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Electric cars, giant batteries and solar



  • quiero ver traducido en español

  • One day I want a Tesla car to drive me around with technology like Google's self-driving car.

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  • My respect and admiration for all of you! Great product!!!

  • I think price of car is too high , It should be $10000 down.


  • What an amazing thing you're doing, with the free, solar charging station. What a concept. Tesla would be proud! Keep it up! Change the world!

  • I'm never going to a gas station again! No more nozzle touching and getting hands dirty!

  • When will you start making television commercials for Tesla?

  • 1. Separate the model X into 2 segments with different names: an SUV segment and minivan segment.Or, just create a brand new model for a SUV and a brand new model for a minivan.2. Build a minivan version w. sliding doors and a SUV version w. conventional doors.3. Minivan: Show and present your prospective customers a model w. sliding doors and a model w.gull-wing doors.Let them fully test it.4. SUV: Show and present your prospective customers a model w. conventional doors and a model w. gull wing doors.Let them fully test it.5. Ask your prospective customers what kind of doors they would prefer for each. BTW,why is the forum thread about design of Model X on Tesla website closed for x-days ?

  • SUV is targeted for people w. higher budgets,higher luxury requirements, w.few or no kids. Conventional doors are time tested. Lets say, from basic,low range,bare-bones SUV version (i.e.35K) with options to upgrade all the way to the luxury, all-included SUV version.My suggestion to Tesla Motors w. regards to model X:

  • 2.Falcon doors. Impractical during heavy rain,heavy snow and icy conditions.The roof will leak sooner or later,esp.in cold/rainy climates.Possible future injury lawsuits (esp.kids' head injuries) and bad press,media coverage due to the dangerous way the doors open,close,remain open, due to gravity, natural material fatigue or always possible assembly errors. Have Tesla people asked themselves this question: Why (over the decades) haven't the gull-wing doors made it to the mass market production ? 3.Mixing water(minivan) with oil(SUV).Different market segments,diff.budgets,diff.preferences,diff.luxury requirements. Minivan is targeted for mums with kids. Sliding door is time tested for minivan. Would mums prefer lower price,safer doors for kids,less luxury ? Very likely so. Lets say, from basic,low range,bare-bones minivan version (i.e.30K) with options to upgrade all the way to the luxury, all-included minivan version.Sliding door is time tested for minivan.

  • I like TeslaMotors,their goals & what is doing.But,..:) Model X is a huge disappointment.Clearly a missing feedback from prospective customers and diverging into dangerous territory for Tesla Motors.Using taxpayers money to build luxury cars unreachable for the vast majority of people is morally questionable.1.Price,price & price.Still very high, unreachable for the vast majority+low volume.I remember Elon saying several years ago that the 3rd model would be low price,high volume.Tesla should focus on decreasing the price and ramping up the volume fast.They are clearly stuck with the price.Is the hefty price of batteries still the issue ?Apparently,yes.

  • I want a Model S SOOOO BAD!! lol. Guess I'll have to wait 'til I win the lottery haha.

  • Hey, Hy. As a guy that follows everything elon is doing, and feels great about this great untrepenur. I wanna give some sugestions on the model x: I would like to see diferences in the interior of car to car, because we see the model s and x and basically they look the same inside even the touch screen is the same. Every car should be unique. I have two worries with the falcon wings of the model x 1.the height( can you park wherever you want?) 2. What happens if you put the model x beside another suv, pick up etc. Ok, finally we understand that tesla is a luxorius car company like audi, bmw or mercedez.. It should stay like this. And hope to see more tesla cars. Congrats

  • Major fan. I see a Model S in my future. .....falling in love again.....lol Cheers! Congrats Elon and Team!

  • Cool channel keep up the good work.

  • love this car cant wait till electrics become as powerful and cheap as gasolines


  • TESLA has always tried to save humanity. Please come to India and I'll personally see all sales and marketing. Fuck the Oil Empire and the Banksters

  • why can not I see the movie Revenge of electric? tell me where I can watch online?

  • Looking at other manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes, as Elon Musk said - Tesla is much much better. And I see that Tesla is at least 4 years ahead... For example BMW plans its I8, which looks like a toy and is going to be still produced with combustion engine...Which I call really a hybrid (even though they call it electric). Tesla is revolutionizing car industry and more. If Tesla motors would apply TPU magnetic electricity generators (Steven Mark created similar devices) or any other similar free energy generator as an addition to its cars, then all would would be theirs :) Anyway, I'm patiently waiting for the first Model S rolling out next year :)

  • The end of an era with the death of Steve Jobs, and at the same time the start of another exciting era. Thanks Tesla for keeping the fire in us alive...

  • Check out Tesla's new Model S site with more specs, features and info than ever before: www.teslamotors.com/models. New videos soon to follow.

  • Tesla made a car that could hit 90mph, had one battery and could run all day with a singal charge, WTF

  • I love you.

  • PLEASE come to Honolulu, HI !!! Lots of sun! Generous PV solar tax breaks! Untapped captive market! (Duh, hello, customers can't drive interstate.) Synergistic expansion in conjunction with local renewable energy market!


  • Great channel.

  • Hi, this is the official Tesla channel?

  • Hi! Is this the official Teslamotors youtube-site?

  • do you guys plan on coming to Louisville, Ky