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Hey guys! My name is Manny (MannyMua) and I am a BOY BEAUTY VLOGGER!!! Whatttt theres such a thing?! Yes there isss mamma yas there isss.
I believe makeup is GenderLESS and has no rules!
Im a very fun loving, outgoing, kind spirited person.
This beauty channel is where I teach tutorials, create favorites videos, tags, shenanigans that go on in my life, etc. I hope you guys can join me in this crazy adventure that is US-tv and the beauty world. I am constantly learning and growing with you guys!
Honestly I believe that men can wear makeup, teach makeup, and vlog about it just as much as girls can and I am fighting for that equality with my channel. So subscribe to my channel if you're into that too!
Follow my insta for everyday crazy moments ;D
I hope you learn some things, and laugh at my crazy ass shit, and I hope to inspire you as well :)
I post every week!
Insta: Mannymua733
Business Email:


MY WAKEUP CALL2 months ago
Where I've Been
Where I've Been2 months ago
My reality check
My reality check3 months ago
I will do better
I will do better3 months ago


  • This is sooooooo cool

  • I had to sub, love the channel

  • Beautiful channel. Come by mine lets support each other

  • Manny test out the makeapp!! Its a really funny makeup that can takeoff and put in your makeup with a pic!!!!!! XOXOXO

  • what do you use to edit your videos?

  • I get so excited when I see that you've uploaded. I love your content. I feel like you're easily relatable and your joy is so contagious. I honestly appreciate you so much as a person. Your videos are my go to when i have a crap day and need a good laugh. I'm so excited to see your brand start and grow. I support you so much! Love you Manny! <3

  • You should do a collab w/ James charles TBH


  • I love you Manny!!!!!! Your videos are great, I look forward to them!

  • I just started following you.....LOVED the tutorial...I havent used skin care or make up in a long long time.....if I knew how to do all that, I might. So I will continue to watch your tutorials!! your AWESOME!

  • im in love with you and your channel

  • I seriously ((((love)))) how real you are with new makeup brands... lets be real though, can we see you're COLLECTION?

  • MANNY! I just want to say thank you to both you and Laura Lee for inspiring me to make my own channel and starting to do videos! Y'all are such a great inspiration and I am a huge fan! Thank y'all. Much love, Queen Ellie

  • you should do a sophdoesnails/revolution pallet review

  • i love you :)

  • Really love your channel. Keep up the amazing work and awesome vids!

  • GIRL! Could you please do like a metal-head or goth tutorial (btw huge fan) ;3

  • Hey Manny super huge fan of yours i watch our videos all the time but what im asking is there a way where you can do a tutorial on a emerald/champagne makeup look for homecoming? thanks


  • Thanks for sharing this video with us

  • you should review LED eyelashes

  • i miss patrick being by your side and in ur channel .. *sob* :'(

  • Hi there! My name is Malaika and I make random videos about wierd topics.... I may seem like a ordinary 11 year old but I am really funny! I'd appreciate it if you take a further look in to my channel as my channel can be your favourite.. (you never know!) I LOVE MAKING PEOPLE LAUGH SO IF ANY OF MY WIERDO VIDEOS MADE U LAUGH, DONT FORGET TO COMMENT SOME FEED BACK!!! Thanks for reading! <3

  • Manny I love you!!! My girl friend and I are obsessed with you! We watch all of your videos and talk about how adorable you are! I can tell that you're genuinely a nice person and I'm always rooting for you! Keep doing what you're doing, I know that it brings so much joy to so many people - us especially! Don't let the haters get you down. You rock my world! Ok - done with my little fan girl moment now. :)

  • What camera do you use? Looking to purchase a good one to take really nice pictures at my cousins wedding

  • I would like to see a tutorial on how you do your hair, it's amazing! :0

  • Hey ! Sad that you could not go to Africa

  • Hi manny have you ever tried the make up from "laura geller" would love to see your views on it xx

  • You're really good at makeup. can u makeup my face pleaseeee


  • not trying to be critical - u are amazing to watch, so stunning, but to be honest you don't need to cuss to teach and get your point across-esp the 'F' word...u seem too smart to need to describe things that way and I think u could be just as funny and amazing w/o it...more professional if you will. If you could try to not talk so fast as sometimes it is hard to hear the words you are saying due to your 'excitement' and how soft you sometimes get. Also please hold up the products a bit longer (keeping them still) so we can see them better. Keep doing an amazing job...this truly was meant to be helpful advise bc I enjoy. TU!


  • I LOVE YOU MANNY! Keep slaying the game

  • what a fucking "man", you're a fucking disgrace to the human race, you must have a big dick

  • You are *SO* adorable... just love you and had to tell you!

  • May God help you.

  • Manny! I am so happy I found your channel. You are fierce, beautiful and real. You are such an inspiration to me. I'm going through a time where I am processing a lot of trauma and you are helping me love myself back to life. Bet you didn't know you could have that effect on people. You inspire radical self love! Thank you so much. Keep doing what you do!

  • who else was shook by the dupes video?

  • Good morning every body!!! y'all know what time it is!!

  • Hope everyone is doing well this evening!!! :) Time to watch a little Manny!

  • Love you manny

  • I fuckinggg loveee youuuu mannnyyy πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ™πŸŒ™πŸ–€πŸ–€

  • hello you tube!!! How is everyone doing today?

  • What is your opinion on James Charles and how he stole or copied your intro?

  • good morning peeps!!! its time for a little Manny MUA binge!!! :)

  • Marys1225

  • You're such a funny and genuine human being!!! You do you girl!!! #TeamManny πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  • How would tou do an eye look if you just had eye surgery lime got that ectra skin removed.

  • Pick me pick me for you give away.#MUA Contest#US-tv Contest.Can find me on instragram at cluckers

  • I love it manny... I being following you on Snapchat..😍 I just subscribe to your US-tv channel Brave_heart_lovinqueen IG

  • Hey, Manny! I just wanted to thank you for SAAAVING my chapped ass lips by recommending the Bite lip mask!! I've honestly tried so many things, but applying this nightly has helped the absolute most. I wanted you to know that monthly favs and recommending things on snapchat doesn't go unnoticed! I trust your opinion a fuck ton, so thank you!! AH, I love and appreciate you with all of my heart!!!!!!!

  • who created your intro animation?

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  • Hi Manny. I just came across your article for Allure, where you recommend a silicone primer to boost a flawless finish and not get cakey foundation. I unfortunately have a severe allergy to liquid silicone. Is there an alternative that you can recommend or am I SOL? Thank you :)

  • love you manny mua

  • manny, i love you, i watch you and jeffree everyday now and i cant stop laughing, i love how happy and positive you are, its everything to me. i really hope one day i can meet you and jeffree, it would make my life. i only subbed to you and him a few days ago and im already in love. i loved the video of you two testing condoms on your beauty blenders and when you sprayed foundation in your mouths, i think i literally replayed it 50,000 times, i was laughing so hard, i love you!!!!!!!

  • Manny, ive found your videos and now i am in love, but I've decided you are truly a artist.

  • LOVE watching your videos!! Would it be possible for you to do a summer wedding make up tutorial? Thanks Manny!! :)

  • Hi im Arianna Munson I know there is probably no way your going to come visit just me to do my makeup for my formal but i just wanted to ask because i love you so much and i do my makeup but i just want to blow everyone away and i knew the only way i can do that is if you do my make up or even just help me improve my make up style. My formal in in june. I am 13 almost 14 and i really love your videos if you might even consider it please talk to me on facebook. m facebook is

  • Can you do a studio room tour to show what lights and camera you use?

  • Manny, I'm addicted to your channel !!!! I cant get enough...what would you recommend for a woman in her mid 40's to use as a concealer? I'm using tarte creasless concealer and I like it but dont LOVE IT. Any thoughts?

  • PLEASE read the message I just sent you <333

  • Please do your own make up line !!!! Your amazing <3 x

  • The first time I ever saw Manny I thought that he looked like Sam Smith, anyone else?? I love you and your videos Manny,!!

  • also weird question for you, seeings how your the shit when it comes to make up , is it ok to do contouring and highlight ect with out using foundation, is there a rule against that, because i have yet to find a foundation that doesnt break apart on my forehead so sometimes i just want to skip that shit and move along to the fun stuff lol, but is it ok to do it?

  • i'd like to find makeup that i'm not allergic to i know lipgloss isnt supposed to make yer lips numb and wearing lipstick for 15 mins i'm not supposed to lose feeling in my face HELP

  • Just found you and thought you were really cool. Keep being you. XO

  • Happy late birthday, birthday twin!! Apr 4 for the win

  • vbnjmnkmkm,

  • Manny! I know you'll probably never read this but I just want you to know how much I look up to you. You've showed me how to see the confidence in my own beauty and to express myself my way without caring what other people thought. I love your makeup and your personality through your videos. I would love to meet you some day seriously I'm a genuine level... you seem really down to earth. We would get along great! Keep doing you 😘 xo


  • I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • you can do what you do and im chill with that, but personaly i find both makeup on men and women kinda ehhhhh, i mean your lying to the world about how you look, and that kind of insecurity and vanity with your self cant be healthy, i mean a little is like whatever but i dont think heavy amounts daily is healthy for your brain

  • Just subscribed a couple of days ago. I LIVE for you and Jeffree. You guys are amazing!

  • Could you by any chance try out or tell me if the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation is worth the buy?

  • MANNY!! I just wanted to say you absolutely inspire me pretty much on a daily basis and I just love you. Anytime I go to buy a new product I check to see if you've done a review on it before (not just because I hold your opinion to a high standard, but I also have a similar skin type to you, and I'm also a full coverage ka-weeeeen and highlighter junkie) I was just wondering if you've ever tried Tarte's tarteist lip paint in the color "FOMO' with the matching liner? I just bought it, but this is my first time buying any of Tarte's lip products and i wanted (needed) your opinion. Did I already say that I love you???? no?? maybe?? Ok bye!

  • Hey Manny, I'm really in to make-up do you have any tips for doing your eyebrows and eyeliner?

  • You're video using the Anastasia renesance pallet was great. Ty!! Loved it πŸ’‹

  • Maybelline really I mean you are the best I know I can't believe that you are sponsoring a product that they are using to test animals and I know you're an animal lover so why do you sponsor a company that is hurting animals

  • i really enjoy watching your channel, love the tips and and makeup looks you create. i don't normally comment but i have to say your energy and attitude is amazing keep doing you and being true to yourself and i hope you go far in life and i can buy your makeup brand some day. thank you for doing what you do. i would like to see you do a dark look lol


  • you are so gay manny

    • that explains alot he is dumbass

  • Please collab with Kyle Krieger again.... Please!

  • Please Please Try the makeup monster liquid lip sticks. There great. Please Please.

  • honey congrats, you are the new face of maybelline, IΒ΄m so proud of you. if been following you for a while, so this is my first comment but im so happy, I can't hold it. big hugs from colombia. MUA

  • The things that you do are awsome! I mean......realy (creative), but i have one question.....hmm.....are you gay? Sorry for the question :(

  • I really need a video on what products you use to clean your face and remove all the "glam"...

  • So sorry about all the hate you received on your taping with Kim Chi. It was undeserved. Stay home where you are clearly loved.

  • How long until he kills himself?

    • how long until you're not compensating for having a small dick

  • Ok, so u KNOW my ass has 2 leave a comment in regards 2 ur stalker experience! (The dude w/the Crocs!) My poor Manny! U look so flustered in ur bloopers, like this encounter straight traumatized u! Wow, ok, i've had somewhat of a similar experience @ a club. This drunk Hispanic guy was coming on2 me @ the bar. Me & my friend had JUST gotten there, and he was 2 my left. I'm waiting 4 the bartender 2 get my beer, and i can c him outta my peripheral, just burning his eyes in2 the side of my head! I'm trying SO hard 2 pretend he's not there. I get my drink, and me & my friend make our way thru the crowd 2wards the dance floor. We're dancing, and some random dude, starts dancing w/her, and I'm like, left there looking retarded. So, i start dancing w/this random guy next 2 me. He was down, so I'm like, "cool." Little do i realize, creepy guy's a few inches behind me, dancing! Eeek!!! So, anybody looking @ us, would easily think I'm just dancing w/2 guys. NOT the case! I menuver myself around the other side of the guy I'm dancing with. (Providing a buffer zone) Ok, so long story short, (2 late) drunk Hispanic guy pretty much follows me around the club, asking me 2 dance w/him. Stupid me, is like, damn! I'll dance w/u! Shit! So, we end up dancing a few dances, and by this time, they've already done last call 4 alcohol. So, i thank him 4 the dance, and me & my friend r making our way 2 the door, in hopes of avoiding any parking lot crowd. We make it outside, and we bump in2 the random guys' we were dancing w/at the beginning of the night. I'm buzzed, so I'm flirting w/my random guy, and who comes out the door, and makes a bee line 4 me?! No other than, Hispanic drunk guy! Yipes! I'm talking 2 my random guy, (have NO idea what his name is) and doing my best 2 b oblivious 2 creeper dude! No, such luck. He MAKES it my business 2 c he's standing right next 2 me!!! He starts speaking 2 me all slurred & shit. W/a heavy Spanish accent. We all look @ him, and he puts his hand around my wrist, and says what sounds like, "Ur coming hm w/me." FULL ON PANIC FROM MY PART! I turn 2 him & tell him 2 let me go. He dismisses what i said, and begins PULLING me away from my friend & the random dudes. I'm thinking 2 myself, is THIS REALLY happening 2 me?! So, i look @ my friend w/pleading eyes that I'm sure r screaming, "Bitch, help me!" She steps 4ward & says, "Excuse me, but u need 2 let her go!" Her demand fell on deaf ears. I'm freaking out, cuz by the looks of drunk guys expression, he's wasted, and it looks like he's not gonna take no 4 an answer. So, i look @ my random dude, and say, "Please help me. I don't know this guy!" So now, BOTH random dudes r lime, "Yo, u NEED 2 let her go! She's w/me." (which i wasn't) And b4 i know it, they're playing tug of war w/me. Eventually, my random xude pulls me away from drunk guy, and puts his arm around me, and we all walk 2wards where we parked. We say thank, and our good-byes. We haul ass hm, and knock out! (It's late, and we're drunk) We fall asleep saying, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" True story......

  • Im just putting this out their for maybe some help... Im a 24 year old gay man just a regular guy but Im really struggling with how I feel in my skin and watching manny's videos really make me want to learn how to love the way I look. Does anyone have any helpful thoughts for a guy like me struggling with these problems?

  • Can you try the brands Besame Cosmetic or the Balm ?

  • Omgosh Manny, ur sucha nut! U always crack me up, and ur disappointments 4 2016, was no different. I think u loom so cute in ur beanie. I didn't even realize it had a fluffy wht ball on the end, til i watched the bloopers! I think u look great in beanies. Ur makeup 4 this video was gorgeous! God i wish i had ur talent! Ugh! I'm trying, truly i am! Thank u 4 showing us ur let downs 4 the yr. As i watched, i totally get it & understand wherw u were coming from. K, love u & blessings!

  • Hi Manny!!! Ok, watched this video.....AGAIN!!! Yes, i watch a lot of ur videos, over, and over again. U don't spit them out fast enough 4 me. Sorry people give negative comments on ur page. Ur opening should b, "If u don't like me, don't fucking watch OR comment." Anywho, just wanted 2 comment that i love this video. U make applying eyeshadow, look so easy. I WISH i had ur eyelids. Mine r hooded, and i have a hardtime making my eyeshadow look good. Unfortunately, i'm not creative either, so I'll watch u, Jaclyn, or Marla 4 cheat sheets! Ok, I'll stop running my mouth, but just want u 2 know, i love u, and I'm gonna try ur eyeshadow colors from this video, cuz i have ur pallet. Love u! πŸ’‹

  • Omg, i FINALLY figured out HOW 2 leave comments!!!!! Manny, can i just tell u, it took me 4EVER! Ok, so! Been DIEING 2 tell u HOW much i LOVE u AND ur talent 4 make up! I watch u ALL the time. I love ur color choices. (Eyeshadow) Just when i think ur not gonna pull off certain colors, *BAM* u make them come 2gether! I love watching u 4 ideas on applying eyeshadow, cuz that's my worst part of doing makeup. Not a "natural" @ coming up w/creative ways 2 apply them. Or which color will look right w/what. So, i try so hard 2 get color schemes from u. Sorry this comment is so long. Just had so much 2 say, cuz I'm JUST NOW figuring out how 2 leave a comment. My bad. Ok, love u Manny! Thank u 4 blessing us w/ur ideas & being so fun 2 watch! Love~Cat!

  • Dad needs help , my daughter is a huge fan, she goes to Art & Design HS for makeup and fashion. she absolutely loves Manny, is there any way anyone knows how i can get a photo and his autograph. paying for it is not a concern. any help would be appreciated Dad

  • Congratulations on your Maybelline contract. This is so deserved and LONG overdue! I wish you much success, you're absolutely AMAZING!!!

  • congratulations on your maybelline contract

  • I think you and James need to collab and do something like he does a full face of cover girl on you and you do a full face of maybeline on him. Just for fun, I love you both!

  • @chaparra_tapatia11Snapchat romero1g