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Welcome to BuzzFeed Unsolved Network! This is your one-stop destination for all things mystery, true crime, conspiracy, supernatural, and everything in between, including the hit series BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural, BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime, Ruining History, & much more!


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  • Really love the show. Can't wait for the new season!

  • Hi! Did you make a Madeleine McCann video?

  • We need a teaser for the new season. The editing is top notch in the previous teasers. And I know I wrote Goundus instead of Goondis.

  • can we get rid of sports conspiracies and go back to doing supernatural and true crime and stuff like that?

  • When is the next season?

  • Hi, guys! I was binging all the episodes of Unsolved on the new "Buzzfeed Unsolved Network" channel and I noticed that the Amelia Earhart episode is still in the "Buzzfeed Blue" channel and not added to the complete "Buzzfeed Unsolved - True Crime" playlist. "The Odd Vanishing of Amelia Earhart" -- Is it possible to add it so everything Unsolved is on its own channel already? Thanks and I'm looking forward to future episodes this October!

  • Y'all should go to the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum in Chicago. Employees have said that there is some devil baby ghost or whatever.

  • Where are the supernatural vids? I need my does of the shaniac.

  • Oh gross, a WHOLE SEASON of sports conspiracies? Are you serious? In OCTOBER, of all months??

  • Supernatural is my favorite series...hoping for some ghosts. lol

  • Ghouligans! 7 days until we're back for season 5 of BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural! Get ready for 6 new episodes of spooky mysteries! 👻👽💀Tune in next Friday at 3 PM PT!

  • When is the new season coming out? Haven't heard any news yet.

  • Pretty please can you guys do an episode on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

  • True Crime Unsolved Request: the Disappearance of Ray Gricar: totally bonkers case that may involve spies, a kidnapping, someone making themselves disappear, or several other theories. I think it would fit y'all's format perfectly and is a totally amazing case

  • Where are the supernatural episodes?? ):

  • It is Spooktober. Why are there no supernatural videos. Plz explain.

  • why are there videos that aren't buzzfeed unsolved on the *buzzfeed unsolved network*


  • When is this whole Sports Conspiracies thing gonna end cause this ain't it chief...I need my spooky videos back

  • lol

  • Potential supernatural unsolved case about the possessed house in Gary, Indiana. It converted skeptic law enforcement, social and hospital workers into believers. They had to demolish the house because too many people were trying to break in to do seances. There was a pretty poorly rated movie that came out about it. Do the story justice, bring the case to the scrutiny of the boys!

  • When are the non sport seasons starting again?

  • Does anyone know when the new season will be out?

    • they said season 5 of buzzfeed unsolved supernatural will come out in 6 days on friday

  • Hello! i'm writing an essay for school and I would greatly appreciate it if people would respond to this poll! I need those statistics

  • From what I've seen, you guys really dig deep into these mysteries, bringing up info that I've never seen before. I'd love to see what you can dig up on the Philadelphia Experiment, the military time travel incident. That would make for a very interesting video.

  • hi


  • Could you look into the Paulding Light? It's a light that appears in a valley outside Paulding, Michigan. Reports of the light have appeared since the 1960s, with popular folklore providing such explanations as ghosts, geologic activity, or swamp gas. You can walk towards it and never get any closer. Students at Michigan Tech looked into and Syfy fact or faked conducted a paranormal investigation and concluded that the Paulding Light was unexplained

  • I love these videos but I really miss Shane in the newer vids he always made it funnier with his sarcasm and err um "Hot Doga" haha. But no really I miss Shane and Ryan doing videos together. Also it's funny when he annoys Ryan with not caring about ghosts/demons.

  • supernaturals. cmmon. summon your self

  • bring back unsolved: supernaturals

  • I saw that you make episodes with sports cases lately. So, what if you make one about professional wrestler Chris Benoit's case? Some people claim he was murdered, instead of killing himself.

  • You should do an episode on the Black Knight Satelite.

  • Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon disappearance pls!

  • Can you guys please do Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. next season?!!

  • hey you guys should do an episode on the Oklahoma girl scouts murders

  • Can you please make an episode of the unsolved case of the child murders at Robin Hood Hills? "The West Memphis 3".

  • For your supernatural seasons you should go to the rocks in Sydney. I recently went on a ghost tour there and it has a lot of interesting places that have many different stories to them. It would be really cool if you did this.

  • now you have your own channel? awesome.

  • Please do the Hinsdale house. I just watched a video by Harmony Nice where she talks about the house and that it is actively haunted. A paranormal investigator owns the house now, but the previous owners were said to be quiet sinister.

  • this is one of the two best shows on buzzfeed (buzzfeed unsolved and try guys make me spill my uwus)

  • Some ideas for you guys: True Crime - The murder of Septic Tank Sam and the murder of Michael Kent; and Supernatural - The "Dear David" twitter story. Truly enjoy the content you guys make and can't wait for the next seasons!

  • The Civic Theater Murders. Lewiston, ID, USA. I'm a local, this case is legend and it's still unsolved. Four young girls and one young man vanish, later declared murdered. Locals have very strong opinions on this case, and there is one suspect that everyone believes is the killer though no charges have been pressed against him. There is a documentary about the case called Confluence, it is a well-done film. Many of us also believe that the main suspect, who is still alive, is also responsible for another theater-related murder in 1999 in Moscow, Idaho.

  • You guys should do an episode on Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 that disappeared over lake michigan. It was considered to be one of the largest aviation accidents of its time and was never solved.

  • Do an episode about the 1992 case of the 3 missing woman of Springfield Missouri. Or the ufo Hoax in Gulf Breeze Florida

  • Shane, you're fear of being injected with a heroin needle is very similar to a common fear some people have of being afraid of being stabbed with random syringes by random people that some other youtube personalities have. The most prominent person, with that fear, in my mind is Pat from the "super best friends play" channel. I for one think you're both valid with your fear as I share it.

  • Please look into the strange disappearance of Maura Murray! There are a bunch of podcasts and videos and websites about it and its still unsolved! I find her case strangely interesting.

  • I think they should do an episode on the Villisca Axe Murders house- trying to solve who the murderers were.

  • Can you guys do the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine? =)

  • I very much enjoy watching your content, guys! Here is a suggestion for an episode: The UVB76 radio signal in Russia. No one seems to know it's purpose or where it is currently being broadcast from except that the Russian military is responsible for it's propagation and a previous broadcast location is known. Good luck!

  • Will you guys coninue unsolved supernatrual on hulu like season 5 ?

  • Check out the murder Mystery of the Alphabet Killer... hope to see a video on it soon !

  • You guys should try diving into the conspiracy theories of the 9/11, if you haven’t already.

  • I wrote on you Facebook page about which stories you should do next.

  • Not sure if this is the place to suggest locations, but my mom's been asking me to tell you guys to check out the Pensacola Lighthouse! The story goes that a woman sliced her possibly abusive husband to death in the lighthouse but was never taken to trial, and she eventually died there herself, and her spirit now haunts the lighthouse. It's supposedly one of the most haunted lighthouses in the country! My mom also brought up Sheep Island in Charleston. She doesn't know of any ghosts there, but they do have orbs, so that's fun!

  • Guys, a blaze is a mark on a tree. In Australia explorers would mark trees with an axe with various info for finding the way home or for people coming behind them. Sometimes the blaze indicated a cache of food was buried right in front of the tree/blaze and you were standing on it. Should go back and look for markings on trees. Forrest would know about blazing trees as an explorer.

  • Suggestion for a field trip: Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. Up for a treasure hunt fellas?

  • Can you look into what happened to Lisanne Froon & Kris Kremers? very very strange case, the theories would be interesting and endless.

  • Nice!

  • hello guys i like ur videos lots but please tell me if the pictures of people in the theories are the real faces. and also u need to do an episode on the Croydon cat killer if its not too fucked up

  • We need some longer videos out of you guys!

  • Freakin love y’alls shows. You two are awesome.

  • I have been waiting for this

  • If you go back to England for supernatural, I'd stop off at Ettington Park Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. Its a really good ghost place, as is the Holt Hotel next to Middle Barton in Oxfordshire :)

  • This series is the only good buzzfeed series, no politics or any agenda, just actual good content, only buzzfeed channel i am subscribed to.

  • BuzzFeed Unsolved: The Mystifying Case of the Missing Episode.

  • Where's the new episode!?!?

    • It's so amazing they need more time to finish it

  • where is the new episode? #fuckthehotdoga

  • wheres the ep? is it late? wtf its 6:14 eastern.....???

  • Hey Ghouligans - important update! Our True Crime finale will be coming out Friday 9/7 instead of today. It’s so special that we need another week to get it to you guys. We think it’ll be worth the wait - thanks for understanding!

  • Do an episode about the abbey of st carta romania.

  • A fascinating unsolved case is the Texas Servant Girl Murders, its rumored to be the first serial killer in America...

  • You should do an True Crime episode about John Lang's case. Incredibly interesting with a lot of controversy.

  • hey could you do a video on martin Bryant. he was a man convicted of murdering 35 people in the port arthur massacre. there are conspiracy about if Bryant was the killer or had help. there are lots of thing in the case that don't add up. i would love to true crime video on one of Australia's mysteries

  • Hi, As a big fan of your show i would like to bring your attention towards a unsolved double murder case that happened in the national capital region of India. The Arushi Murder case is the biggest unsolved case in India. Its right up your ally. It contains mystery and have hints of cover ups too. The parents of Arushi Talwar were first convicted by the lower courts but then set free by the higher courts. Please do have a look at this case, i am sure it will interest you. I will put the link of the wiki page for this case below Thanks and i hope to hear back from you.

  • So happy that you guys have your own channel!! I would love to see a Supernatural episode about the Beast of Bray Road. It's a more recent cryptid case and the details of the sightings are downright chilling whether you're a believer or a skeptic.

  • I'd personally love to hear your perspective on the Oury jalloh case in Germany - Dessau. It's about a man who burned to death in a cell of a police station. Until now it isn't solved if it was a suicide (which is unlikely) or murder. Theories include a cover up by the police. I think it is a very interesting case so it would be nice to hear about it from you guys!

  • You guys should do an episode about Rasputin!

  • Watseka Wonder

  • Love Unsolved! Episode suggestion: The boys from Yuba City, aka the American Dyatlov's Pass mystery.

  • You should do an episode on the story of the disappearance of the Yuba County Five. My thoughts: aliens.

  • frist


  • Think you guys can check the Texas Servant girl annihilator. The Mystery Detectives did a video on it once but it's still so intriguing.

  • I'm a huge fan, but a little disappointed in the last post-mortem. You read a lot of dumb questions and missed this: From Rhett Morgan: Charles was my uncle. There is more to the story than what has been stated in this video, as well as the tv episode. Others have died close to the case. If you want more information on the case I recommend looking into the bank in which he testified against (there are some names tied to that bank that might be of some interest...). The bank is the most important piece of this case. Devereux also knows more about this case than he leads you to believe. Devereux is not to be trusted. You two need to be careful with this one. Still a fan #Boogara #FuckTheHotdoga

  • Do a video of the story of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon

  • You guys should really check out Star Island. Its an island off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and its a place considered to be pretty active with spirits. because its such a small island and there have been inhabitants on it for a very long time, its said that the entire island has human remains on it. Some of the most known spirits on the island are the lady in white, the diphtheria boy, a little boy in one of the cottages, an old man at the end of the dock, and a mother and child out in the rocks on the east side of the island. I myself, along with my sister, and many of our friends have witnessed supernatural occurrences on this island. The last time I was there I was even staying in the room where the diphtheria boy is seen and me and my roommates often heard a weird coughing at night, or knocking on the wall where there is nothing but open air on the other side on the second floor. Not only is it an extremely haunted place, filled with more ghost sightings than the ones I listed, but its also a beautiful island, and I really suggest this place as something to explore in one of your Unsolved Supernatural videos.

  • Hi Guys, Can you guys please do one on our ex Australian Prime minster Harold Holt. I would like to think he didn't just get lost at sea. Thanks.

  • Okay I already send you guys requests, like a few minutes ago but I also have questions: Have you ever thought of adding a third person to your ghoul troop? Particularly a woman or a medium? The woman to make the ghost react differently since ghost seems to be more recessive to women and could interact with them more. Maybe not the medium all the time because even though they could talk to the spirits and see maybe what they are seeing, they could get expensive. :p Also Shane might not be okay due to him not being a believer in the supernatural and paranormal.

  • Enjoying that Unsolved has its' own channel. I know you guys have done the Axe Man murders, but have you thought about doing one on the Servant Girl Annihilator? It was a series of 8 murders in Austin, Texas that predates Jack the Ripper and HH Holmes. I believe they have never been solved.

  • Hey, I was wondering for your next supernatural season maybe you could go visit Alaska's more haunted areas? Not because I live in Alaska (I wish), but because I think there are interesting places you could go and investigate. LIke for the example the Red Onion Saloon in Skagway. Educational and Scary. There was even an episode done on it, in Alaska Hauntings and The Haunting. It one of the few times I think that a place is haunted. One of the historian/tour guides of the saloon saw these many ghosts including Lydia and a male ghost that would try and attack the tour guides due to wearing the 'period whore' attire. And maybe look into other places like Badarka road, Chugiak, Nightmute high school, and the Wendy Williamson Auditorium at the University of Alaska. Just a suggestion Ryan & Shane. ;)

  • How about a show about the Villisca Iowa axe murders - where an entire family was bludgeoned in their beds??

  • Is it to soon to do one on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the voicemails people are posting about? If so, I would also love to see a video on the Kryptos Sculpture. Great job on the vids guys! You have no idea how excited the whole family gets when we see a new upload!

  • Hi, can you make an episode of the murder of Meredith Kercher that happened in Perugia, Italy! I've noticed you guys haven't talked about it yet and honestly I am even surprised that you didn't made a video about it yet.

  • So I was checking out the merch and was wondering if there would be a shirt similar to the "HEY THERE DEMONS ITS...YA BOI" but instead said ghosts? just curious...

  • Before I die,I want to know what happened to Elodia Ghinescu. It's a romanian case that is really fucked up because everybody knows her husband killed her but they couldn't prove it because her body was never ever found. I just can't understand what he did to make her vanish like that

  • You should check out the Great British Train Robbery, it is quite cool

  • You guys should definitely cover my hometown mystery, the disappearance of Brian Shaffer. He was a college student at The Ohio State University who disappeared during a night of drinking right befor spring break in 2006. The most interesting thing about the case is that CCTV shows Brian walking towards a bar (Ugly Tuna Saloon, where he did meet up with friends for one last drink) but never shows him leave the bar again. He has been missing ever since.

  • you should do an episode on the loch ness monster

  • I'm not sure if you take suggestions or even look at this discussion, but have you heard of the Mary Ellen Spook Farm story? I think it could make for an interesting episode. It's a story well known by the locals in Nova Scotia, with several books and articles written about it, but still quite unknown outside of the community.