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this channel is filled with a lot of k-pop videos + random ideas that decide to enter my mind. enjoy~ ❤️



  • Thanks for the sub. :)

  • thanks for subscribing:D

  • yeah i was going through some of my friends channels one day and i saw something about vyou, and one of my friends from school told me about vyou being cool, so i joined it and followed your channel (or whatever its called).

  • are you following me on vyou? loooooooooooooooool. i'm following you back, i think ^.^

  • HAHA.'everyone here is usually fat, and stupid' - i'd think you would be surprised at how many people HERE are fat, and maybe not so much stupid...but come on...america is SO much better than the rains all the time, mostly, we had a horrible summer, like a week of sun and the rest clouds and rain. ugh it sucks. how about we switch houses hahaa

  • PS. how on earth do you read anything on here?! i cant see a thing xD

  • Hellooo.ive decided to forgive you, as nobody has ever made an effort like that to apoligise to me, especially on youtube. i just got peeved off because there are so many fire prank videos on here, and to me they just aren't funny at all, they are serious - and judging by what you've written, you already know that. that would be wonderful if you could somehow get more youtubers to watch my videos! (you may have noticed i haven't many subscribers). you seem like a nice person so thank you for your effort and time in apoligising to me :) by the way, i'm incredibly jealous you live in america. haha :D

  • what did you catch yourself dooing

  • Holy transparency.

  • THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! I seirously can't tell you how happy and grateful i am. P>S HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR!!!

  • Your welcome, TwstdFlaems!

  • @KayThaaPkerr Oh! The channel box! Sure!

  • thanks! but what do u mean add you to my box?

  • Im glad you liked the videos, I hope your friends do as well...nice to meet had a good time, I imagine

  • wherever you've been? Ohh I weep so desperately! Ha hahahaha! HI!

  • I agree bout Lindsey and thnx 4 loookiing it over!

  • I just think Lindsey should try better at comedy or not try at all, it's so dry and forced. I typically don't just subscribe when asked, I'm looking for mucho shared interest, but I am here looking it over

  • To TheNecronLord12, hello. To Tahu1212, I just thought of it.

  • great idea, thanks =)

  • That would be pretty funny. Then put some weird al as the backround music.

  • Yeah, I have a couple. Please tell me if you like this idea: First of all, I have a dog named Charlie, so I though idea could take a pic of him w/a horn and call him: Charlie the Unicorn. (Lol).

  • Any new Ideas for vids? That'd be cool.

  • thanks to all my subscribers, friends and viewers!