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Hello! I am a real life human and this is my US-tv channel. My favorite is a show called "My Drunk Kitchen" but you can tube in every Tuesday and Thursday if you enjoy the following:
Love, Hh
BUSINESS CONTACT: hartocollab (at) gmail


Everything Changes
Everything Changes2 months ago
How Lazy Are You?
How Lazy Are You?5 months ago
I Slept With My Ex
I Slept With My Ex8 months ago


  • aaayyyyyeeeee!!!!🙌 You keep me motivated 💪 Your videos are amazing 🙌

  • I just finished your book. That was my intro to you and your youtube channel. I don't think I have ever tried to reach out to the author of a book before but I just wanted to thank you for writing it. You are amazing and brave. Thank you for sharing your life story. I think the more people share and listen to each other, the better we can be as a society.

  • Woah, no-one's commented in a while. Anyway, happy birthday Hanna! It's both of our birthdays today and I hope you have a wonderful day. Bye!

  • You have gorgeous eyes.

  • <3 <3 Love you <3 <3

  • 🍻🍻🍻

  • I like your personality.

  • Wondering if you and my fellow hartosexuals might be able to help us spread the word. We're a team of four friends in Charlotte, NC, that are trying to help out our friends and neighbors down in the Virgin Islands to recover after the two Category 5 hurricanes. We are collecting supplies and donations from anywhere and everywhere. Our gofundme page has information as to what we are trying to accomplish, and I would be happy to answer any questions you or anyone might have!

  • I think of Hannah as the cool big sister I never had. One third Mom, One third Party, One third GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!

  • I just saw an ad for your show on Food Network (Canada) Congratulations Hannah!

  • hay hannah, i am bisexual and i want to come out to my best friend who appareantly is bi too. but i am too nervous to tell her. what should i do...... also i love ur video s. keep makin em

  • Who else has re watched all of my drunk kitchen twice just me okay

  • Hey I have been watching you since the french bread my drunk kitchen

  • My favorite lesbian

  • Congrats on the food network show

  • just saw the ad on food network for your show CONGRATS!

  • I Hart Food! I was leaving my room when I heard "Hello?!" on the tv! I instantly got chills! So excited for you! You're PERFECT for the food network!!! I was so bummed when you weren't on Chopped for the US-tv star episode but this more than makes up for it!!! Congrats!!!

  • I read BUFFERING :) in one sitting. All cumfy in my sea of pillows, blankets and lavender candles burning a scent of calm luxury and innocent internal tickles of K scratch that :P I read it one night by the window durin a rainstorm :) while my gf be texting me asking y im so busy.?!! I love her but.....sometimes i jus hav more important things goin on. Anyhoo :) i love you and all that you are.....but not in a creepy way cause i dont actually kno u. Alright u take care. All the peeps readin this take care. To those who cant read this......i send ya good vibes. I hav great vibes, the best vibes. Everyone wishes they had my vibes. They are the best vibes in the history of the world.......... I hate that guy.....pretty sure the rest of us Canadians do also.

  • :-)

  • my drunk kitchen please :)

  • Whatever happened to Morgan the cleaning girl from the taco video?

  • Hi Hannah I've been a fan a your for awhile now I got your book buffering simply because I am a fan. I am so glad I got your book it help me with so much I was dealing with thank you so much for sharing your life

  • Hannah, I am turning 21 on May 6th. We're spending a week in Lake Chelan, Washington. We will be spending the week boating, exploring and most importantly... drinking! Specifically checking out the many, many wonderful wineries in the Chelan area. It would be my absolute dream come true if you joined me and my small group of friends in the wonderful land that is Washington state! We've already rented a fairly large house with many bedrooms but hey I get it if you need your space. Bring Mamrie, bring Grace, bring anyone! RSVP soon :) We're officiating the wine tour!

  • Listen to shinIA TWaiN " IFeEL LikE a WomAn" it might cheer YoU up... yoU SeeM SAd...

  • I'm thinking of taking over this discussion... see discussion @ grace helbig and mammrie.. I need you help you tubers.... listen to " she's crafty" by the beastie boys

  • Hello! I am curious about your youtube statistics. How many videos have you made so far? How often do you make a new video? How much to sponsor a video (as per Sausage Party)?

  • Its moving and sincere, but what are you doing with this? Crying gets you 10 seconds, what if you had an hour every day....

  • Hannah, ever thought you approach immediacy to precociously?

  • Hannah, I just saw you on the street today and thank you (and your sister too! Please tell her again her hair looks awesome) for being so sweet and taking the time to say hi! I was really stunned to see you on the street today in the same way someone is stunned when they finally see this person who has been an inspiring person in their life. Thanks for being the bold, open, vulnerable, and inspiring human that you are. I couldn't really say that all at once without interrupting you guys forever on what seemed like a mission you guys were off on, but I really appreciated the three minutes of your time to acknowledge you in that way. I wish I could post pictures on here to show you but you are a selfie queen. Have a great day and it's awesome you're here to enjoy the weather while it lasts!

  • Did Chris give you any cheesecake from After Midnight?

  • hey babe I love grace. I love her even more cas she loves you and manner. Idk. That makes her cool. Dude I just wanted to post on your channel. You rock !!!! You fucking rock dude!!!!💰💸💴💴💶💴💵💸💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  • Hannah, no one is perfect but you are perfect for those that love you. Give that girl inside of you a hug. You are worthy and you bring light into the world for so many.

  • I would love more vlogs!

  • I love you I love you I absolutely love you Hannah Just keep on know,...being you

  • Saw you on FBE and had to subscribe after that Love song lol, marvelous voice ^_^

  • Hey Hannah would you ever film a collab with someone with a super small channel (me lol)? Mainly for shits and giggles because I think it'd be so fun.

  • I literally just saw your comment on "art is dead." from 2 years ago... INSTANT respect.

  • White guilt channels should be shut down for racism and hate mongering. Self hate is still hate and telling all white people they are responsible for the actions of other white people is racist. And yes, this east Asian thinks you are a fool, white guilt was created to destroy you and you should just kill yourself instead of your entire civilization or history will remember your generation as the biggest fools in history.


  • I didnt even know this channel was still going

  • Hannah ,you need to do an MDK with both Naomi and Maggie I love Maggie...she is so much like you

    • and pls collab with Lilly again...please?

  • i might be gay but whos this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy?

  • im sorry for stupid question, but do you drink before recording?

  • I just finished listening to your audiobook... no words... you are so strong, and amazing, and awesome for facing this ALL head on! I obviously don't know you personally, but now I feel like I do! I don't come from the same background as you, but depression and anxiety is no respecter of person or situation. I know you already know that you are not alone, but sometimes it's nice to hear that again from a complete stranger. You are not alone - and neither am I! :) Happy 2017! Can't wait to see what this year holds for you! (sorry, I would have emailed, but I am FAR from tech savy enough to figure out how to find your email...)

  • Found and subscribed because of the piece you did on NPR. Can't wait to get home and laugh with you.

  • Hi Hannah (and everyone) i am trying to raise money so I can go to treatment for my eating disorder. If anyone is able to donate and/or share that would be greatly appreciated. I need help so that I can get better and healthier. Thank you for Buffering <3 It helped me a lot.

  • Hannah, I saw your tumblr post. Please don't quit US-tv because your last vid got low views. You have a very loyal fanbase who will truly miss you. You've helped so many people and changed so many lives.

    • It seems like now-a-days, if a US-tvr wants views, they're gonna have to do what the others do. Fill your bathtub full of orbeez, do food challenges, do lots of collabs, cut open a bunch of different toys, do pranks, eat crazy food from different places and review them, waffle-iron barbie dolls, play video games and watch them, make a fool of yourself, get wet, get crazy, etc... Unfortunately, that's what viewers want.

  • My name is Hannah too!!!!!! <3

  • Garbage

  • Hello, My name is Katelynn Roman. I am a student at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I am a crew member in an organization called Love Your Melon This organization raises awareness for children who are battling cancer! The crew members at each university raise awareness for this organization by doing campus events, promoting on social media and so much more. One really neat thing is we gather up hats and take them to local hospitals to hand out to the children battling cancer. We dress up in superhero attire and hand the hats out. Every month the different crews at the universities are challenged to do something different on social media. This month we have been challenged to get celebrities and influential people to take pictures of themselves in the hats and post them on social media. I am contacting you because I would love it if you would participate in this challenge. If you are interested, please let me know and I will inform Love Your Melon headquarters who will then send a hat in the mail. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you! Sincerely, Katelynn

  • Hannah, you share no more guilt for being white than you do for being gay. It's just the way you were born.

  • Yikes. You might want to check out this channel. I think he uploaded the audiobook of "Buffering" without your consent:

    • I'm sorry Hannah but I listened to it....But I loved it

  • Can you do a drunk kitchen with gordon ramsay? Pleease =)

  • Just saw that Hannah is on this weeks "The Star Wars Show"!! Very excited!!

  • Hey Hannah! I was wondering if you could sign this petition and maybe spread it around?

  • Just wanted to let you know that your book is in the Final nominees round on the Goodreads choice awards (Best memoir & autobiography) ;)

  • Hannah i don't know if you'll get a chance to read this, or care: but respectfully as a fan, in regards to your Twitter emotionals: google is your friend. us independents did not vote for Trump. a few million voted for third party. Electoral votes win, not popular. 90-100 million eligible voters did not vote AT ALL. Again, google. It's not our doing but the non voters and DNC and media and people attacking each other, pushing to vote for one or the other., So if we're going to play the emotional blame game....get the facts right first. This is the first election i really got myself informed on in regards to the system and candidates. Hillary offered no change to the country. Bernie did, Trump did, and a third party would have too, because we've always only had two options. An outdated system when other countries have more elector options. We were not thinking about just ourselves, but the country AND the system. If you really know anything about or support LGBT and women and minority rights, you'd know that history hasn't ever been changed or made without risks ok? Do you always want to just have two options and feel forced to choose the lesser of two evils? Trump is "evil" ok. Hillary has: Benghazi, emailscandal, lying to the FBI, getting debate questions early, a pedophilia ring, was an attorney for a child rapist and got him off punishment even though she knew he was guilty. and yes flip flopped on issues just to get votes like Trump. Get real. Bernie was the best shot we had. DNC screwed him. If i have to make a video pleading with you to stop being so blamey and angry i will. I am LGBT too. I'm dating a minority. My step son is a minority. I have cried for us and been kept up at night worried about Trump so I understand your fears, but your reaction is not right.

  • My drunk kitchen is priceless. What is becoming rarer and rarer on social media sites are artists which are sharing in genuine playfulness and joy. I am not saying that anger and contentions do not have their place. It is that artists, as like Hannah Hart, add to the joys and wonder which you and I may experience while exploring this thingy called life.

  • I was showing my 8 year old cousin this channel, and she decided Hannah Hart "is a purse"

  • When I die I'll have regrets. One of which is being on the wrong team, or in the wrong uniform..or something. I think you are brilliant, and cute and funny. Alas poor Yorick, me did not standeth a chance. My nether-regions may wish circumstances were different, but my mind knows the world is a better place with people like yourself. You are very entertaining, and very sharp (to a certain point in the bottle, then you get silly). Thank you. You do an excellent job of demonstrating that ones sexuality is not their entire person. Gay, straight, trans, bent (Q) we are all people. Who we are attracted to may not be a choice, but we DO choose how we conduct our lives. You rock. signed, a guy hoping you're in a phase <---------A joke, don't change for's not worth it

  • I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • I just got your book in the mail!! I can't wait to start reading!

  • Hey Hannah, it's Danielle! We met tonight at your New Jersey stop for your book tour! Thank you for giving me such a memorable night! Tomorrow I will be posting a video on how I met you and I'm going to tag you like I said I would! It would really mean the world to me if you look at it! I love you and your channel and you are such a beautiful person both in and out. XOXO

  • Hey Hannah I love your content! I had no idea you went to Cal! I'm a student rn and I made a UC Berkeley through my eyes film if you need a little nostalgia!

  • Dear Hannah, I'm doing a research project on formation of identity and social media's impact on it. I'm specifically focusing on queer youth and social media's impact on them. If I could talk to you and the response to your videos from other queer people, that would be amazing. Your videos were a bit of light in my darkest hours. Thank you.

  • *Raises hand* I see potato taco, I see baked cheese.. But why is there no turkey bacon and cheese stuffed kumara.

  • #nofilter shows in berlin pls...... 'd be so fucking amazing ........

  • Hannita: I think you should consider switching from only 'my drunk' to 'my drunk/stoned' kitchen. Here's why. All that drinking isn't good for your liver. I'm 64 (like your gramma) and Lord knows how, but I don't have any liver probs, but my friends that do, Jesus Lord, liver bullshit is NOT something you want in your every day life. So, I think you could still maintain the thrust of your shows, by maybe drinking less and doing a little supplementing with smokables (if it's legal where you are). I love your shows, and you're fun and funny, but I worry a little.

  • Lol Islam hates you

  • So does this mean that US-tv is going to be demonetizing your MDK segments because it breaks one of their rules--"promotion of drugs AND REGULATED SUBSTANCES, including selling, use and abuse of such items"? How do you feel about what's happened with respect to that issue in the past few days?

  • Hi Hanna, I made a storytelling game for girls who want to be more than witches & princesses. I want to make one of the cards based on you. Others include Simone Biles, Hillary. What do you think?

  • Who came from Ro and was dissapointed?

  • Thank you so much for everything, I like the way you cook because it reminds of a home I feel I know, but haven't been. Watching you snack on random things, ingredients, and drinks while spinning around a kitchen makes me feel free in a way. I like it most when you haphazardly prep things because your who you are really shines. Much love and may you come in to abundance. Watch out for spiders because they are more afraid of you then you are of them, I'm sure the one you encountered has a big happy family in that park you were talking about, despite the smashing you gave him. It was one of my favorite episodes.

  • hi, first off i love you, and second would you be willing to share this, i need help. and by you sharing this link it would mean a lot. thank you so much

  • You should do another college series

  • Hannah, Could you please do a collab with Amandaschronicals? Because that would be a cool thing to do i think.

  • Are there gong to be anymore while the Water Boils videos? Those were really cool

  • Are you making videos only once a week now? :( Your rock anyway!

  • schmoyoho sent me here

  • Can't watch the Pokemon GO MDK! Please help! I love your videos btw :)

  • I can't view your pokemon drunk kitchen video :(

  • I <3 your hair and face

  • Your adorible

  • OMG i just saw the trailer for Dirty 30... Already pre ordered <3

  • Hi, um...just discovered the Humorous Hanna Harto...super funny as f. I have one burning question: what was the process of going from brown to platty blonde? Did she do a video on it? Show me, tell me. Tell me tell me tell me.

  • Hannah, you are such an inspiration! The genuine kindness, compassion, and love that you share with the world brings such a smile to my hart! Thank you for your courage and vulnerability you shared in your recent video, when so many others remained silent in light of another tragedy. You were heard! Sending you love! Thank you for making me smile!

  • made your treasonous gun grabbing video private? called it. enjoy your bubble, cunt. you're on the cleaning list. -FFM

  • Stay out of politics and stop spreading false information thats going to lead more people to their deaths. You clearly want to centralize gun ownership to the US bureaucracies.

  • Hello Hanna. I'm sending this massive virtual hug right now. Thank you for sharing your genuine thoughts and feelings so openly with us. Your commitment to life, friends and family energizes my 50 year old soul. Please remember to take time for yourself, and thank you for taking the time to be with all of us.

    • I'm right in the middle of you and Scott at 55. :) I'm certainly not too old. No one is too old to be energized by the likes of Hannah. We all need to remember to take time for ourselves. It took me nearly 5 decades to learn that. Now, I am doing just that. Still working on the finer points of it, but I'm working at it.

    • Scott--I'm 64 and really enjoy Hanna's show, thought I was too old, but...look! You're soul is 50! I want her to take time for herself also.

  • Hi Hannah! My houshold just sent out emails to our Tennessee Representatives, due to your latest video "I'm scared of you". You woke us up to the power we have if we would just use it, and you're right. Most people just do nothing. You've motivated us to actively strive for a difference in this country, and it starts with each person individually. I also linked your video in my email, so that they can hear it straight from your mouth. I would forward you a copy, but I only use email and youtube for my social media as of lately. Our representatives also were given my contact information, and I will be calling to follow up on this issue. Thank you so much for opening our eyes, love. With love and peace, Shanna.

  • Dear Hannah,I'm a sixteen year old Irish boy I'm gay so I know how hard it is on the LGBTQ community and since your I'm scared of you video I have e-mailed all the senators from your list all emails where different I was so upset what happened in Orlando and I feel the pain so if you read this I hope we can go through this together.lots of love Paul

  • Congrats about being on food network totally watching it!

  • Wait, you're in a movie now? Really?

    • I believe it's supposed to come out in September

  • do the roast yourself challenge~!

  • Anyone know what happened to Ollie her dog? Haven't seen him in awhile

    • she did a video on her other channel Yourharto about that, go check it out, it's really lovely! :)

  • I read an article that said you were a feminist. If you are then you are *FUCKED*

    • if that means what it think it means.... noone will miss you if you leave :)

  • Can u please make a video of you reacting to your old videos? I think it would be great to reflect on how much you've improved!

  • Also, I have zero followers here. I'm shy but extroverted.

  • Superquick question : You should have a Canadian episode with me. Ah (eh) huge Maritime (cause it has nothing to do with the rest of Canada. Its like your pet Moose asking your friend for a stroll on the beach but it's okay) episode of this! Would you?yea? Amaz. Ill grab the blueberry and Maple juice.

  • Hey! not sure if you read these on your Discussion board but wanted to tell you I am getting close to 30 myself and I am single still-I am shy! and don't talk a lot, but I also have known I need to love myself before anyone else will and watching your vids I have started a processes of working on me, so I can move on in life, so thank you so much for helping me! :)