$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie

Published on Sep 23, 2018
"Cookies are an anytime food, so, no big deal."
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    • BuzzFeedVideo guys I'm from India and love each of your Worth it episodes.... Please can you do a Worth it India episode

    • Ahhhhh mazadar bakery a Urdu word aka from Pakistan :3

  • Oh man, I've missed you guys. I hope you're both in good places, and if not, I hope you get there soon. This show should always just be a good time between friends trying drastically more expensive, so delicious food. I love you both, go back to your roots, live happy lives :)

  • Y’all should do CHICKEN WINGS

  • These are not cookies, these are biscuits (especially the shortbread).

  • Wait how about you guys make an episode for next season were you guys cook for the episode and in the three variations of prices


  • If this was a cologne I would be *irresistable*

  • Subscribe for me

  • I’m subbing to everyone who likes and subs

  • Post everyday please 😞

  • do hot chocolate next!

  • 1 cookie for a fuckin dollar

  • WHAT A SHIRT!!!!

  • You should do one on roasted cauliflower

  • Why are the cookies so expensive. Even the lowest one is 1$ for a small cookie.

  • Mazedar means tasty

  • #1 on trending OMG good job guys!!!!

  • cc

  • Why not do cheap lasange vs expensieve lasange

  • Last cookie looks real good but it kind of defeats the point of "worth it" when you wanna choose something for eating.

  • That pastry chef's name is so hard tho

  • the last one just looked like a ginger bread cookie

  • They went to NYC and didn't go to Schmackary's?! 😱

  • $1 for a cookie is personally too expensive for me... it has to be a good cookie.

  • they are just eating cake...

  • Adam please check Korean Actor Sung Joon. He is your doppleganger.

  • They really went all the way to Tokyo for a $90 cookie

  • I am intolerant to people who say they are lactose and tolerant

  • if walnuts taste good in brownies, it will in a chocolate cookie(I've had those before(not fro there!) its so good!!!

  • Matcha!?!! ??

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  • Isnt he with try guys? Thought they left buzzfeed

  • Who remembers the buzz feed man spreading video? Can't believe they turned off the comments on that vid. How a company of this magnitude can make a influential video clearly exaggerating "man spreading", a somewhat slandering video yet we cannot state our own opinions shouldn't be allowed

  • Wow, i love how you went back in time with that Tokyo cookie! :-O :-P c'mon bros... -_-

  • I love Riè. She reminds me of Colette on Ratatouille.

  • Andrew used the word mazedar properly

  • what FOB top are you wearing steven? hahaha 8:00

  • Well, you know, these days we have 3d printers which can print the cookie in lesser time and cost.

  • 90 for that ? It doesn’t even look tasty

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  • Cookie Monster fainted watching this video

    • LeBeautiful Cokie Monster fainted during the Elon Musk interview

  • $1 coochie vs $2500 coochie

  • The last one isn't even a proper contestant, it's probably store brought batter.. decorated amazingly..

  • I’m not jealous no not at all 🍪 😅

  • Andrew looks thick af

  • Sublime as always

  • How far have we come

  • 1$ cookie is an expensive cookie

  • Oh yesssss!!! No 1 on trending...: )

  • Question with the last cookie, so was the frosting over powering? Was the frosting heavy with sugar or light? Like the cookie itself seems dry and almost non edible compared to the other cookies shown. And one last thing WERE WHER THE COOKIE FACTS???!!

    • Dr Ninja Cookie Fascists?. That sounds bad

  • Just a few days ago I was wishing there was a cookie episode! This is great! Also my Adam might be my favorite.

  • If you are testing cookies at all price points why didn't you just stop in at a Mrs Fields or something? This still sounds like a high end shortbread even if it's only a dollar.

  • You are the reason why I still watch Buzzfeed.

  • When Adam was going to give her the whole cookie omg I love him

  • Where is cookies fackt😢

  • I had to eat a cookie whilst watching this

  • Nomnom coooke

  • The girl is talking way too fast

  • For the 1% that are reading this comment, remember to eat a piece of cheese

  • The only episode I finished watching this season. Thank You!

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  • Enter my channel please

  • I know this has nothing to do with the video ..... But I got my crush's number! Now what do I say to him!!!!😵

  • Shane???? Now the cookie is worth it for us too.


  • the last cookie was GORGEOUS but, i mean, isn't it too much just for the desing? because, the thing that matters in a cookie is the flavour of the dough....

  • this message is for the worth it guys could you please do a irish season on your show please try irish foods in ny thank you kevin please let me know

  • Isnt mazadar means Tasty 😑


  • Bonus Shane voice-over for the win.

  • 1 dollar cookie is actually a biscuit

  • The $90 cookie seems like they're eating a beautiful sculpture

  • drinkable youghurt=AYRAN

  • The owner if ma ze dar has such sooooooothing voice...💆💆💆

  • *_1$ condom vs 10000$ condom_* *which can protect you moree*

  • #1 trending love

  • Can I get some subs just for the hell of it???

    • Jamir Baker Put Skeet from Jimmy Neutron as your profile and we'll talk. Until then i ain't subbing

  • I have a idea 1$ noose 100$ noose

  • Top 10 trending is as pitiful as ever. God... Damn....Shame. #realissues #endfamine #racism #helpforhomeless #anythingbut #thiscurrent #barrageof #BS

  • We don't want you here if you can't afford to be here, lol..... This is how the show started....

  • More cake videos

  • “Mazedar” comes from Persian and means “tasty, delicious”. Not that it matters but still lol

  • $90 for a cookie ? Does it cure cancer?

  • Please do another cake video not like the “Japanese “ just cake testing one thank you 🙏🏻

  • All that's missing is the... ...COOKIE FACT

  • Awesome video. Love this series

  • But that was a biscuit

  • This show is dying out lil by lil and it's sad

  • My favorite is the suit video

  • I thought the thumbnail said “90$ Coochie”...... I’m disappointed 😒

  • I love the originality of this video. I mean, this definitely isn’t the 800th clone of a past video. Oh, and I wonder which one will be better: the cheap cookie or the expensive one??? Oh, I haven’t felt such suspense since watching Titanic

  • Do a worth it Takoyaki since you're at Japan!!!

  • Congrats on trending!!!!!!!!

  • *Cookie monster joins the chat*

  • A sudden shane narration is suprising, but a welcomed one

  • 0:22 _its so thicc_

  • Buzzfeed, you should rename this series "food budget for regular people vs. food for the 1%"

  • please do $ guacamole vs $$$ guacamole!!!!!

  • PayEachDay.com/?userid=13908