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Hi so I get a lot of questions like over and over so here's the answers
Q: Are you a furry?
A: No
Q: Gender/Pronouns?
A: Female. She/her.
Q: How do you animate?
A: Fun fact: I don't use any animation programs. I draw all my frames in clip studio paint then edit them together on premiere pro.
Q: Equipment/software?
A: To record, I use a blue yeti mic, record in audacity, level the audio in levelator, then edit the audio in premiere pro. I draw with a Huion G-221 Pro and a Surface Pro 4.
Q: Can we collab?
A: Keep in mind I get the question probably like a hundred times a day and I have bad anxiety, so I might not be able to, but I've collabed with people before. Hmu on twitter or email or something.
Q: How do you start a US-tv channel?
A: Just start it. I know it's scary, but the the more you keep putting it off the more you're not gonna do it.