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I got busted
I got busted4 days ago
I cheated
I cheated10 days ago
we broke up
we broke upMonth ago


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  • This is the gayest shit, how do you still have your girlfriend?!

  • Your the best Prankster ever

  • HELLO bro i all ways saw your vlogs i love your grand mom and you . PLZ lance bro take my channel name in your videos plz my channel name in AHMAD MANZAR

  • i have been waiting for like 2 years till lance follows me on Instagram @ye_anbesa_lij

  • Why haven't you posted:(

  • poooop

  • What video editing software you use man. thanks man

  • Anyone got ideas for what I should send to his PO Box?

  • 4 hours left

  • According to the law of attraction, thinkin about smthin so badly makes it close to happen, so be positive, we all prayin for u <3

  • What's up

  • hey lance i just wanted to say i feel bad about your hand get better

  • i hope your feeling fine now lance

  • What ever happened to Chris. I have noticed he hasn't been in the Vlogs

  • oh damn lance sorry about your finger, hope you are okay

  • I think your sister is sexy

  • Hey Lance, I was just wondering what kind of camera you have?? I take great photos but I would like to get a camera that takes great photos but amazing videos! Please let me know!! Also if you could let me know what kind of editing system you have that would be MUCH appreciated!! Thank youu sooooooo much!!

  • Lance how did you put your intro slide at the end of your video just tell me if you can thnks

  • lance people are going to be road in life but don"t let them hold you down because lance you are awesome and tell lizzy she is awesome no matter what they say

  • Lance, can you tell your sister and Lizzie that they are now famous in the UK -

  • kys

  • Lizzy you are a buitiful girl, you dont worry, we are here for you

  • 4:00 Squad its time

  • Make a vid

  • hey lance few things 1 cheack out me channel 2 LOVE RASBERRY LEMONAID 3hows the cock meat sandwhich

  • what type of dog is geo

  • U should listen to the song Poseidon by neptunica if u like faded and trap nation has the best remix of faded u should look it up

  • lizzy is awesome !

  • Lance you are my role model so thank you and I love your vlogs and tell Codee hi and Liz too and kick Frank in the nutz

  • We're is the mail vlog

  • new videos goes up at 4:00 pm everyday

  • Hi lance how are you doing.

  • did sabrina and frank have a youtube channel???

  • you should do more pranks on lizzy and your dad your prank videos are funny

  • lance can u do a break up prank on lizzy please!

  • What's ur p.o box number

  • vlog

  • Hook it up with your grandmom"s Ravioli recipe bro that look like some kill bro !!!!!!

  • Sup Lance, Shout out from Monroe Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • when do you post videos in Bosnia and Herzegovina time can you please answer me I am a HUGEEEEEEEE fan Say hi to badass grandma from Haris and if you can do it on vlog i am not one of those kids put me in the vlog ... Saj Hi to badass grandma from Haris,Bosnia and Herzegovina.Thank u Lance.

  • Yo I'm trying to start my tricking US-tv channel you and everyone else should come and check it out all your support really means a lot to me help a fellow tricker out...lance you are the best!! I'm watching your blogs every day!! please follow me!!

  • reading your comment vid ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • he posts a video at 9pm uk time

  • million subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • post a video right now

  • yooo congrats on 1m subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GUYS HE HAS A MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE JOB LANCE:D

  • Congrats on 1 million Lance!!!!

  • 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • congratulations for ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS Lance

  • Congratulations to 1m Subs you deserve it btw Love your Vids.

  • great job on 1,000,000 subs even though you're at 1,000,178

  • 1mill

  • Ayyye you are at 1,000,178

  • Lance, Congrats on 1 Million subscribers, you for sure deserve it. Every single day I am entertained from your videos.

  • Lance do u like pussy


  • Ur going to hurt

  • fair play for getting kicked in the nut but still could of done a better job for all the commotion you were making x

  • Get a dash cam for your car

  • Hey + 1 :D

  • do gold wrap

  • yo lance i got a question. what editing software do you use to edit your videos?

  • hey any one on here

  • Hey lance,love your vlogs so much. I was just wondering how to turn on lost notifications so I know when you post a new vlog. Thanks -Nathan Bear

  • Lance why do your family including Lizzy has 5+ Channels

    • Lol

    • i know i was just asking them since I was curious about it

    • +Jesse Jiang srry and it is so they can have separate ones

    • Ik Im just wondering and Im wasnt talking to you

    • because they can

  • whats franks and your sisters youtube channel called ?

  • yo lance while codey is wid ya yall should build a fort in ikea or some hardware store

  • what is frank and sabrina's channel

  • hi

  • Yo lance, can you please make a "Draw My Life" Video.. Please... #Lance210DrawMyLife

  • dude lance i have two turtles and i buy the thirth and i named Lance

  • can you come to az


  • The content here is cancer.

  • Hey lance love your videos keep up the good work!!

  • When you post new video???

  • hey lance i wanted to know whats the name of your editing system

  • lance I eat funnel when I wach your vids

  • Dude you need buy yourself a tarp when you do any CHALLENGES it makes cleaning so easy and also you guys buy lager tarp to make your own big slip and slide and best soap is baby soap to used on it

  • omg hi I love your videos when I am sad angry anoyd in an argument I come to my room and whach your videos andI am happy again


  • hey lance

  • Some one sead lance this i cant but if you do you live 50 years longer heres the link if you guys do

  • i cant watch the eat it or wear it challnge

  • What editing program do you use for your vlogs

  • How do u turn on post notification

  • Lance I was wondering what are all the best things to have to start a successful vlog and what is the best editing site/app?

  • Lance tell frank that I've been allergic to dairy my whole life. So he has no clue what it like not to be able to have dairy.

  • Hey Lance Subscribed with all of my accounts👍🏻

  • can you guys subscribe to me

  • It won't be a dildo:).

  • How can I send you fan mail?

  • Man your sister start her (Yt) Channel, what you think about that "Sabrina Nicole" name on channel

  • you got verified?!?!

  • what editing software do you use Lance?

  • vlog ?

  • or u sleeping ? tho