show is so popular that my MOM watches it!!!!!

  • I don't even need to end the video watching the kichi kichi chef was enough I love that dud, btw I was waiting for Andrew to hug the chef I wouldv'e be so happy if he did

  • I'm in love with Rie tho

  • Yeah great "this is a really good"

  • "it's like eating a tidepod"

  • That looks nasty tbh lol the last one

  • "Chickens dont have a sense of taste" even if that is true spice isnt a taste you just feel the burn lol

  • I'm not a fan of wet egg but I'd still eat it

  • I'm eating eggs while I'm watching

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  • What the home is this?!

  • I grew up eating raw egg, this is such throwback.


  • Malaysia holds the world's highest egg consumption rate ? Shooketh but not shooketh haha

  • Loved how you guys stopped to check out march at certain places! ☺️ keep it up!

  • Remember the Tamagochi? It means egg watch.

  • If the host weren't so good, i would call this just another buzzfeed video..... But this video trancends Buzzfeed

  • Worth it city addition go to famous cities for food and try their $,$$,$$$ food

  • American guy dress like Phines with that strip orange shirt

  • 18:40 lol

  • The chef's expression when Adam was eating 😂

  • 89 dollar eggs XD not as bad as this one place LOL.

  • They must have filmed this a while ago as the fish market has moved.

  • Sōma Yukihira < Kichi Kichi San

  • Hahah I don't get why they are playing flamenco to a japanese chef cooking? haha

  • Press 4 to be oddly satisfied

  • Okay, but can we just take a moment to appreciate Adams absolute adorableness in these parts? 18:15 9:29

  • Rie is the cutest!

  • They never say anything bad about the food! There's no way they like every single dish they eat! This show is just an advertisement for businesses it's not food critics!

  • Gohan is Rice. Hb Goten?

  • 1$ donut vs 95$ donut

  • yummy

  • I love buzzfeed. You guys are always so happy

  • Yukimura-san is the best!! Thats the type of energy we should all have.. I envy the man, more blessings for him 👌🏼 awesome man

  • I want the kichi kichi chef to be my grandpa

  • I love you skinny quiet Seth Rogan.

  • “Compliments to the chef, which is... the chicken.” 😂😂 I love watching you guys ! Keep up the great work! Someday I’ll eat at these places

  • Japan look so good but it so danger at their just like earthqueak

    • So what? They've lived in there for thousands of years. Such as India, Japan is one of the oldest country in the world.

  • Not just for babies and old people lmao! Im happy I found yall channel. Your videos are interesting

  • Kichi Kichi Chef is japanese version of Jackie chan

  • Love Kichi Kichi chef’s red hair. Coolest guy on the planet

  • He looks like the asian version of The Mack

  • The Kichi Kichi chef is a blessing. I love his passion for cooking so much!

  • Kichi Kichi is so happy I love it. Such a charismatic character!

  • Watashiwa tamago Jessica soho anyone 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • 17:00 so.. raw egg

  • I have a good abbreviation here: BGLT

  • Which is a better egg: hard boiled,Fried,Scramble

  • The way he picked up that yolk tho

  • This show is Amazing Love kichi kichi chef

  • 7:19 - I'm sold on learning Japanese.

  • Well, that was a _wonderful_ video. I _like_ eggs, but I've never been to Japan ... but watching this video makes me want (a LOT) to go there and try these dishes. That man who makes the soft omelette over rice ... he's a Japanese national treasure.

  • I want a man to tell me "shut up and put the matcha in your mouth"

  • I want a man to tell me "shut up and put the matcha in your mouth"

  • It's the older Yukihira

  • The chef is nice he’s like when Ainsley plays CSGO wait never mind....

  • 2:13 oh... that's the thing that ree-ay (i don't know the spelling of her name) made on tasty

  • Baron Tamago

  • I thought of Emma 😍

  • Speaking from experience even the eggs at the convenient stores are better then the eggs in the USA

  • This would be the best job

  • This man energy is everything

  • Turn on captions and watch from 13:17 you will not be disappointed

  • Worth it tofu

  • This make me just want to go to Japan even more

  • Wait... if egg is tamago in Japanese, what does tamagochi means??

    • Egg watch

    • Franganito tamago means egg Tomodachi means friend It’s a mashup and it probably means egg friend

  • I seriously don't know what would i have done in my life without this series, i just love you guys!!!

  • Keep getting shots of the hipster to prove how much he loves everything

  • 6:54 Looks as appetizing as after you feed a baby a box of cheerios and look at the surprise in the diaper.

  • the vegans are SCREAMING

  • what they did at the end, the egg over rice lolol i always do that when i’m too lazy to cook

  • The Kichi Kichi chef is so lively it made me happy listening to him talk!

  • Seeing Adam looks so happy pulling that yolk gives me life

  • The chef from Marutake sounds and even kind of looks like a Japanese Stan Lee. I love him.

  • top 10 anime foodgasm

  • they are so gay

  • i think the "middle class" guy is coo coo crazy xd

  • 9:54 I officially love that guy

  • You two are gay?

  • That moment when you have the perfect chance to make an fbi joke but you mess-up cause you dont see memes

  • Dude, the Kichi Kichi Chef is so amazing. SO much respect to him

  • U must try "telur gulung"

  • 1:16 "your MASKot" (look in the background*) "is one of the coolest i ever seen..." Coincidence??

  • The Kichi Kichi Chef looks like an asian Matthew Mcconaughey

  • I wish I was Japanese or Chinese because my country is so bland there is no “amazing” history or any cool things to do with it

  • Kichi San is actually really lonely just like Naruto....

  • Nasi lemak telur...

  • You should do Spanish omelette one!

  • 7:31 Engrish

  • 7:01 what a delightful man :')


  • How do people in Japan speak Anime so well?

    • Because anime is made in Japan duh?!

  • That egg at the end though