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  • nice channel!

  • Stumbled across your channel and so glad I did!!

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  • Your channel awesome I would really appreciate if you subscribe back

  • I am shocked about the Tiger woods arrest this past week! This was a example of police dehumanizing a black man while in need of a ambulance! That is very clear that he was reacting to some medications he was prescribed! At that point... he given (2) breathilizers. That supposedly removed any thoughts of biased opinion of aanything illegal or elicite! The only thing he did not do during this arrest was to request a ambulance. he was having a medical emergency he should not have been arrested...he should not have been booked photographed and fingerprinted for a medical emergency! This is also call defamation of character while unable to speak for himself! He was treated badly and there was no compassion from the officers for finding Tiger and calling a ambulance for him! Outrageous! racial profiling, and the officers were insensitive to his medical emergency! This is a Lawsuite waiting to happen!

  • very interesting channel, I love your videos hope to see more updates 80s Pop songs

  • All new channel trailer: us-tv.org/tv/video-eQCtD8FUMq4.html

  • Damn that theme song's old. It takes me back.

  • I am so appalled that the Millinials that are reporting on all the sad loses for this year have not said a single word about Leon Russel. I would suggest that you all might want to look him up. He was one of many that left a remarkable force of creativity and somehow seems to be forgotten.

  • Are you e.t. the extra terrestrial?

  • In 2014 it was announced that Betty Boop would be featured in a film by Syco Entertainment and Animal Logic. Syco Entertainment and Animal Logic recently announced a partnership to create music-based animated and hybrid animation-live action films with their first project, set for release in 2016, being developed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It has been suggested that the Syco Entertainment & Animal Logic Betty Boop film feature has been cancelled. Instead Betty will make her debut in a new TV series in 2018. Syco & Animal Logic have yet to comment. Although the immediate release for the film is still featured on the Animal Logics website. So to make it better, I decided to make this a better place for the film to be back on track from it's sad cancellation in 2016 to a re-development for a future-release & to be produced by Simon Cowell (X Factor Judge) once more. P.S. The whole story will tell that Betty Boop is heading to the big screen for the first time in the style of comedy with a good love story along with Bimbo, Koko, Grampy and Sally Swing as they travel Hollywood in search of fame and fortune and to reunite with her estranged father, Benny Boop. Please sign those links. www.change.org/p/syco-entertainment-betty-boop-the-movie-future-release www.thunderclap.it/projects/47951-betty-boop-feature-film?locale=en www.ipetitions.com/petition/betty-boop-the-movie-future-release/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=button

  • Great channel <3 <3 <3

  • I need the full episode from Wed. June 29th. Could someone please post it or send me a copy of it?

  • TO Bruce Springsteen I can't wait until Jessica or Patti encounter their first meeting with their 6'6" 300lb cross dresser in the stall next to them. Oh wait...they'll use your private plane bathrooms, or your luxurious tourbus or the bathrooms in your lavished hotels. And if they do by some chance have to go public you'll have your big body guard blocking the entrance.

  • Please Forgive Me But I Have To Have My Say I Strongly Think That The Kardashians And All Of Reality Television Should Not Be On Television Because I For One Don't Watch Reality Television And As For The Kardashians They Do Not Deserve To Be On Television The Do It To Destroy Peoples Lives And That's Not Right I Really Do Not Grow Up To Reality Television Thank You.

  • I am Happy Lea and Matthew aren't a couple anymore he is a loser for leaving her

  • I would like to see the interview on the red carpet with Sam Hunt. Only has gif on Tumblr

  • Great channel 😛👍😍👌😄🆒🌞🔝💥🆗🔚

  • Question: How would effect television programming if narration for the blind became a standard option?

  • I would like to see some great actors from Outlander.

  • cool channel :) great to see others so interested in weddings! what do you think of our playlist?

  • How about this ET take down the Mr Spock {Leonard Nimoy} tribute that you said was on The Big Bang ,that was an out and out lie ,and maybe do the real Nimoy tribute that the Big Bang had on the show. I would love to have seen it as i was not able to on the show that night. I guess you have not read the comments posted on that video and i am guessing you just don't give a damm.

  • Please add the story about Rebecca Ferguson from tonight's episode!!!

  • Blessed Be Name of God

  • Great show!

  • Just wanna say I appreciate and love this channel i also watch it on mbc arabsat keep it up and post more benedict cumberbatch and thank you :)

  • About Honey boo boo, why you guys not talking about Her other daughter is dating the Son of that pedophile and are actually said to be brother and sister. And the mother reply saying she is the product of her and ANOTHER CONVICTED PEDOPHILE she dated in the past .

  • Did you know that the classic cartoon TV series "U.S. Of Archie" turns 40 this year? Well it's true! Remember when the Archie gang ancestors were celebrating American History and having wonderful adventures? It was aired on CBS Saturday Morning in 1974 with great songs at the end of each episode. A classic Filmation cartoon deserve to be on a complete DVD set! I sure hope it happens someday before 2014 ends!

  • Please make an announcement for NBC about the next decade mini-series after "the '60s" and "the '70s"! The name of the mini-series is "the '80s"!

  • Seriously? You high ranking "media people" are actually jealous of Taylor Swift? How sad. She is pretty sure of herself, for sure, but it is pitiful how you attempt to deride her image to compensate for your own shortcomings!

  • Cornelius Raibon born Halloween October 31 1985

  • Why do these presenters have to yell all the time?

  • Does anyone know anything concerning the Entertainment Tonight Talent Search??? I remember seeing a video ET saying that you had to subscribe to their channel then you could make a US-tv video showing what your talent is???

  • Do a story on our new Elvis Presley home Bedding Collection and our entry in the get on the shelf contest with Wal Mart

  • do you ever talk about punk rock bands??

  • why are box office ratings measured by cash rather than tickets ? when a sequel or re-launch for a movie comes out , I have heard the saying " new record" but that's based on cash , records should be measured by tickets sold , rather than income !!

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  • Why have 3 videos involving will.i.am and your themesong seriously nobody gives a fuck

  • owns

  • survivor

  • Ombré

  • Hey, EntertainmentTonight great video, keep up the good work! Love the video

  • did joe jonas really got merried?

  • was thinking of you yesterday,thanks jess

  • check out Savion Glover and Khairi at mags on youtube its the cutest

  • It's so wonderful to finally find you right here on You Tube. I was looking for ages and ages. Thank you for being here. With great admiration, Diana :)

  • Last night August 30, 2012 during the show, there was a sort of a trailer/inside look/teaser of Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters movie. Where is that clip? Where can I watch last nights episode? Or will there be a special inside look of the movie in the future?

  • I Don't Watch It Without Mark.

  • What happen the the story about the wrecking crew with Hal Blaine?

  • It was Ed Sullivan who introduced 'The Jackson 5' to America, NOT Dick Clark (may he r.i.p,.) Re-check your dates. Also, MJ ,himself, always referred to 'The Ed Sullivan Show'. perhaps your staff is too young to know this!